What Are Prohormones and Are They Still Around?

If you hadn’t heard of them yet, Prohormones were once seen as the future of supplements. However, if you were to ask around about them now, you would hear more about the drawbacks of using a prohormone than the benefits. Why did everyone’s attitude towards these once highly sought after items change? It seems like such a great idea, to use parts of steroids that were scrapped to create new Frankenstein-like supplements, right? Wait, yes you read that right, I did just write out scrapped parts because, essentially, that’s what prohormones are. Without knowing this, most everyone was under the impression that these were a safer choice, when compared to using steroids.

What is the Future of Prohormones?

In 2014, the majority did not feel that way, as these products were considered far too dangerous for human use, scary, right? There was a large report that documented just how risky these little capsules were to use. If you missed out on the window in which prohormones were available, consider yourself lucky. I remember trying one of these, at the request of my older brother and I so regret it. Within a couple of days, I had pain that would shoot up my sides and I stopped taking it immediately. I came up with a lie, telling him my wife freaked out when she saw them but the truth was that I didn’t want to put myself through the physical pain anymore. I thought that I pulled a side muscle, that’s how bad the pain was. It wasn’t until I looked around online that I found that this condition was normal, at least as normal as that kind of pain can be, I suppose.

If you were to look around now, you won’t find any actual prohormones (or at least, you shouldn’t) but companies have found ways to make alternatives. With these alternate products, most are hit and miss. It’s an odd thing to use a supplement that aims to do what they big name prohormones did, without them ever being allowed to have the same ingredients. As for what the future holds, the outlook for prohormones doesn’t appear to be a good one. I don’t honestly believe that were going to see some rebirth of these supplements, like some do. After dealing with five days of pain, where I could barely sleep, I would have to say good riddance to the old days where prohormones were thought to be the new king of the supplement world.

What Kind of Music Should I Lift To?

One of the things I’m most often asked about is what I listen to when I lift weights. I am someone that is a kind of music chameleon, meaning I like all different genres. If I had to put together a plan regarding weightlifting music, I’ll give you an example of how it looks. I’ve got a few weird tips for your workout playlist that I think you will enjoy. The first thing to remember is that your playlist needs to have a range. I don’t know how you feel but I can’t just select an album and lift through it all the way.

I’ve had mixed results with bringing in new songs to my playlist. It’s weird but I prefer to know each song that is in my special workout playlist. I feel that my lifts suffer when I hear a song I’ve never heard before. I’m a musician so my mind starts going into thinking about the song in this way which doesn’t work well when I’m trying to work out.

You have to remember that you will be the only one listening to your playlist. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you choose songs tailored to what you like. There is this weird attitude that dudes can’t listen to pop music or anything too soft before lifting which isn’t true. If you are a fan of slow ballads, crank them up! Almost anything could make a great song for your workout. I usually find that I’m most in tune with the lyrics of a song. It doesn’t matter how poppy the music is, if the lyrics motivate me, it’s going on my playlist.

Don’t get me wrong, I love rock and rap music, the two most commonly heard in gyms across the nation. I even wanted to put a video that I found of great workout music by Youtube user Bane. I feel that this mix is a great combination of songs designed to get you moving. I know a lot of people that prefer to listen to music on YouTube because of the long playlists. If so, I highly recommend checking out YouTube Red, it lets you lock your phone while listening to playlists!

Three Beneficial Reasons I Started Using Decaduro

I didn’t want to do the standard boring review. I felt like this post should be kept simple. If you enjoy the newer way I am doing some of my posts, please let me know in the comments section. Decaduro is a supplement made to help you out before, during, and after your workouts. You don’t need to mix this supplement with water or milk, it comes in capsules. No one can doubt how important it is to workout. Having a supplement to help you lose fat faster than working out alone is a must have item.

Why I Continue to Use Decaduro

Quicker Fat Loss – Decaduro is often used because it helps people lose body fat. Another benefit of using this supplement is that it helps you retain more muscle tissue. In the world of weightlifting, we’re all looking for more in the way of lean tissue gains. You can gain muscle just about anywhere. What makes gaining muscle easier than losing fat is that you can choose where to gain muscle. Fat loss is done throughout the entire body. As much as you might wish for it, there is no way to remove fat from a specific part of the body without surgery.

