A Supplement Company Gets Indicted: What a Crazy Week!

As if the recent trend of supplements only being shown negative in the news couldn’t get worse, we have another big story for you. On November 17th, a big-time supplement company was actually indicted. As we proceed in the story with what we found out: it gets worse. Something that was brought to light was that they were actually a bunch of liver injuries that were occurring with one of their products. Some of the people who took the supplement actually were recommended to get liver transplants.

This is a huge deal as the liver is one of the most vital organs in the body. To need a liver transplant, you are really facing a literal life or death situation. The company has been indicted based on a couple of their supplements that are the most popular. There is a lot of talk of these labels, packaging, advertising, pretty much everything as fraud based on what it says it will do and what it does. Along with the hidden negative risks for the liver, this is really bad news for anyone in the supplement world.

It seems as if more and more news stories are being reported every week about another big supplement company facing danger. Along with this, it makes it really tough for me as a consumer to keep using supplements when I hear the stories. This is not something minor, these people had to have transplants in order to stay alive. Being that the supplement world is unregulated, we really face risks every time we purchase a supplement. Along with that, when you throw in how many different supplements are out there, it really becomes like being a gambler with your own life or personal health. I have said it before and I will say it again, all of these things have got to be raising questions and concerns about supplements becoming regulated.

I think that this is something that we will see happen in the future. When this regulation will occur, I have no idea but I think is more of the stories come to light, the date is definitely drawing closer and closer. One big no-no as far as any type of nutritional supplement is concerned is that one of the supplements contained hidden ingredients. Yes, that’s right ingredients that were hidden from the public. Now, I want you to think about how scary that would be if you went to your grocery store, took your groceries home, and found out that your grocery products contain the hidden ingredients.

Ingredients, in my opinion are hidden ingredients for a reason. Obviously, the company does not want you to know what is in there and that could be because of a number of reasons. Most likely, it is because this ingredient is probably something they did not want the public to know was in the product. I will personally continue to watch the stories that continue to come in because this is a really big deal. All kinds of scary, scary stuff going on in the supplement world that people need to know about. To make matters worse, there is actually recent news that more companies are having suits filed against them. No names of been revealed yet but it could be another issue of another big company doing this. I don’t know the size of the companies in question but we will find out more as it is presented to the public. Stay safe everyone!

What Supplements are Best to Build Bigger Arms?

As you know, you can’t really control where you will build muscle 100% of the time. However, there are supplements that you can take to provide you with more muscle growth, which you can therefore get from certain workouts targeting certain parts of your body. It is sort of a combo that us as weightlifters have to take into account. I will now talk about some supplements that will help you to get some bigger pythons that you’re wanting to have.

Real quick, before we get into the supplements I really wanted to talk about what kind of workouts you need to be doing. If you want to build your arms the key to growth, will lie all in the triceps. Although this may sound odd to some, those people that want to do the bicep curls all day and expect to get huge guns. You have got to learn that the growth is within the tricep it’s the biggest part of your arm and it is where the most muscle growth will come from.

With that in mind, The key to our growth would be big compound movements that involve the triceps. We want to stick with these compound movements because it will activate the most muscle fiber and then stay to isolation exercises for a higher reps that will bring you more muscle growth.

One of the main supplements that I would recommend taking would be a protein powder, protein powder will be in essential supplement to help build more muscle onto your arms. After you follow a good arm workout plan, those muscles will be aching for nutrition and for ways to build back together bigger than they were before. This is where the protein powder comes in and it will be an easy fix to really help pack on some mass.


The second supplement that I would recommend would be something called Agmatine. This is one that is a little bit newer in the supplement world but boy does it really add a big pump into your work out and will have you leaving the gym feeling like a bodybuilder, yes, it is that good.


When you are really working hard to build up your arm muscles, the final supplement I would recommend would probably be a good multivitamin. For most of us, there is just no way that we are getting all of the vitamins and minerals we need from the daily food we eat. Even if you eat what would be known as a clean bodybuilding diet you would still be missing some very important nutrients.

Take the advice I have given you and combine it together with an awesome workout plan and I guarantee you that you will be seeing some bigger arms just give it a little bit of time!

Lamar Odam and Why the Supplement Industry Needs to be Looked at Closer

Lamar Odom: How Big of a Role did Herbal Supplements Play in All of This?

Unless you have missed out on some recent news, it was reported recently that Lamar Odom is in the hospital, as of this writing, and in pretty bad condition. One of the things that they found in his body were herbal supplements. Now, at first look this might not be that big of a deal until we learn some more facts. The main fact being that the FDA does not regulate herbal supplements.

I want to let that sink in for a second. There is no regulation being done, and anyway, to the supplements that we are taking into our bodies. It has recently even been reported that there are 23,000 hospitalizations when someone takes herbal supplements every year. This isn’t saying that 23,000 people died, just that they were hospitalized.

