Elysium is the Breath of Fresh Air We Need

When a supplement company promises to do something revolutionary, we have been conditioned to not expect too much. There have been entire departments of a company banking on the fact that someone will believe that their newest product is the best thing ever. As you know, we rarely in the world of supplements gets something that comes along and changes the entire game. It appears as if Elysium supplements could be the ones that are the real trailblazers we have been yearning for. Awash in a sea of proprietary blends and claims that just never seem to materialize, this company wants to changes those old preconceived notions of what a real supplement company should be. If you go to their webpage, Elysium seems to have an entire vibe that just screams: we know what we are doing. If you look at the staff that makes up the higher power positions of this company, you see more scientists than you would in a level of Goldeneye.

I’m all for companies having all of their staff be these 350 pound muscleheads but this was really refreshing to see. Let’s face it, the big guys are what I want to look like, the genius scientists would be who I prefer to be making what I am going to take. I remember hearing someone say that they would trust their food to taste better if a fatter chef made it, as weird as that sounds, I kind of liken that to what Elysium is doing. Backed by people who probably have an IQ many points higher than mine, these people have the credibility so few companies have left these days.

Basis – The Main Product from Elysium

Here is what everyone has been talking about!

Their main supplement is known as Basis and, from what I can gather, is a product made for general repair but that is an understatement. They currently offer a subscription service for this product, which is a bit different and wasn’t expected. I have complete faith that Elysium will be a big breakthrough in how we view supplements, as well as how companies will need to strategize to compete with this company. Elysium could still be seen as a new kid on the block but I think that this misconception will soon disappear.

I look forward to seeing not just Basis but a fuller product line to hit stores soon. Basis is such a tough product to pinpoint, that to put in just one category would be doing it an injustice. I’m not just blowing smoke either, here are just a few things that Basis has been tested to provide for the consumer: cell protection, repairing your DNA, better sleep, and energy, just to name a few. There are many research documents at their website that go into further detail about what all Basis can do but I feel like I need a degree, just to understand the wealth of information that they have presented to the public. Perhaps someone who has more of a mind for the breakdown of each and every molecule would be better suited to more accurately present the summary of all of that research, sorry! Give Elysium a look and get to know, who I feel, will be making big waves in the supplement industry as we finish this year and head into the next one, it could be sooner than that!

My Experience in Going to the Arnold Expo

Hey, everyone! I was recently able to attend the big Arnold expo and wanted to share my feedback about it. First, I had a blast even through dealing with all of the crowds. If you are like me and are a tad bit introverted, be prepared, as this is a large crowd. I guess that you could say the same warning would be fit to mention to anyone who is a bit claustrophobic, got to love crowded spaces. Anyways, if you can realize what you are going to be getting into, I think that you will enjoy it more. I hope that didn’t freak anyone out, just wanted to try my best to prepare anyone. One perk of going to a convention would be the swag, if you ever watched the television show the Office (U.S. Version), you will know the convention episode.

Did I Come Back with A Huge Supplement Haul?

I have heard that the samples have died down in frequency over the years. I have seen some posts on forums where men and women post their hauls they got form this convention, it used to make me so jealous. There would be countless bags laid out, all filled to the brim, loaded with supplement samples, t-shirts, caps, you name it! Those giant hauls weren’t even that rare, at one time, it seemed like everybody had all the luck in the world. Like I said, the recent years still brings awesome companies with samples to hand out, it has just died down now. Still, I was able to get some pretty cool stuff, nothing worth making a big stink about.

The usual things that you would see from the most popular booths starring the big name companies is what I had the most success with. Beyond that, there is so much to do at this convention that you will be hard pressed for time to see it all. I recommend staying the whole weekend, if you really want to check out all that this convention has to offer. It isn’t unheard of for someone to only take in a day of this bodybuilding wonderland, do what you feel comfortable with. The main attractions will be the actual shows, were are awesome to take in for the first time. These actual shows will be held in the biggest theater type room that they have and it will fill up, when talking about seats. The venue did a great job of making everyone in the room able to clearly see what was going on onstage. Even though my seats weren’t anything out of this world, I was still able to know everything that was happening, kudos to the sound department as well.

My Overall Experience at this Expo

One of the things that I hate about concerts is the chance the sound will not sound good, due to a bad mixer. If you have even the slightest interest in bodybuilding, you owe it to yourself to visit this convention. Don’t expect to take home a bunch of free stuff, check everything out and have a good time! When adding in the costs of travels and hotels (expect a lot of them to be booked, work fast), the expenses can add up. Ensure that you factor in all costs before you plan on buying a ticket to the event. Overall, I had a great time getting to visit this amazing place and will be pumped to go again this upcoming year!