Easier to Retain Muscle – One thing I hate about a bad workout is knowing I retained no mass. I have even had great workouts where I almost feel smaller the next day. I hate putting in the work and not seeing the results. Decaduro was able to help me retain a lot of the mass that I had started with. In addition, this supplement helped me to increase the amount of mass I had. I’ve even read another Decaduro review that stated how easy it was to pack on new muscle. One quick note I want to make is not to focus on what your weight scale says while taking this supplement. The before and after pictures I have look like a world of difference has happened to me after using Decaduro, I mean that in a positive way. If you were to only focus on what the scale said, there wasn’t much of a change there, as far as weight was concerned.

Rapid Recovery Times – It takes quite a bit to get me moving in the morning. I am someone who live by caffeine in the morning before I leave my home. However, I was able to cut back a bit on the caffeine because I felt that Decaduro had me energized. This supplement also helped me speed up how fast I could recover. Don’t you hate having to be sore for days after your workout? In my opinion, Decaduro was able to make long recovery times a thing of the past. I was so excited to wake up and be able to move my legs after squat days without wanting to scream.

decaduro results

I really felt that Decaduro helped me out immensely when it came time to lift. I’ve been hearing a lot of good words about this supplement so I had to try it for myself. You all know that feeling when everyone raves about a movie, it makes you want to see it, that’s how I felt about using Decaduro. For me, I would have to place this in one of my top five supplements I’ve ever used, that’s how good it is. However, I know that I will be trying a bunch of new supplements for you all soon. Will I find new supplements to place in my top ten or will it be a bunch of duds? I don’t know, you will have to keep reading in the future to find out. Thanks for checking out this review!

Do Fat Burning Pills Actually Work?

It seems too good to be true that a pill could make you lose weight. Sadly, many people find that weight loss supplements don’t work that well. Are the people to blame or are there bad fat burners out there? The answer to both of the previously mentioned questions is yes.

Fat burners will only do so much work. You can’t expect to use fat burning supplements while sitting on the couch eating and expect to lose 20 pounds. However, combing fat burners with a decent (doesn’t have to be perfect) diet and training regimen can really speed up fat loss. Knowing what to look for in a fat burner will save you from a lot of frustration. Here is what to look for in legitimate weight loss supplements.

what are fat burners

Finding Fat Burners that Work

Any company can tout their latest product as being the best. It takes a little research to find out what will actually make you lose weight. You might feel upset that companies can include unproven ingredients. However, there are things being passed that will increase regulations of supplements. As of this writing, details are still uncertain but progress is being made. Here are a few proven ingredients that help you lose weight faster.

  • Calcium: Studies have shown that calcium helps regulate weight. It’s important that you ensure you don’t take too much calcium per day. You can find calcium in many dairy products including milk.
  • Caffeine: Many fat burners contain caffeine as their first ingredient. You’ll find caffeine in energy drinks, coffee, and soda. Caffeine produces an energizing effect. However, too much caffeine can make you feel sick and could induce vomiting. You’ll really want to watch your caffeine intake. Many first time users of caffeine will want to only start with about 50-75mg. The daily recommend amount of caffeine is 200mg.

No fat burner is perfect. Finding fat burning pills that work will depend on your body chemistry. For example, some people will have no problem with larger amounts of caffeine. Other people may feel that caffeine makes them feel too jittery. It takes time to find the right fat burner. There are many fat burning supplements out there. Don’t be discouraged if using these supplements means waiting a few months to find the perfect one.

Additional Methods for Losing Fat

The USDA recommends physical activity is important for fat loss. The kind of physical activity you choose is entirely up to you. Weightlifting is a common hobby for those trying to lose weight. Many males want to gain muscle while losing weight. Another way many people like losing weight is by walking or running. You could start a light walking program. Over time, you can include running into your daily regimen.

Running is an activity that you build up endurance to as time goes by. Diet is very important when trying to lose fat. Fat burners are great to help you lose extra fat. The majority of calories lost should be from changes in your diet. As you know, losing weight is done Yes, there are fat burners that work. It could take time to find the perfect fat burner for you.

