What Are Prohormones and Are They Still Around?

If you hadn’t heard of them yet, Prohormones were once seen as the future of supplements. However, if you were to ask around about them now, you would hear more about the drawbacks of using a prohormone than the benefits. Why did everyone’s attitude towards these once highly sought after items change? It seems like such a great idea, to use parts of steroids that were scrapped to create new Frankenstein-like supplements, right? Wait, yes you read that right, I did just write out scrapped parts because, essentially, that’s what prohormones are. Without knowing this, most everyone was under the impression that these were a safer choice, when compared to using steroids.

What is the Future of Prohormones?

In 2014, the majority did not feel that way, as these products were considered far too dangerous for human use, scary, right? There was a large report that documented just how risky these little capsules were to use. If you missed out on the window in which prohormones were available, consider yourself lucky. I remember trying one of these, at the request of my older brother and I so regret it. Within a couple of days, I had pain that would shoot up my sides and I stopped taking it immediately. I came up with a lie, telling him my wife freaked out when she saw them but the truth was that I didn’t want to put myself through the physical pain anymore. I thought that I pulled a side muscle, that’s how bad the pain was. It wasn’t until I looked around online that I found that this condition was normal, at least as normal as that kind of pain can be, I suppose.

If you were to look around now, you won’t find any actual prohormones (or at least, you shouldn’t) but companies have found ways to make alternatives. With these alternate products, most are hit and miss. It’s an odd thing to use a supplement that aims to do what they big name prohormones did, without them ever being allowed to have the same ingredients. As for what the future holds, the outlook for prohormones doesn’t appear to be a good one. I don’t honestly believe that were going to see some rebirth of these supplements, like some do. After dealing with five days of pain, where I could barely sleep, I would have to say good riddance to the old days where prohormones were thought to be the new king of the supplement world.

How Does the Obalon Help Cut the Fat?

No, you didn’t just read a typo, there is a new invention, known as the Obalon that is set to potentially take over how we look at fat loss. These capsules actually contain a balloon within them that, once consumed, will fill up the extra space in your stomach, making you feel fuller. Some are seeing this less-invasive form of weight loss as a sign that we have possibly arrived in the future. Looking like something more out of an old episode of the Jetsons, this futuristic treatment is scheduled to have a wide release slated for January, less than a month away. We won’t have to hurdle through any form of metaphorical tape preventing the release of Obalon, it has already been approved for release by the FDA. So, how does this contraption help you lose weight, without doing you any harm? The process that allows Obalon to start taking action is, of course, by first swallowing the Obalon capsule.

From there, the catheter device that is attached to the balloon will begin to fill up with air, once swallowed. The timetable for the Obalon to start taking affect is quick but the device will be within the patient for months, while safely being held internally. We have to keep in mind that, although the Obalon treatment has been proven to work well for reducing excess body fat, we still have to make sure that we are teaching new behaviors that have to change their eating habits. If the shoe was on the other foot, I don’t know for sure if I could get the fact that there was a balloon helping out my weight loss but I am a pretty big wuss, so to each their own!

It is looking like that Obalon treatment will be made not only for those obsess individuals who have no choice but to reach out for other measures, than diet and exercise alone. I also like that the less invasive Obalon device can also be used by those who are not able to be let into the gastric bypass programs available, due to the fact that they aren’t overweight enough. Due to the fact that Obalon will allow a larger majority of people to try their hand at other methods of losing fat, we should see the popularity of this radical new treatment really start to take off. Maybe a year form now, the Obalon will be the talk of the town and you can say that you read about it here a long time ago!

airyAnother reason that I think we will see Obalon really take off is because it cuts down on the wait times that weight loss patients would often have to deal with. With even becoming a candidate for gastric bypass, you have to go through a lot of waiting, it is common for some to wait months before they even have their first consultation appointment. With Obalon, you can likely be in and out of the office in a matter of a short day, ready to start feeling fuller faster. If you know someone in your life that is struggling with trying to manage their weight, be sure that you let them know about the new device, being released next month, that could look to make the pains of trying to lose weight vanish into the past. Pricing information has not become available and is likely to change, leading up to the initial release date, we will have to watch and wait as more news becomes available.

