What Are Prohormones and Are They Still Around?

If you hadn’t heard of them yet, Prohormones were once seen as the future of supplements. However, if you were to ask around about them now, you would hear more about the drawbacks of using a prohormone than the benefits. Why did everyone’s attitude towards these once highly sought after items change? It seems like such a great idea, to use parts of steroids that were scrapped to create new Frankenstein-like supplements, right? Wait, yes you read that right, I did just write out scrapped parts because, essentially, that’s what prohormones are. Without knowing this, most everyone was under the impression that these were a safer choice, when compared to using steroids.

What is the Future of Prohormones?

In 2014, the majority did not feel that way, as these products were considered far too dangerous for human use, scary, right? There was a large report that documented just how risky these little capsules were to use. If you missed out on the window in which prohormones were available, consider yourself lucky. I remember trying one of these, at the request of my older brother and I so regret it. Within a couple of days, I had pain that would shoot up my sides and I stopped taking it immediately. I came up with a lie, telling him my wife freaked out when she saw them but the truth was that I didn’t want to put myself through the physical pain anymore. I thought that I pulled a side muscle, that’s how bad the pain was. It wasn’t until I looked around online that I found that this condition was normal, at least as normal as that kind of pain can be, I suppose.

If you were to look around now, you won’t find any actual prohormones (or at least, you shouldn’t) but companies have found ways to make alternatives. With these alternate products, most are hit and miss. It’s an odd thing to use a supplement that aims to do what they big name prohormones did, without them ever being allowed to have the same ingredients. As for what the future holds, the outlook for prohormones doesn’t appear to be a good one. I don’t honestly believe that were going to see some rebirth of these supplements, like some do. After dealing with five days of pain, where I could barely sleep, I would have to say good riddance to the old days where prohormones were thought to be the new king of the supplement world.

Vitamin D Shown to Lessen the Inhaler Need

Having a partner who has asthma, you will never know when a stressful situation will be waiting, just around the corner. Having to deal with attacks and watching the one I love’s lip turn into a sickly white color makes me queasy. At time, the attacks have gotten so severe that I feared I would have to take her to an emergency room. Thankfully, we have had a safe relationship but always having to remember to keep the inhalers full can be burdensome. Science is showing some new findings that are showing vitamin D to really be helping in treating asthmatics. By no means, am I suggesting that you toss out your inhalers, always keep those handy. In a pinch, or when you are facing dire choices and do not have your inhaler handy, vitamin D could be a great supplement to have. Millions of people live with asthma and living with those who have it purpose many challenges, if a successful relationship is to be had. What I recommend is that you always carry an extra inhaler, or vitamin D while you are with the one that you love, if they are someone that has asthma. This vitamin isn’t a product to use if you think that it will make asthma go away forever, it could end an attack though. Not just for asthma, having more vitamin D will be able to give a pump up to your immune system. Do you know what is even more devastating than having an asthma attack would be to have occur while you are already sick with another illness. Vitamin D can work wonders, if you include enough of it into your daily plan. Why this supplement does so well in studies with asthmatics is because it will actually help to reduce the flare-ups, or attacks that can quite literally stop regular breathing. Even changing the timing of how you breath, by a small percentage, can send your head into a panic. With so many news pieces trashing vitamins as nothing more than snake oil, hearing how the lives of asthma sufferers can be improved is an oil that I want to have on hand, at all times.

What Can I Ingest as a Swimmer?

To tackle this question that seems to be following me around, it all depends at which level you are competing. Since there have been more guidelines raised, as to what is acceptable for athletes to use. If you are in any kind of professional league, check acceptable lists that are relative to the organization that you belong to. As far as I know, different sporting authorities will have differing regulations, concerning what they will or will not let into their sport, regarding supplements. Now, if you a swimmer that is merely doing this as a hobby, this is where it gets super juicy! First and foremost, oxygen is, quite literally, your driving force once you hit the water. If I was in a boat and had to get back to land, would I want a flimsy set of oars or thick and sturdy ones, made from a thick tree? I don’t know about you but I would want to get the strongest set of oars, to get me to shore quickly.