You’ll want to look for fat burners with ingredients that actually work. Don’t fall for gimmicky nicknames and hyped up ingredients. You can burn even more fat by dieting and exercising. It might sound tough to hear the words diet and exercise together. Many fat burners contain caffeine which gives you that boost of energy to knock out a gym session. Ingredients in fat burners raise your metabolism which makes you feel fuller throughout the day.

Looking for something to help burn extra fat, listen to advice from the man himself:

Dealing with the Unknown: Tracking Hidden Calories

One part of effective dieting is counting calories. It is simple to count these calories when you are at home, thanks to food and beverage labels. However, a situation can occur when you find yourself away from home. It is during these times that you must find a way to count calories in your head, so to speak.

There are many situations where you could find yourself unable to track your food. One common location is the all you can eat buffet. Let’s say that you’ve just completed a workout and are ready for a buffet. You might feel nice and full after a huge meal but there is one problem: you have no idea how much fats/protein/calories you’ve eaten. For those on a strict diet, missing many calories can cause huge setbacks.

tracking what you eatAnother common situation where its hard to track food is at a restaurant. Without clear label information, you might yourself doing extra guess work. However, many large restaurants will have features on their website where you can find relevant nutritional information. Don’t be that person scrolling through nutritional information when ordering. It is wise to prepare a few meal options before you leave for the restaurant. Otherwise, you are likely to be bugged by staff asking you what you want to order every five minutes.

Use Your Hands

You’ve probably been told in the past to never use your hands while eating. However, when managing weight it can be useful to use your hands! A rule of thumb to follow is that one cup of food equals the size of your fist. Taking food measurements with your hands isn’t an exact science but is better than doing nothing.

Write it Down for Later

If you don’t want to look weird staring at your fists in public, write down what you’ve eaten. There are plenty of apps that are great at tracking food. You will often find that you need the barcode information to scan some foods. If you can’t find a food using the search function, pick the next best food.

Bust Out Some Math

I am not a big fan of having to do math. However, some quick calculations will help you out in tracking your calories against unknown foods. If you know that an average piece of bread has, let’s say, 150 calories, we have a good beginning calculation. If you get a sandwich at a restaurant, you can add 300 calories because of the two pieces of bread. If watching protein and ham has 7 grams per piece, you can say a sandwich might have about 28 grams of protein.

There you have it, a few easy ways to track food when you are in a situation that calls for mental math. Follow these tips and you will no longer be scared of eating something that you can’t track. If you are noticing big fluctuations from eating off of a normal diet plan, stop eating those foods. We will all find ourselves in situations where tracking food is hard to do. Family events during holiday months are another source of hidden calories. You don’t want to be that person ruining the family vibe by asking how many calories are in grandma’s meatloaf. A special note that I want to make is, when eating with family, save the food tracking for when you are back home. Over time, learning to track your food in mysterious situations will become second nature to you.

Company of the Week: Pro Supps

I have to admit something, I used to be big into the bodybuilding forums. I would love to go on there and have discussions, read threads, and learn about supplement companies. I should mention that all of this was quite a few years back. I was newer to bodybuilding and had plenty of question. However, one company that always had helpful representatives was Professional Supplements. During those times, they were still a relatively new company. I’m not for sure but I think they may have had three or four supplements released.

Looking forward to now, Pro Supps has taken their spot among some of the best supplement companies out there. With so many supplements, it is hard to figure out where to start. However, I wanted to mention a select few supplements that I really liked by this company. Of course, I have not had the chance to try every single supplement by Pro Supps so there may be a few that I haven’t heard of quite yet.

Karbolic is a different kind of carbohydrate drink. You get 50 grams of carbohydrates per serving. The good thing about Karbolic is that these carbs aren’t going to be the kind that are bad for you. In addition, the carbs within this supplement are time released. Having time released carbs means that you won’t have to worry about all of them going to your stomach. Carbohydrates can give you energy over periods of time instead of all at once which can cause a sugar crash. If there is one thing you don’t want to have to deal with it is a crash from your carb levels spiking.

Halotropin is another supplement that I would have a hard time living without. This product is made to increase the natural production of testosterone. I’ve tried this supplement quite a few times and have always been excited when I’m about to start using it. One of the best things about Halotropin is that it will work better with more intense workouts. There are many testosterone supplements that don’t really work well but Halotropin is not one of those. I would dare to say that it could be one of the stronger testosterone boosters on the market.