Vending Machines are Starting to Hulk Up

When you go up to the snack machine, it’s usually because you want a treat to help get you through the day. Whether it be a candy bar, chips, or some other savory treat, vending machines are showing no signs of slowing down in terms of being popular. We could safely say that it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing vending machines going away anytime soon but what we are seeing is a trend towards healthier vending options. I would get very annoyed that just because I needed more protein during the day, that I would have to find other options to get what I needed. It bugs me that anyone else could have food that was perfect for them but because I have chosen another path in life that I had to suffer not being able to have my food needs taken care of. Don’t get it confused, there are still decent options for those who are seeking a snack that is higher in protein. I know that I’ve seen many different meat based snacks, as well as hearty sandwiches that are sure to have your protein numbers in check.

What I think that we’re needing to see more of is a trend towards food and drink products that are specifically made with the protein seeker in mind. When the late afternoon hits and I find that my stomach is growling, reaching for a a jerky stick does not do wonders to calm the stomach pains. I wish that I would have some sort of option to be able to have a crunchy protein bar to help get me through the day, in a way that I preferred. The good news is for the health-conscious is that trends are showing that we will be having more high-protein snacks in our vending machine soon.

We’ve all seen the wonders that have been done to lunch programs all across America, with the addition of menus that were made to help others eat better. Now, it appears as if we will see the need for healthier choices at snack machines, which helps to make all of our lives a little bit easier. I know that I am at the whim and mercy of the vending machine once hunger strikes, at the worst times, perhaps in the future I will have options that are better suited to my eating regimen. Wouldn’t it be cool to drop by a vending machine at lunchtime and see it loaded with selections that wouldn’t make you feel guilty until you left to go home? I know that I am curiously awaiting to see what kind of new options will follow the trend of people wanting healthier choices. We’ve already started to see a revolution start, with more healthier options becoming the norm and not a rarity. It isn’t convenient to have to find a restaurant that will be able to cater to my needs, so a vending machine is an option that I like to use. Also, I think I’m not alone in this one, I don’t like to waste the gas needed to go out and eat for lunch. Even though gas prices have dropped, I still don’t like to deal with all of the traffic and the hectic environment that comes with trying to get a meal at lunchtime. I’ll stick to my vending machines and get hyped up for what I’m hoping will be a lot more protein selections in the future.

A New Lease on Life for RTD’s

When it comes to convenience, there really isn’t anything better then a drink that’s already mixed and ready for you. I would say that I have probably spent and accumulated two months of my life just preparing drinks and getting them ready, not even consuming them yet! One thing that has long plagued supplement stores is that for their ready to drink options, stay on this can occur quickly. My stomach would often turn when I would see one of my friends, who used to work at a supplement store, throwing out the product that had expired even though it had only been there for weeks. As we do get used to more convenience in the way that we use our supplements, especially when it comes to protein drinks, there still is much to be done as far as improvements go. What One new food product aims to give us is that long lasting shelf life we have hoped for our ready to drink beverages


.As you see, when protein powder is added to a supplement, it does start to create a headache as far as how long that supplement can safely be stocked on the shelves. The mixture of protein and water can quickly turn stale and leave not only a lasting nasty smell but could also cause intestinal problems and discomfort. If any of you have ever left a shaker cup with protein powder in it out for a long amount of time, you’ll know the exact smell that I’m talking about. Being one of the most revolting things I’ve ever smelled, I’ve had to toss out a few really high-quality protein tubs just because I knew I could never drink from them again with a clear conscience.

In recent years, there can certainly be no doubt that we have seen ready to drink products become more and more popular. I know that, for me, if I have the option to consume a drink that is more convenient I will likely choose that over having to go back home and make something up. Being that I am constantly finding myself driving to and from just about every place, convenience is a huge factor for me and will likely determined the drink that I choose when I do stop by A gas station. Muscle milk was the first, as far as I’m aware, that was able to bring ready to drink protein products to the mainstream. I usually find the muscle milk products to be delicious and they do hold a special place with me but I will still sometimes try other products to see how they compare. Perhaps we could get other companies to throw their hat into the great ready to drink protein race in the industry. I’m sure that for some supplement makers, there is just no feasible way that they are able to still make money with the limited shelf life of certain products. Now, with news of a new ingredient that is being made to lengthen the lifespan of our supplement, we should all be celebrating. I look forward to being able to stock up on my favorite RTD’s, now that I have the feeling of knowing that they will be able to stay in my fridge without having to be tossed out. Like me, I’m positive that you’ve probably wasted more than a few dollars when you have to throw out clumpy and expired supplements.