For the past reason, I would get a nitric oxide booster, which will help immensely for enhancing the push factor, getting you across the water like a skipping stone. Call me a weirdo but I seem to always suffer from a flu-type of illness when I keep hitting the swimming pool. Chalk it up to a change in my internal temperature but the fluctuation of hot and cold always seem to flare up my sinuses. If others notice that they are reaching for tissues after drying off, a multivitamin couldn’t hurt to help keep those germs away from you. Steer clear of any meal replacement products or worse, mass gainers. While not bad for general use, swimmers who down a mass shake before swimming are going to feel like they just ate an anchor, heavy and weighted down. Going back and forth, continuing to do laps will definitely burn off the food rapidly, so having big meals will be essential. Unless you’ve missed it, it is a well-known that swimming is one of the most beneficial exercises you can accomplish. Due to the entire body workout you get from swimming in the water, it isn’t a big secret that swimmers are in near-flawless condition.

For those not used to the concept of eating more than they are burning off, speeding through the pool like a racer, it can sneak up on you. If you need to keep at a certain weight, especially useful for class divisions, grabbing a milk thistle supplement is great for boosting natural hunger. I’ve had mixed results with it, however, I had not been remembering to use it consistently. Lastly, energy is going to be very important and needed to clear your personal best lap times, just don’t overdo it.

Too much caffeine can lead to dehydration, weakening your entire body. Painfully, lack of water can lead to muscle spasms, which could be extremely dangerous, when adding water into the equation. I am beginning to sound like my mother, with rules to abide by before enter a swimming pool! I would go against needing to pick up a fat burner, you will naturally shed a ton of fat, solely through swimming on a regular schedule. As I have learned, from a few times of embarrassment, always have swim gear that fits you well, attire that is too loose could easily come off, leaving you filled with embarrassment.

Breathing Better with Cordygen NanO2

They have officially thought of everything, now. We have for you today a little bit about a supplement that can help you to breathe better, which can carry into you not being as tired when completing strenuous matters. Called Cordygen NanO2, Cordyceps is the big ingredient that you will see on this product. I had known about cordyceps from seeing images of what it does to animals, needless to say, I was hesitant before using this, After talking to a rep and being calmed down, she pointed out that this wasn’t going to do what had be done by nature to those animals. I toughened up and downed my first mixture, awaiting to see what would happen. I hate to admit, but for the first day, I was underwhelmed. I know that, with certain ingredients, they have to be taken into the system multiple times. You will see testosterone supplements being ones that sometimes can take weeks to fully activate it’s power within you. To put it simply, if you know you have a big event that is upcoming, try to start getting these drinks made for five days prior, if possible. 

This offering is a powder, the easiest option for those who have time to find a glass, get some water, and start mixing. I found it incredibly easy to just take the drink container that I needed, before I left the house to go run errands. Being that there are no artificial coloring or flavorings, the Cordygen mixes up to make a nice, clear, and refreshing drink (goes great on ice). After the third day, I began to feel like I was getting more out of the Cordygen NanO2, due to the simple fact that I felt like I had an abundance of energy. Even the expensive energy drinks that I had been sneaking could not touch how wide awake and boundless I felt.

For anyone with a sensitivity to gluten, you will be pleased to know that this supplement has been verified as being cordyceps powdergluten-free. I certainly wish that other companies would take a stand and provide more gluten-free supplements for the public. I personally do not suffer from any gluten allergy but having friends that do, it’s frustrating to see them have to take much longer to find a supplement that can meet their criteria.

As we sometimes touch upon, with regards to the bad substances that you want to watch out for in any supplement, you shouldn’t be finding any of them with Millennium Sports. The Cordygen NanO2 has been certified to be free of any substances that are harmful to you. Before I forget, I have to tell you how delicious the mixed up drink tasted, it long got me over my fears of drinking in cordyceps. Known as Kona Colada, the only flavor that I have seen this supplement being offered to have is a smart pick that goes down easy and smooth. I could really taste notes of pineapple and coconut that had me wishing it was safe to drink another glass of this stuff. As with most powder mixes, larger individuals may need an additional serving, spaced out from the first drink. It can be difficult to find the exact percentage of Cordygen NanO2 to get increased oxygen. For anyone who is an endurance athlete, instead of a being a pure sprinter, Millennium Sport’s oxygen enhancer is a great choice.