I do want to also say right now that I think a large percentage of these cases were because they did not follow the instructions on the label. We know that some supplements have the potential to be more addictive, moreso to addictive personalities than other ones, so the possibility that they knowingly took more than what was recommended is another high probability situation.  However, it does not take away the fact that the FDA really does need to regulate the supplements. I have heard both sides of the story and the side against them regulating it just seems to be from companies that don’t want to adhere to their rules, right or wrong.


Another important issue also stems from instances where I can almost guarantee people did not check with their doctor before using certain supplements. Although it is seen as something of a mattress tag violation in this world, these labels are put there for your safety and the directions are essential to follow. If you are unsure, ask your doctor before purchasing the supplement, that way you are not out any money and buying a supplement that you should not use. I can’t really give a safe number of how many instances are caused by user error but I, on the flipside, I am also sure that these instances, and some percentage, were no real fault of the user.  There is just way too much of a risk by using the supplements that are not regulated by the FDA, almost everything else that we consume in this world is regulated by the FDA and it is very important to have these regulations in place. As we move on in the future I hope that regulation, in some form or another, will occur with supplements.

The Backlash Against Arginine: The Next Best Thing Since Prohormones?

How Arginine went from the Next Big Thing to an Afterthought

When I began getting serious about my weightlifting around 10 years ago, the ingredient arginine was something that I saw promoted everywhere. They promised it to be some sort of new ingredient that would lead to crazy amounts of strength and muscle mass increases.  People everywhere were raving about the supplement, and it started to get dropped in to almost every supplement that it could. From pre-workouts to your nitric oxide boosters, arginine was there. It was even in some weight-loss products but that’s another topic. I noticed recently that people had kind of against turn on arginine calling it some sort of fat ingredient. Of course, as this happens there was another ingredient right behind it that promise to be so much more effective than arginine.

prohormones vs arginine

As the popularity of this ingredient increased it was on a ton of labels and it seemed just as soon as it started to really rise, its popularity dropped. This was because many people felt that it just wasn’t that effective as putting on muscle versus another type of workout supplement without the arginine in it.

And as this happened and its popularity decreased, companies would start to remove it from their labels or claim that they had some sort of all new breakthrough and supplement science with another ingredient.
I have been a big supporter of arginine early on and to me it worked really well. However, as supplements started to take this product off of their labels, I knew I needed to find something to give me that extra edge that I had before. It was during my crazy search but I actually stumbled into a line of supplements that worked really well, they give me the strength and muscle mass increases comparable to a good amount of arginine.

What Supplement(s) to Check Out Instead of Arginine?

The supplements are a little pricier than those that contain just arginine but even as a die-hard supporter of this ingredient, I do have to say that these work a bit better. Heck, I was even kind of happy that I had found them due to the recent dropping of arginine on my supplements. If you want to check out more about the supplements here is a great place to do it. Some sites have actually put stuff with arginine in it as one of their top muscle building supplements which I can kind of get.

I am still not entirely sure why the backlash for the ingredient are going occurred but it was a pretty shocking thing to see. I’m sure as time goes on we will all find another ingredient in our muscle building supplements to love and then turn on. This is something that would happen much like a band that rises to fame and then falls almost as quickly. However maybe this fickleness that the fitness community, myself included sometimes has, leads us to these innovations and better and better supplements each year.

So, my message to everyone out there is, I guess, to keep being fickle and keep reporting how the supplements work or don’t work for you, with an emphasis on the ingredients. As a group, we can really bring for more and more improvements as far as the supplement companies go in providing effective products to their customers.  Another great read is over at Wikipedia, with more details about certain prohormones where you can see that they are way more powerful than Arginine, specificially Androstadienedione.

HGH Supplements – the Real Truth

One thing we like to do on this website is give you the real dirt and the honest truth. With this in mind, where you want to take a second to talk about HGH supplements. Now, when most people think of HGH supplements, they think of all of those horror stories of big-name celebrities getting busted at the airport for caring that stuff. Fortunately, that is not the reality when looking at consumer HTH supplementation. If you’re thinking that the stuff comes in vials in secret metal suitcases of some sort of combination, that is not the case. The HGH supplements that we will be talking about are those that are legally available and in either pill or spray form.

The main benefit of HGH as far as anyone in the lifting weights area is concerned, is that it’s going to help provide increased muscle growth when compared to not taking the supplements.  Apparently, supplement companies know about this as well which is why we have been flooded with different kinds of HGH supplements throughout the years. Most promised to provide you with that increased muscle growth, better sleep, and more energy when you wake up.

The sad part is is that most of the supplements just do not work. For one thing it almost seems as if and HGH supplement really has their back to the wall from the beginning. It is really hard to tell when and HGH supplement is working properly and they also take a while before they officially kick into the bloodstream.  Looking at the obstacles that HGH supplements face, it is no surprise that most of the supplements are poorly reviewed. But there is some light at the end of the tunnel for the issue of HGH supplements. There are actually a couple of supplements at work really well. They have been tested by many logs and reviews are on the Internet and I even tried a couple of them in the past. HGH supplementation is something I usually do a couple of months out of the year. I don’t really have a desire to take these things year round and I am usually taking other supplements and just don’t want that much in my bloodstream at once.