What Makes C4 50x Different from the Original?

If you haven’t heard of it yet, there’s been a change at Cellucor, regarding on of their top supplements. The C4 supplement has remained one of the most popular workout drinks around, now even being made in a ready to drink option. I loved trying the C4 and have always kept a container of it in my cabinet ever since but there was a problem that some have had with this item. When you are using something to get more energy, you’ll notice that you can build up a tolerance to certain ingredients. This is commonly why you’ll see certain preworkout makers have a range of one to three scoops for their product, this is to cover situations where a tolerance could be avoided. What is scary is that even after hitting that three scoop maximum, depending on the preworkout, you can still notice that you may have a tolerance that is even greater than the maximum allowed dosage. With doing away with limits in mind, Cellucor has released C4 50x, designed to be 50% more powerful than C4 but how? Looking closer at C4 50x, it is my intention to find out what has been added to make this supplement so much more powerful and to also find out if it feels like it has become a stronger pre workout.

I’ll be quick to point out, for those who are good with numbers, that this new version of an old classic is not fifty times stronger than the original. I wouldn’t want a supplement that was already strong to be 50 times more potent, I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t even be allowed to be sold. Could you imagine if your favorite preworkout was fifty times stronger, just thinking about that has got me feeling dizzy! What is true is that the 50% extra strength that you will be getting is more than strong enough, for even the most jaded supplement user. Made with teacor, I have to throw in that I love that Cellucor has such cool names for these new additions that they add to their line of products. The tea cor helps to make sure that tolerances won’t be happening anytime soon. Made to make the user feel like they are using the C4 for the first time, every single time. I have only been able to use this supplement for about two weeks now and I have to say, the tolerance buildup issue has really been taken care of. It is such a bummer to have to shell out upwards of forty dollars for a supplement these days, you want to know that you are going to be getting your monies worth.

I’ve spent too many months upping my scoops for most of the supplements out there that it just becomes a hassle. It felt like I had gone back into my first month of lifting with C4 50x, as it did hit that hard whenever I would use it. What I think is so cool about the C4 range of supplements, is that now they almost have a tub for any situation that you need it for. First, there is a mass line that Cellucor has introduced, loaded up with extra carbs, a smart move. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is a C4 ripped product that allows you to be helped in your quest to lose weight, by adding thermogenic ingredients. For the purpose of keeping my thoughts together, the C4 50x is a welcome addition to any old lifter that is sick of having a tolerance!


Are Weightlifting Belts for Me?

Understanding the protection that you will receive from a great weightlifting belt can never be fully understood, until you get hurt because you weren’t wearing one! Not just for show, a belt is made to help support your balance. When carrying out lifting motions, it’s hard to sense if you are in the right alignment. Although it could look simple in books and videos, when it comes time for you to lift, balancing yourself is often the last thing you think about. I’ve always used a weightlifting belt, it takes seconds to put on and it saves me, in the event that I am not using correct form. If you are a fan of the military press, this is the lift that I most utilize my belt for.

The awkward part of a military press is the fact that, to do them properly, you have to slightly bend your back to get the barbell under your shoulders. I prefer using the Harbinger line, as the belt that I’ve been using for about ten years, has only just now started to show any signs of wear. A good weightlifting belt will be durable and able to lock in whichever waist size it needs to. The last thing that you want to have happen when lifting, is your belt suddenly unbuckles, leaving your back wide open to pull a muscle in. To further understand why a weightlifting belt should be on your workout list has to do with how we all breathe. Have you ever ran or exerted yourself so hard that you became out of breath? Most likely, you will try and pull the breath from your stomach, expanding it out fully.

While breathing through your stomach, instead of your chest, works wonders for getting your breath back, it does also cause you to become off-balance. If you can have an image in your head of someone breathing in fully through their stomach, it will appear to be pooched out, which leaves you lurching forward, unknowingly. When we are trying to lift, it’s easy to naturally want to draw big breaths through your stomach. If you’ve paid attention so far, you can now realize why compound lifting and stomach breathing are a no-go. I used to think a weightlifter’s belt was made to force the spine into alignment, it is actually made to help restrict your breathing, which isn’t as bad as it sounds. If you were to attempt many of the hard-hitting lifts without a belt, stomach breathing would cause you to tip forward. When wearing a weightlifting belt you want to have it tight, but not on there so tightly that it impairs your ability to breathe.