How I Enjoyed Glutamine Fuel by Twinlab

When you spend six days a week, working on different aspects of your physical stature, it can become tiresome. I’m tired of carrying with me, nothing but aching muscles that are longing for some kind of relief. Glutamine is known for its ability to aid in relief of sore joints. If you doing any typical workout without the use of a glutamine supplement, you are taking two steps back. As we exercise, the body floods itself of many essential nutrients because it sends them away to help the body recover. When you lose too much of the glutamine within you, it will slow down how you recover, making it take a longer time before you are back to normal. When you don’t repair your muscles, this can come back to bite you down the road. It is never advisable to add any extra strain on a muscle that is already sore. That being said, if you aren’t using glutamine to your advantage, you don’t have that extra time to use. Glutamine can also help to promote more active human growth hormone levels.

You won’t notice any kind of HGH boosters with the Glutamine Fuel, any changes that come to these hormones will just be the body releasing more of it. If you have been under the weather, over the past year, glutamine can also help to provide you with a stronger immune system, essential for zapping any chances that whatever comes around goes after you. This supplement can be a great, if somewhat lacking aid in helping you to trim down. Glutamine has been shown to help raise how many pounds are lost, when compared to those who were not taking any form of this ingredient. I will mainly use glutamine as a way to help reduce soreness and inflammation that comes with regular exercise. Glutamine Fuel was easy to take, I had my daily intake of this crucial nutrient within about ten seconds. No need to mix up a drink, spilling liquid all over the counter, just pop a couple of capsules are you are all set.

The perfect time of day to use Glutamine Fuel is different for everyone, here is my schedule for this supplement:

Lifting Days: 2 capsules, post-workout

Non-lifting Days: 1 capsule in the morning and 1 before dinner

It is a simple one but this schedule helps me to take note of the critical post workout window, where glutamine supplementation is most effective.

Twinlab Still Carries the Crown, In My Book

I am almost to the bottom of the current Glutamine Fuel container and I am thoroughly pleased with how quick I am able to rock and roll. You can find any form of glutamine for relatively inexpensive prices, no need to save up a lot of money just to get better recovery. Speaking of recovery, my time spent healing up went down dramatically from 2-3 days to a day, if at all. It never seemed like I was adding much size onto my frame and that was cool by me, it wasn’t why I wanted to start taking glutamine. I was able to lose, maybe, five pounds of straight up fat but the main factor had to do with recovery, which was sped up to such an extent that I was rarely sore. All of the Twinlab line of supplements have taken their own place on the throne of supplements that look to stand any test of time. I began lifting when Twinlab was all over the place and, even after those years have passed, I still see this company with their rightful place in stores nationwide.

Are Beef Aminos A Nutritious Choice?

Grilling has become a great way to spend the weekend, especially with the warmer weather that we are seeing. Beef isn’t always a type of meat that is palatable or in everyone’s grocery budget. Where you can get it twisted is when you think that just because a supplement has beef in it, that it will be a great source of protein. As odd as it is, beef amino supplements are going to be on the lower end of the protein scale. There are still important amino acids, all necessary for growing muscles, that you get from supplementing your beef intake. If anyone is wanting to stay on the safer side, with all of the recalls that pop up, you can never be too sure. With a mixture of essential and non-essential acids, the blend that is contained within shouldn’t leave you feeling let down. I will most often use the 100% Beef Aminos from Universal Nutrition. I was in between picking from other brands but after hearing all of the recommendations for the Universal product, over all others, I knew what I had to do. The price for these beef aminos will be far cheaper than trying to get actual beef, at least if you look at the serving price.

I was able to secure myself a 200 tablet bottle of the aminos for about fourteen dollars. I can barely get a large size of ground beef at the store for that price. Why many bodybuilders look to use chicken or fish, in substitution of beef is that there are a lot of unhealthy fats that you get from consuming too much beef. The label for this supplement is a tiny bit confusing, if you are the person that measures every calorie that they take in, you will need to crunch some numbers. If you use the Universal type of beef aminos, these come from three different sources, which are: Beef protein isolate, albumin, and beef liver. While not the most pleasing for your palette, you won’t taste a thing by swallowing down three tablets. The three tablet serving indication will provide you with a sufficient amount of the amino acids that are catalysts for developing your physique. As far as pure protein is concerned, you will only intake about a gram, not much to write about home.