One of the things that you really don’t think of when using HGH for the first time is the sleep that you will get. Now, this isn’t anything like a strong sleep, something that would get you but if you take it before bed you will definitely have a restful night. Nothing to stop you from getting to work the next morning or anything crazy like that just some really great sleep. This worked out great for me because I have several sleep issues since I was a teenager, I would usually average about six hours of sleep and a good night. So getting to experience the world on eight plus hours of sleep is a really awesome feeling that I get when taking the supplements. Now they’re both of them some other ones that I have tried to have really not done much but we won’t going to detail on that, I’ve got to have material to post for these awesome reviews coming your way in the very near future.

Just remember, when choosing and HGH supplement do your homework and you should be fine. Also, be sure to be able to plan out about eight hours of sleep per night and just for safety maybe turn that alarm up a little bit louder for the morning.

My Thoughts on Proprietary Blends

If you have taken any kind of supplement before you have probably ran into a proprietary blend. What this blend is is a way of listing a section or even all of the ingredients together into one giant bland and listing it on your label. Now this proprietary blend will still list what is in the product as far as ingredients are concerned. The big flaw with this is that the ingredients are shown regarding how much of a certain ingredient is actually in the supplement. Well this might not seem like a big deal at first, when you really think about it it really becomes something that, in my opinion, needs to be changed quickly.

Some people call it a way for the supplement companies to hide how much of what is actually in the product. For example it’s a put 5 mg of caffeine and 100 g of creatine, we would really never know because the proprietary blend only lists what is in it and how much of the ingredient is in it.

Even though proprietary blends are not usually used in food, let me give you an example of how weird this is when we look at it was something that we all consume which is food or drinks. This would be like getting your favorite snack at the store and seeing a proprietary blend label which would consist of fat carbs sugars proteins etc. combined into one big number without you knowing how much of each is in it.

If the main number on the proprietary blend in our example is 190 g, it could be that 50 of those are proteins or maybe 187 of those are carbs and two are protein. Looking at this example, you can see why companies and consumers are both pushing to go the way of non-– proprietary blends. The good news is is that right now a very popular pre-workout supplement, rated highly around the web, is actually one that is proud of the fact that they don’t use proprietary blends and advertise it effectively.

As we move into the future, and see a drastic amount of companies moving away from the proprietary blend labels, I think this will really be a win-win for both company and consumer. The main reason I think this will be so great is because companies will work harder to make more effective supplements and, in return, the consumers will buy more of the supplements and enjoy the better results that they would probably be no doubt getting.

Be Careful with Fat Burning Supplements – My Funny but Scary Experience

Well today I wanted to give you a bit of a warning story when talking about taking a certain type of fat burner or energy supplement for the first time. We all have to remember that companies are going to make their supplements differently, some will be weaker and some will be stronger. I had recently been taking a fat burning supplement to kind of help with the love handles and the need for snacks throughout the day. All was going well until I ran out, and needed to take another supplement.

I figured that most of these fat burners were going to provide the same amount of energy. Here’s a little background info before we get in to my experience. With the old fat burner I had taken three pills in the morning, you could take up to four in 24 hours but I just used it throughout the day as taking it any later would usually lead to me not eating dinner.

After I ran out of the supplement, I didn’t have time to go get some more so I found another fat burner that I had laying around and figured I just take that. To my credit, I did read the label and see that three pills was the maximum dose to be taken at once, just like my old fat burner. I figured what the heck and took three pills before I headed off to work.

After I took the pills, everything seems pretty cool throughout the first 30 minutes. However, it was about an hour and when I started to feel cold, this would’ve been a big deal, but it was a summer where I live and we usually get real hot summers. I work a pretty physically intensive job and I’m used to sweating throughout the day so being cold struck me is a little odd. I needed to head back in and type something up and the scariest part of this first ordeal was, my hands were shaking so bad I could not even type. It seemed like the more I try to force my hands to be steady, the shakier they were. Luckily, no one nearby saw this and I was able to play it off. Later on in the day, I had to have a conversation with the boss and could barely keep my body still. I know some people think things that they see someone who is really shaky and we won’t get into that here. I was worried that the boss may have had the wrong impression. For about the next two hours I was so uncontrollably shaky and sweaty, that it was really hard to play it off. Luckily I was able to sequester myself in my work area but I really thought I may have needed to go to a hospital before the day was over.

When lunchtime rolled around, I had built up a little bit of hunger and to be honest more hungrier than I did with the other supplement that was less strong in the terms of energy. I thought that was kind of weird but I ate a pretty hefty lunch and went back to work. By midday, the feelings had luckily seem to have gotten less intense. I still have a lot of energy to get through the day but at the cost of those two really scary hours I don’t think it was worth it. Needless to say, after work, I hopped into the car and grab the other supplement that I was used to. So let this be a warning to you: even if you take a certain dose of a supplement, even if it is the max, do not do that with another supplement. I will definitely heed the warning of these labels when they say that you should start with one pill, no matter your tolerance when taking it for the first time.