I recommend thinking of a belt that is made for lifting weights, like you would any belt that you would wear in public. Most likely, you’ll have a notch that is met that allows you to breathe and ensuring that you keep your back properly aligned with the rest of your body. I’ve seen people wear their belts higher up, closer to their chest but I always like to have mine resting on my stomach. It will take some trial and error but eventually you will find the optimal spot for your belt to rest, it’s just a matter of personal preference. What shouldn’t be a matter of preference is deciding if you should ever use one of these belts or not. No question you should be protecting your back, when doing the more dangerous lifts.

Are We About to Get Exercise in a Capsule?

Sounding more like some kind of gimmick than an actual finding, researchers are developing a pill that could take away exercises woes for many. Sure, there are endless fat burners available that can help you to trim down. What those who exercise regularly know is that there are not a lot of effective shortcuts to being skinny. Few and far between, finding a fat burner that helps you trim up is becoming harder to find. In most cases, the burners that I have tried either only eliminated water weight or caused me to put on more pounds, how does that happen? Where advancements have now led us to is a supplement that is said to be made with hormones that are only released while we exercise. Irisin the name of that special hormone, although there is a debate going on that concerns what an irisin supplement can really do. As with any new release, worries about potential side effects and bad reactions will be many, at least in these early stages.

To me, the science behind irisin does look sound but I will be waiting to see what other’s reactions are before I get anywhere near trying it. Made to change fat cells into other ones, the implications over how we look at losing weight could be forever altered, if this supplement becomes a success. I would be at a loss for words if irisin does become a new fad, namely because of how jealous I would be that some didn’t have to work for what took me years to achieve. Over the years, I’ve seen many different products that were going to change the world, rarely does this actually occur. I have a good feeling about the research over irisin. It appears that there is actually sound science that is behind the thought process of getting an irisin product released, not just some cool sounding name that a company came up with. I hate seeing mystery formulations that are all filler ingredients, leaving me feeling hollow. I highly anticipate future findings about irisin and how it could potentially be used to fight fat in a much harsher way. In the past, it was often though that fat cells could never really disappear, just shrink to a microscopic size.

newfindings With the advent of irisin coming into play, if we see fat cells being removed, consider the implications that could have over how we view losing weight. Call me crazy but hearing about how easy it could become to shed fat has me hoping that they find a version of this, made for building faster muscle. It will take some time before we see an actual release of irisin being ready to actually purchase, due to needing to have any kinks worked out. There has been no official release date given out to this ingredient, as for when it could start being used in supplements, as of yet. If you’re wanting to lose weight, start out by not waiting for a magic supplement to do it all for you. Choose to spend your time waiting for irisin to start a foundation of a good belief system, made for beginners to start becoming more trim. Try this out, eliminate one junk food item and replace it with a healthy one, keep it up every other day. As you get more acclimated to switching foods in your diet, you can set out to make bigger changes, leading to quicker weight that is lost.

Nabbing the Perfect Shaker Cup

Are you getting sick of what you use to lug around your post-workout drink? Being someone who will wear their shoes until they are literally falling apart, I recently had to get rid of an old shaker. I had been taking the same cup to the gym with me for so long that, with one careless drop, it shattered all over the floor. After cleaning up the mess that I had left, without alerting the staff (too embarrassing), I got prepared to get myself a new shaker cup. Not knowing the vast amount of options that were around currently, I figured I would fill you in so that you’re aware of some cool cup designs that slipped right under my radar, let’s get to it! When selecting the shaker cup that you need, it’s all about how you’re going to use it. If your supplements are ones that can mix fairly well, you won’t need to put too much thought into the decision. It is only when we start discussing think protein powders and chunky intra-workout supplements that we need to look at some specialized cups.

One invention that I found was the cup that actually blends the ingredients together automatically. Not needing to slosh liquid all over the room, which I think is a spot that we’ve all been in, the automatic shaker is the easiest route to take. Be warned, mixing a drink itself will have that model of cup likely carrying a higher price tag. If you enjoy the process of shaking your drink up on your own, you can get a cup that has a ball inside of it. Not one that would have any risk of swallowing, this special metal ball is made to float around in the cup, blending those big chunks up into fine bits. A little on the noisy side, a whisk ball (love that terminology) is made to be your best friend, when it comes to making that shaker cup mix properly.