Fill Up on Food, Don’t Leave Without It

I still wouldn’t completely skimp out on meat if you incorporate this supplement in your diet, you should never neglect eating actual food. If you weigh over, let’s say, 225 pounds, you are going to need to take much more than three tablets. Being that you should never go over what the company recommends you to use on their labels, this product won’t be for everyone. I actually watched my friend about to boil over with anger when he did that math and realized how the numbers played out. I am smaller than him, so the supplement getting taken using the minimum amount was exceptional for me. Be on the lookout, if you should develop any kind of stomach discomfort with this one.

beef amino acid

Amino acids shouldn’t be the main cause of serious stomach ailments, it is just a safety precaution to consider. Sometimes, it can be good to drop the expensive supplements out there and reach for something a little more cost-effective. I have found that a beef amino can be superb choice for delivering acids like: arginine, alanine, proline, and tyrosine. It is nearly impossible to track down all of the vitamins that you need to eat everyday, you would be awash in a sea of foods that no one person could eat in one day. For the previous reason, amino acids are great to use and ones that come from beef are even better to make use of.

Dream Body Company Creates Voluntary Recall

To anyone that lives in or around the Texas area, you will want to check your supplement stash soon. There has been a recall that is going on for certain weight loss supplements, shown to contain possibly dangerous ingredients. There is a company that is known as Dream Body Weight Loss who have made these supplements. The entire line of products isn’t facing recalls, just a select few from their wide supplement array. The recall was voluntarily called in by the company themselves and then reported so that it would go nationwide. These supplement makers have a ton of different supplements in their line, only a small few have been affected. Mainly affecting those in the Grand Prairie area, other surrounding cities could be affected by this recall, also. The particular supplements that are being looked at for containing a dangerous ingredient known as sibutramine, that were found in the following supplements: Dream Body Extreme Gold, Dream Body Advanced, in various sized servings.

In the event that you have this supplement but are unaware if your serving size is affected, it would still be smart to not use that supplement, until you have the official go ahead to do so. Sibutramine has not been allowed to be in supplements for quite some time, due to it causing many different and very serious side effects to happen to a user. I have really started to move my focus away from using supplements for losing weight and have tried to move to a more natural way of shedding the pounds. With all of the hidden dangers of ingredients that get brought to our collective attention, almost every single day, the risks start to outweigh the rewards. At some point, something has to give with I feel comfortable taking multiple times a day.  Lately, I have been trying different vegetables to try and sway me away from the candy cravings that I constantly fight off.

Starburst are my main guilty pleasure food that I can never seem to pull myself away from. I have no doubt that the company behind the recall is doing all that is possible to get this ingredient shake up laid to rest. I haven’t personally dealt with this company but I have family in Texas that has been going to them for a while and they have had nothing but praise to say about them. Weight loss supplements have been continuing to be recalled and it makes me sad. I am reminded of the big removal of an ingredient that I won’t mention because it was making people’s hearts race and ending up giving them really bad health problems.

How to Return A Contaminated Product

I don’t think that the current Dream Body recall will be another that grows to that big of a devastating concern, more of a temporary annoyance. You can send in the supplements that you have, from the recall, I don’t know if you need any proof of purchase or not, as you will have to head over to the company’s website to find out all of that information. I feel sorry for the Dream Body company during what has to be a very frustrating time for the business. I wanted to do what I could to spread the word of this voluntary recall, so that those who are affected can start to take steps so that you don’t end up hurting yourself on accident.

CTD Sports Isolicious Whey Powder Brings Nostalgia

Having to do a double take, when I was looking into the hottest new supplements around, I came across a product that deserved special mention. Being called Isolicious, I was expecting the flavors here to be good ones and I was not let down. CTD Sports had to be a bit coy about what they could officially name these protein flavors but you can quickly understand what they are trying to emulate here. I wish that someone who made the pictures for this line of products, over at Nutraplanet would change them to the actual containers. If you check out the Isolicious line of powders, you will end up coming to a picture of a cereal box.cereal flavored protein I get what the point of the picture of their product packaging does, which is look like an accurate representation of a cereal box, it just seems too confusing to me. Going as far to put a bowl of cereal right on the front of this box, only makes matters more confusing. Taking that into stride, the flavors of this protein supplement are few but among the most popular cereal choices that they could have gone with, well done. The three flavors are called: Cinnamon Cereal Crunch, Coco Cereal Crunch, and Fruity Cereal Crunch. If you can’t piece together what popular cereal flavors they are going for at CTD Sports, I’m sure seeing a few product images will help to make the message a bit more clear.