MyBar is the Pro Supps version of a protein bar. I have always loved the ease of getting to use protein bars. I find that the Mybar is a really good choice for those looking to watch their carb intake. Also, these bars have been released in a wide variety of flavors. There are really good flavors of the MyBar available including confetti cake, ice cream, cinnamon, peanut butter, and caramel. Seriously, it is tough not to get hooked on the great taste of MyBar. You will probably never feel so good as you do when you eat the nutritious goodness that makes up these bars.

Overall, Pro Supps is a supplement company that has really grown. I remember the early days when they had a carbohydrate drink that they were excited about. I was lucky enough to win a t-shirt form them once and I still proudly wear it. However, this was about six years ago so I need to track down where it is in my closet. Perhaps, I will wear it to the gym when I go and lift tonight.

BoomBox Fitness Created by Students is Taking Off

When I was a student, I think I was spending all of my time thinking about my next date. Looking back, I wish I had been more like the students you are going to read about. These three students behind BoomBox Fitness have really done something amazing. The three entrepreneurs all have a background in working out. Taking what they knew how to do, these young men decided to create a business from it. After securing a really cool location, these men went to work to grow their business. Originally, they have said that BoomBox Fitness was something to do that would fund their college. However, it is starting to look like BoomBox Fitness may just be what they want to work on after they graduate college.

One unique of BoomBox Fitness is how quick the workouts are. Don’t think that you are going to get some five minute lightweight workout that won’t do any for you. No, BoomBox Fitness has a style that is composed of HIIT workout. HIIT or high intensity interval training is the next big thing in fitness. What you can expect from a typical HIIT workout is about thirty minute of intense exercise. The young men have stated that they prefer teaching the HIIT style of training because of how well ti fits into the schedule of professionals. BoomBox Fitness is aimed at young professional, like themselves.

The people that come to train at BoomBox Fitness love the networking capabilities offered by this unique fitness location. You won’t find just a place to exercise at BoomBox Fitness but rather a place that you can talk to other like-minded individuals as well. Their awesome rooftop location gives anyone wanting a workout a stunning view of an entire city. The location and people will ensure that you working out in a trendy and fun environment. In addition, the genius workouts of the trainers, while young in age, are wise well beyond their years for teaching HIIT classes. Seriously, you will not leave BoomBox Fitness without breaking a sweat!

What I really like about BoomBox Fitness is how first-time guests get their first workout free. I wish that more workout locations would offer a first workout for free. There have been times where I have bought a monthly membership somewhere only to realize the place wasn’t for me. After taking the first class of BoomBox Fitness, you can realize if this class is for you or not. After the first workout, this company offers both single session and monthly memberships. There are even beverages available during each workout class. In addition, there are rooms where companies or groups of friends can hold events. If there are any companies in the area of BoomBox Fitness that are looking for a fun way to get their employees in shape, checking out their classes would be a great idea.

Overall, BoomBox Fitness has turned out to be quite the company. Started by three friends to help them during school, the company has really grown quickly. The location of this fitness studio offers exclusive rooftop HIIT workouts that you won’t find hardly anywhere else. You get your first workout for free which really makes it worth checking out, if you live nearby this fitness studio. Join a place where professionals are connecting professionally and through the love of fitness, what a great concept!

Melatonin Supplements Found to be Under Fire

One supplement that I know quite a bit about would be melatonin. For the past five years I have, off and on, been taking melatonin. This supplement is made to help promote deeper and more peaceful sleep. One reason that I’ve always liked this supplement is because it wouldn’t make me oversleep. There are far more dangerous supplements to take for sleep but I’ve always avoided them. The uncertainty of how long I could oversleep always kept my guard up. The last thing that I wanted to do was oversleep and risk getting fired! However, there is news being recently reported that melatonin might be misleading us!

sleeping outside

There have been reports stating that there are huge variances in between what some supplement companies are listing and what is actually there. No companies have been named but barely less than three-fourths of companies tested were found to have results that didn’t match what was in the supplement. The one saving grace of hearing this news is that melatonin is a relatively safe supplement.  While nothing is impossible, it is very hard to get a crazy high amount of melatonin, even if the supplement is incorrectly dosed. Interestingly enough, the melatonin levels were found to be higher than what was on the label. I had feared that companies were not putting enough of the sleep inducing ingredient in their products. I am sort of shocked that these select few companies were going overboard on the melatonin. Variances in how much melatonin you are actually getting per serving could have widespread implications on the world of supplements. You would have to be living under a rock to not know that there is a major wave of distrust for most supplements. Hearing news of these study results are sure to only fuel the fire for increased supplement regulations.