When checking out what cups are being offered, if you have a chance to test the cap, I always advise you do that. Have you gotten your milk and protein powder all ready to drink, only to find that shaking it up leaves half of the drink on the counter, while the other half stayed in the container? I have, it is frustrating and that is how you will get ants in your kitchen, which is no fun! Whichever cup that you end up deciding on, choose to add the whisk ball, if you can, as it will cut way down on the extra time you waste mixing. Also, an added advantage of the newer shakers available is that there is no more half-chewing up your protein drink, yucky.

I was even able to see various cups that were glow in the dark, what an awesome idea for those who need to get their work in at night. If you are needing more storage space, than just your pockets, hidden compartments have been built into the cutting edge shakers. I ended up snagging a cup with the compartments and it makes it easy to store extra capsules. As someone who is more than a little bit absent minded, not having another reminder setup to take a vitamin is a huge weight off of my shoulders.

Knowing Your Limits with Vitamin C

Did you slip, forgetting when the last time you just took that orange vitamin C chewable? You’re not alone, especially when I start feeling the slightest hint of sickness, I will use that wonderful vitamin from oranges like candy, which is wrong. If you haven’t kept up on our daily recommendations for nutrients, like Vitamin C, you’ll need to learn the guidelines. Around 120 mg is the upper limit of what adults really need to consume, in the way of vitamin C consumption. If you have grown up, yet still indulge on snack foods made for children, you’ll know that many of these pouches contain 100% of the daily vitamin C value, per pouch! Have you ever gotten on the big box of fruit snacks, ripped open a new bag, and stopped at just one?

If you are watching the fruits and vegetables you eat, that could easily add a notch or two on your intake of the orangessubject vitamin. As they often will, rumors that started will grow out of control fast, if not distinguished. Saying that too much vitamin C can start to deplete other vitamins and minerals, with mixed opinions on any real findings. A lighter hearted instance of this rumor (and one with science behind it) says that your body can only process so much vitamin C at once, meaning that if you were to get crazy and take a lot of this vitamin, most would end up expelled. As you begin to hear about the side effects of overdoing the eating of vitamin C, it isn’t all something that you can wish away.

Painful stomach cramps that can become debilitating can happen if you aren’t watching your intake. While not everyone fully believes that vitamin C will be able to stop any and all sicknesses (I’m still not so sure but want to think it’s true), you can reverse those benefits, by taking an overabundance of vitamin C. It doesn’t just stop with high doses of vitamin c adding new health problems, it can also counter effects whatever medicines you’re required to take. As someone who can’t survive his morning, without a big glass of orange juice, I have to take it easy with my supplements. With the fruit I eat, combined with my morning orange juice, I’m one wrong meal away from being above the upper limit of safe vitamin c intake, I’ll just leave it at that. This is all, in no way, me trying to demonize any vitamin, as long as readers are well-informed and safe, I’m a happy man.

There are rare situations, in which an abnormal quantity of daily vitamin C usage would be appropriate but would be ineffective to others. At the far end of the spectrum, those who are well beyond any upper limit (think in the thousands of milligrams) would face serious medical consequences. Not just ending at mildly discomforting stomach cramps, you’ll see a serious risk of developing kidney stones. As someone who drank too much soda throughout his life, without not enough water to flush it out, I have sad experience with the occasional kidney stone. I won’t go into detail that no one wants but passing one of those is painful but one of the most euphoric feelings when it has been passed. The vitamin that is found in citrus fruits is amazing for daily maintaining of your skin, hair, and overall well-being.

Are BPI Protein Snacks Worthy of a Best Moniker?

I’m back again, just fresh from receiving some awesome samples of the new BPI protein bars, thank you very much for sending those over! There are three flavors that I will be taste testing for you today: cookies and cream, apple crumb cake, and smores. BPI has been in business for quite a while, mainly due to the awesome supplements that release. From protein to energy, and everything in between, chances are, if you want more from your hard work, BPI probably has something in store that will meet your goals. Not one to miss out on a common supplement type, they do have a set of protein bars. I began my taste tasting journey with the Apple Crumb Cake flavor. The bar had an odd brown texture, for each flavor I tried, while that color looked good for the apple flavor, it doesn’t make a cookies and cream bar look enticing. Minor nitpick aside, there were actually chunks of apple pie pieces within this bar, helping to add authenticity to the product.