Containing no sugar or fat, we are off to a good start, when looking deeper at the ingredients in this line of powders. A hefty serving of 25 grams of protein are what you will enjoy by using one level scoop. Whey isolate, which is the main source of protein in Isolicious, is one that further splits into smaller portions, making it easily digestible. Thinking back to the cereals that I would enjoy in the past, and still do, I don’t think that I would have any issue digesting an entire tub of these delicious sounding flavors. I have only seen this product available in two pound containers, which is small enough to try out but I hope that bigger packaging options will be available soon. I could easily see this being a sneaky little hit for CTD Sports, if enough people hear about this. I would be overjoyed to see this company rise up and continue adding more flavors to this product line, which I envision being a big hit among Millennials.  Retailing for a little over thirty dollars, it seems like a reasonable enough cost to try Isolicious.

Personally, I very recently was able to even discover this product, I have no clue exactly how new it is. I hope to order at least one flavor of this powder, in the near future. Looking through the three flavor options, you would think that it would be easy for me to just pick a flavor and go on with my life. I loved all of the flavors of cereal that they are including in their product line, a big step in the right direction for flavor choices! I think that my loyalty would lie with the Fruity Cereal Crunch option but I will probably stare at the monitor for a long while before I make this big decision! If only there would be an announcement of future flavors coming out that had either Lucky Charms or Honey Nut Cheerios type flavors mentioned.

What is Dyno by RSP Nutrition?

With three different awesome flavors, the pre-workout supplement known as Dyno, you can be sure that the people wanting different options are covered. This supplement is created, in order to provide you with additional energy during a workout, along with other benefits that I will go into detail about. Dyno is leading a new trend of more transparency with their ingredient labels, meaning no proprietary blends. The label that you will see, when looking at Dyno, is one that lists exact measures for every ingredient in their supplement, a big step up from most of the competition out there. You are going to get about 300mg of caffeine per serving, which is about the average for most pre-workouts, although it could be a bit on the high side, for some. Beta alanine is in this supplement, as well, with two grams per serving. Both of these ingredients are ones, that I feel, need to be in any good pre-workout product. If you feel like the sheer thought of getting up to go hit the gym makes you yawn, you need to check out Dyno. Also, this supplement does contain Alpha GPC, while more is still being learned about this ingredient, it still deserves it’s spot on Dyno’s ingredient list.


This isn’t the full list of the ingredients but I wanted to shed some light on the ones that are going to be the most effective. The flavor of Dyno is a bit on the sweet side but I still thought that it tasted great. RSP Nutrition is a company that I hadn’t seen much of, before this review. After trying out Dyno, I hope that a lot more of RSP supplements start coming up to the forefront of the industry. You can get this product for relatively cheap, where I got it only cost me about thirty dollars, which is less than the norm, when looking at other supplements in this particular category. I found that it was best to mix this product up and drink, thirty minutes before your workout. By doing this, you are going to allow yourself enough time to let Dyno fully absorb within the body. If you take this product too late, you will waste half your workout, with no energy and feeling like you normally would.

On the other hand, if you use this product and don’t get to where you can exercise within thirty minutes, you will end up completely wasting an entire serving. I really got a great feeling, like I just woke up from a long sleep, once the Dyno had started to take effect. Lasting quite a while after my working out duties were over, it lasted about an extra three hours, gradually decreasing in potency as the day went on. Even though this is a newly released pre-workout, I think that it will stand the test of time. Being a great purchase for anyone who could be on a budget, Dyno is sure to give you those high class gains you want, without having to have the income of a professional bodybuilder. I hate using a supplement similar to this one, only to have the energy go away by the time I am changing out of my gym clothes! Dyno has a longer lasting energy quality to it that will keep this product in my rotation, very great product!