I do have to admit that I’ve noticed there have been times where melatonin has my sleep all mixed up. I have always had various problems sleeping. There was a brief period of my life where I could only sleep a few hours a night. I was in college at the time and under an incredible amount of stress. Melatonin was the only thing I could use to safely get a good night’s rest without oversleeping. Since I was working while I was in college, missing a day of work meant I was losing out on money and I didn’t want that. Looking back, I’m not sure if I will continue to use melatonin as much as I used to. I know that it isn’t great to use melatonin every single day. I currently try to only use melatonin when I know that there will be a change in my sleep levels. For example, if I know that my shifts at work will change, I will use melatonin so that I can wake up earlier. As any night owl knows, there are times when melatonin can be your best friend. After hearing about the mistakes of labeling, I may have to downgrade melatonin from best friend to occasional acquaintance! I eagerly await to see if there will be any companies named in this study. However, I think hearing the news of the results of this study say all that needs to be said, in regards to the current state of supplemental products.

Don’t Call Beta BCAA Weak!

Cellucor is back at it again with another new supplement release that everyone is talking about. This branched chain amino acid supplement is known as Beta BCAA. I’m not too crazy about the name of this product but let’s take a closer look at those ingredients to find out more. The first thing that I’ve noticed about Beta BCAA is that it offers its amino as a 2:1:1 ratio, commonly seen as the most effective way to ration out a series of amino acids. There are other ratios that you can implement a BCAA with but most statistics show the 2:1:1 ratio to work exceptionally well. To be more specific, there are 2.5 grams of leucine, 1.25 grams of isoleucine, and 1.25 grams of valine per serving of Beta BCAA.

For those of us who have problems digesting caffeine but still need an energy boost to get moving, a BCAA supplement could be just what you are looking for. Also, if you are sick of the same old flavors of your current branched chain amino acid supplement, Cellucor has you covered! The flavor selection for Beta BCAA could still use a few improvements, as there are only three flavors currently available. The Beta BCAA flavors are limeade, topical splash, and watermelon.

After getting the chance to try all three flavors, there really isn’t a bad one in the bunch. I personally enjoyed the topical splash flavor the most, followed by the watermelon, and the limeade. I feel that the only thing setting the limeade flavor back was that it was a bit too bitter for my tastes. However, taste is something that is clearly subjective and I encourage you to try the limeade flavor for yourself. What separates Beta from other BCAA supplements out there is that, in addition to the 2:1:1 ratio of aminos, you receive an additional 3 grams of citrulline malate and 1.6 grams of beta alanine.

A headache that anyone who has tried a BCAA product knows about is trying to mix up your supplement. Usually, you will end up with a chunky beverage that is flaky and hard to drink. Don’t even get me started on having a clump of supplement powder dissolve in your mouth because it wasn’t mixed properly! The Beta BCAA mixes up very smoothly, especially when using an actual shaker cup with the mixing ball within it. I felt more energized within about twenty minutes after finishing my drink. I had a long drive to where I would go to lift so I had this drink emptied as I was pulling into the parking lot.

One cool aspect of using BCAA’s is that they can be taken before training, during, or after you’re done in the weight room. The added versatility of branched chain amino acids sometimes makes them more convenient than a preworkout powder. Take it from someone who needs a lot of energy just to wake up in the morning, Beta BCAA packs quite the punch. You won’t be feeling shaky and out of control with this supplement but rather more focused and headstrong. It’s tough to explain but once you’ve tried Cellucor’s new branched chain amino acid product, you’ll have a better idea of the feeling I am talking about. Overall, this inexpensive BCAA supplement is one that anyone serious about their nutrition should take a second look at.