I did notice that I tasted that initial protein bar taste but I’ve had far worst snacks. I would say that this first flavor had notes of apple but it was overwhelmed by the remainder of the bar, it gets a 7/10 from me. Next, the smores flavor was going to be the next one that I would taste. I still noticed that odd brown hue to the entire bar, I would have thought that black would be the best color choice here. With chunks of chocolate and marshmallow within this bar, it really helped to add a sweeter taste. I thought that I detected graham cracker chunks in this product, as well. While slowly narrowing out the lead that the Apple Crumb Cake had, I have to give a slight boost to the rating of the smores flavor, totaling it up to a 7.5/10 rating. Cookies and cream may be one of the most common flavor of protein bar that I always seek out. Since I can remember, I have always loved anything that is flavored to taste like cookies and cream. This final protein bar that I would test did not knock it out of the park, for me. I didn’t find that I needed to go puke or toss this bar in the nearest trashcan but I didn’t really enjoy it.

Which Flavor Should You Be Choosing?

I would call it a flavor that I would choose if I had to, however, if other options were available I would go with either the apple or smores option. BPI is going to continue to bring supplements backed with science, not hype, of that I am completely positive. While I wasn’t head over heels about every flavor of their protein bars that I tried, it doesn’t mean they might not be perfect for you. If you are going to just choose one flavor, I highly advise that you try out the cookies and cream, even the weakest stomachs should be able to find enjoyment there. Again, thank you BPI for sending those bars over, I know this wasn’t based on doing a review but I wanted to write about them, anyways. Have you tried out any of the BPI bars yet? If so, head over to our Facebook to let me know if you liked them or thought they left more to be desired, I’ll be waiting!

New BCAA Called Off the Chain Reviewed

Every now and then, a supplement comes along and has me wondering why did I think of that? I’m speaking about Off the Chain, a new branched chain amino acid product that has a kick! What is this kick that I speak of? With an added boost of caffeine, you can now get a BCAA that actually wakes you up. I’ve seen endless numbers of BCAA’s that have the words more energy, all over their labels. I would say that, 95% of the time, energy from aminos is often underwhelming. Off the Chain wants to correct those weaker amino acid supplements and I think that they’ve come up with a nice innovation. The flavors for this supplement are: pink lemonade, blue raspberry, strawberry kiwi, and rocket pop. If the last flavor that spoke of in the last sentence caught your eye, it could be because it sounded similar to a popsicle that has been around for years.

The red, white, and blue, colored frozen treat has been brought into a supplement! I could only find that two flavors were available for me to try, this stuff must have a big following because it always seems to be sold out. Anyways, the strawberry kiwi and rocket pop were the two taste selections that I was able to get my hands on. Right away, I had to open up the rocket pop container, to assess how close it was to the actual popsicle. To my astonishment, I found that they really went out of their way to replicate the awesome taste that I have grown up with. I can’t believe that it took so long for a BCAA to be mixed with caffeine, this will get a bunch of extra men to try get the amino acids that they need. These acids help to get you in an anabolic state, which is great for your muscles. In the other state, of being catabolic, you will start breaking down any extra meat, including muscle.

After looking around the website of the makers of this product, they also talk about how BCAA’s have been outdated for a while now, a statement that I wholeheartedly agree with. When making my big monthly orders, thinking back, I used to barely spend any time at all in the amino acid section, I never saw the purpose for it, as they all started to run together. Being aware that there is, at least, one company adding some good old caffeine in to the fray and they have my attention. Packed to the brim with almost 1,400 mg of L-Glutamine, you shouldn’t take too long to heal up after your training. Off the Chain is going to be a tough one to categorize but that isn’t a bad thing, props to this company for bringing the world an innovation, not the same repeat just dressed in a different label. I wish that more fitness freaks would get on the wagon of the BCAA supplement.

I’ve seen more scoff at me, when I mix up my intraworkout drink, assured that I’m just wasting my time. My plan is to keep doing what I do, not caring about half-hearted insults and we will see who has more muscle in a couple of months! Here is a bonus afterthought, don’t you find that those who speak the loudest, have the least to say? Off the Chain could be the one amino acid item that could persuade even the most loyal hater!