If Lifting Before Bedtime Always Go Stim-Free

sheer shredSometimes, there is no way that you can get up and be an early bird. I have had some jobs where my shifts were during the night and it always threw off my internal clock. I was never able to go and have a really good gym trip because I was just leaving work when everyone else was waking up. If you want to get that workout in when you can, a stim-free supplement could be the thing that you need. For a supplement to be stim-free, it means that it contains no stimulants. You won’t get the same rush that you would with a supplement containing caffeine but it will have you able to hit the bed when the time comes. The good news is that, if you require a supplement that doesn’t leave you feeling jittery, you have many different possibilities to choose from. As many of us are watching more and more of what we eat and drink, it isn’t any wonder that people are choosing to make safer options.

I am not saying that caffeine is the worst thing that you can use but I can see why others would not want to have too much of it. If you haven’t experienced it yet, trying to sleep after ingesting too much caffeine, it is near impossible to do. If you do actually end up falling asleep, you will most likely wake up covered in sweat. I remember a time where I had taken one of these supplements and was unaware of the caffeine content. I had to get a workout in before my day ended but also had to be up early, the next morning. I went in and completed my workout with the extra energy that I was feeling. The supplement in question was one that I had not tried before, so I figured, what was the worst thing that could happen?

A couple of hours later, I knew that I had to hit the hay, in order to get up early the next day for a prior commitment that I had made. Upon laying down in bed, I felt a bit more jittery than normal, nothing too out of the ordinary. It wasn’t until about one hour in to laying down that I knew this supplement still had quite the hold on me. I began to close my eyes but sleep just wasn’t finding me. Once hour two had passed, I was still trying to keep my eyes closed, figuring that I had to fall asleep eventually. I was in for more than I had bargained for, as I was still tossing and turning, like a madman.

Finally, after four hours, my body finally ended up getting into the sleep state that I had needed so badly. Take my advice, if you need to get that last minute workout in, don’t assume that your body will just naturally drift off, you could be in for a long night! It is always a good idea to keep yourself stocked up with a stimulant free workout supplement. Sure, you say that you don’t need it now but you could end up being the victim of a sleepless night without having a stim-free supplement sitting on your shelf. Being widely available, you also won’t have to search high and low just to track on of these products down.

How Gnarly Slim Trims You Down the Right Way

When many of us are starting up on the old diet, while actively going to work out, there is one big piece of the puzzle that goes missing, this being how we lose weight. It isn’t uncommon to see someone going into a weight loss routine, only to find that the muscles go quickly, as well. It is nothing short of a math equation, trying to find the right balance between retaining muscle and losing fat. There is a new protein powder by the Clean Sports Nutrition company that is known as Gnarly Slim. I can’t believe that this is the first time I have come across a supplement with the word gnarly in it and I love it. What this protein aims to do is to provide you with more weight loss, with enough protein in it to protect your muscles. You see, when you are trying to cut back on food and increase the physical activity you do, this is the basis for a good diet foundation. Where it gets tricky is when you are either: not eating enough or being too active. The imbalances caused by the changing lifestyle that you are starting is telling your body a million different things. To compensate, the body will have no choice but to start providing you with energy from a source, your own fat or muscles. Here is the bad part of your body trying to help you out, it doesn’t care which one you want to start losing, it will pick it for you.

When you send an alert to your body, in which it responds by giving you the fuel that you need, it will most often take it from muscle and fat. Losing fat is great but when you are losing muscle with it, you will only end up looking like a smaller version of yourself. If you have more fat in certain places on your body than others, don’t be surprised if a bad weight loss plan, leaves that fat right where it was. Let me dispel an idea that has been falsely spread around, you can’t pick the places where you want to lose fat. If specific fat loss areas were possible to have, we would all probably walking around with a nice set of six-pack abs. I wish that I would have come with the idea behind this protein supplement, mixing fat loss ingredients with protein is a great way to lose weight the way that you are supposed to.

How Can Protein Actually Shed Fat?

To aid in the weight loss portion of this supplement, Gnarly Slim contains: Bioperine, Cellulase, and Green Tea Extract, all known to be effective at weight management. The only downside that I have with this supplement is that the ten grams you will get per serving, seems a bit on the lower end, when compared to more traditional protein supplements. From looking through the materials that contain information on this supplement, it seems to cater more to the female audience, which I think is great because it is tough to find the right supplements, in such a wrongly male-dominated industry. I don’t think that there are any drawbacks to using this protein powder if you are a guy, you might want to keep the product hidden, if you are a macho man. I only say to conceal this supplement in front of your bros because it is a bit heavy on the purple and pink colors, not there is anything wrong with that.