What Can Ease Chronic Headaches?

If there is one thing I hate the most, it would have to be a headache. I’m prone to getting these painful ailments about two to three times a week. The worst headaches are migraines, those ones that are so bad you just want to hide from the world. If you can name it, it’s likely that I’ve tried it for headache relief. What one new study found was that the lack of a certain vitamin can greatly attribute to suffering from headaches. The vitamin that you get from the sunlight, vitamin D has been shown to help reduce headaches.

What a study found was that out of two groups of people, the ones who had less vitamin D were more prone to headaches. I do have to say that one product I definitely recommend is BC Powder. If you haven’t tried the powder before, it tastes like death, but it works extremely well. However, I was hoping to look for a remedy that was a little more natural, which is why I went with vitamin D If you choose, you get your vitamin D through a supplement, although some enjoy to get this through exposure to sunlight. You don’t need me to tell you to not overdo it in the sun, just be cautious. Many don’t think that sunburn is that big of a deal, barring the painful skin. However, getting a sunburn will make you prone to getting them easier throughout your life.

There are consequences that are associated with consuming too much vitamin D, you don’t want to overdo it. What occurs when you have an overabundance of this vitamin is that calcium will start to form in your blood. Having a normal amount of calcium is perfectly normal, however, when you go overboard, this is where problems can occur. Lack of appetite and vomiting are two of the worst drawbacks to having a buildup of calcium in the blood. It’s important to know when remedies aren’t fixing the problem. If you have been taking vitamin D and noticed that it isn’t helping your headaches, this is when it is time to see a medical professional.

Hydro Pump by Nutrakey is Intense!

Versatility is a crucial part of any good supplement. I often find that products I continue to order will be ones that have multiple uses. Hydro Pump is known as a supplement that can intensify your preworkout, yet it can be used by itself. Figuring out your tolerance to caffeine is something that must be done on your own. I could estimate, as best as could be expected, how much caffeine is too much but it would be based on weight. Also, everyone will react differently to large amounts of caffeine. Why I love Hydro Pump is because, although I can handle my caffeine, there are some days where I don’t feel like being a shaky mess for hours on end. There are really nice flavors that come with Hydro Pump: cotton candy, strawberry lemonade, and unflavored. I’ve never seen the joy in an unflavored supplement but I do see why some prefer them, over any flavoring, it could even be due to allergic reaction possibilities.

Is This Supplement Effective On Its Own?

Yes, I found that Hydro Pump still provided me with an awesome edge, when it came time to hit my arms. I have to admit, it was honestly nice to not have that queasy feeling in my stomach, you know the one, of my body telling me that it has way too much caffeine in it. Hydro Pump is free of stimulant ingredients but don’t let that write this one off, it still gets you moving. The bread and butter of this supplement is how it affects your pump, or how much strength you are providing while you lift weights. A supplement that is known for a good pump will have you experiencing the following: harder muscles, increased veins appearing, and the ability to lift heavier weight. I was eager to step up to some heavy sets of curls and wasn’t sure if Hydro Pump would pull me through, without feeling tired. Thank goodness, the delicious cotton candy flavored beverage that I had in my shaker cup kept me going strong until well after my workout was over. Best of all, I noticed that my arms looked like they belonged to someone else.

Where I normally have minimal definition and arms that look good in shirts but not in tank tops, I actually felt much better about my lifting progress. Looking in the mirror isn’t an activity I often do, regardless of what anyone who knows me tells you, but I couldn’t stop checking out how much more defined I look. As sad as it is to admit, I do have to say that, after my first time using Hydro Pump, I may have strutted around the gym to show off. After being impressed with Hydro Pump being so effective for a stimulant free supplement, I had to try it with another pre workout. Again, this supplement is very versatile and since it’s ingredients are made for a better pump and not more energy, you generally will not run too much risk in mixing Hydro Pump with something else. I had a favorite pre workout on hand that I felt had been waning in strength, making it the perfect candidate to be mixed with Hydro Pump, now I see why the unflavored one is so popular. Within about twenty minutes, I felt like I had a stronghold over my old limits. I don’t often get to breakthrough my limits but when it happens, there isn’t a better feeling that I could think of!