Keep Your Mood in Check with These Choices

Focusing as much as I do on what pumps you up, I neglected to cover some great supplements for mental health. I want to point out that not everything is fix-all for every situation. You can usually find a level of disagreement about how well some of these positively affect mood. I have even felt different experiences, based upon which supplement I was using. Based on my experiences, I have found that some work better than others and I wanted to give those the special mentions. These are the top selling supplements that I have tried, they are very popular. If you have any mentions for something that didn’t make the cut, please let me know. I am always looking for new ways to reduce the daily stress in my life and am always willing to try something that I have missed.

  • St John’s Wort

You probably figured that this all-star for mental mood improvement would make an appearance. This was the first supplement of its kind that I had tried. I was in college and worrying about every little thing. It started to really spiral out of control when my doctor told me how tense I was, after running some tests. I knew that I had a stressful life but I imagined that it was nothing out of the ordinary, I guess I was wrong.

  • 5-HTP

This supplement is made to help to release more serotonin, the chemical that produces feelings of happiness in the brain. I have used this in the past and it really did what it said that it would. One helpful hint is to pair this with some caffeine, as it made me feel sleepy at times. The drowsiness could have all been due to the specific brand and size of capsule that I got, which was 200mg. It is recommended to start with 50 mg of this supplement and take as needed, not exceeding three times per day. After following these rules for a week or two, you can increase what you use, if you feel that isn’t doing as good as it should be. I have read some reviews stating that this supplement can be deadly dogs, so all of my pet owners need to keep this product stored away very safely.

  • Gaba Root

Now this option has drawn some mixed opinions. I have had ok experiences with using this ingredient, while others say that it does the opposite of what is intended for. Being offered up to the public as a way to calm anxious feelings, it isn’t for everyone but has worked wonders for others.

had enough

Don’t expect to have your personality completely change with any of these options. At best, you will lose those bad feelings, most of the time, and enjoy a more positive outlook. The best way to describe this would be to picture a bar at a certain level. This level that your personal bar is set to is your current mood. This mood line will vary, depending on what kind of day you have, as is the same with everyone. If you have your bar set in a negative mindset, all these supplements will do is to raise that bar to something more normal. Stress has, sadly, become a part of life for most of us. Even though you have to deal with all kind of stressors, it doesn’t mean you can have a supplement or two in your corner to get through those crazy days.

Recall Hits Now Health Group Kind of Hard

Known as one of the biggest supplement makers out there, Now Health Group is now facing some problems. There has been a recent recall that was issued, for not just one, but six different products made by this company. This is a big deal, since this company has not really seen a recall of this magnitude, as far as I am aware of. The saving grace of this incident is that the recall was issued by the Now company. When a company voluntarily recalls something, this isn’t as big of a problem than if the products were recalled after bad things started to occur.

What Supplement Were Affected by This?

As previously mentioned, there are six supplements that are being recalled, due to an error in how the labels were printed and the information that was on them. The errors on the labels had some allergy information misprinted/omitted. Here are the products in question:

  1. Cranberry Extract
  2. Goldenseal Root
  3. Burdock Root
  4. Gingko Biloba
  5. Andrographis
  6. Elderberry

You will want to check your pantry, or wherever you store your supplements, to find out if you have any of these products. The official recall lists that certain sizes of product are on the list. NOW is a company that makes many different supplements, in all different sizes. The recall is only targeting certain sizes of product, so be sure to head over to the official FDA website, as they have more detailed and constantly updated information about this issue.

now foods pic1

These kind of recalls are very common, within the world of supplements. The details of the current NOW recall are, of course, to be taken seriously. The good news is that it doesn’t look like it is going to affect a large number of people, when taking into consideration how bad this could have been if it involved every single product that they make. I, myself, have used NOW products before and even have some in my home right now (none that were recalled, thank goodness)! I will still continue to use supplements by this company, if they fit into my budget and goals.

I pat the NOW company on the back for being completely transparent with their customer base and the world by voluntarily letting everyone know that there were some labeling issues that needed to be addressed. The concerns that were made public are those that could lead some to have allergic reactions, due to certain ingredients not being listed. I would advise you, if you own any of the products listed in this recall, to contact NOW and let them know.

I have no idea if refunds or sending said product in is going to be how they choose to move forward. What is of the utmost importance is that you stop using any of these supplements, if you have them. Wait it out until this recall has been entirely taken care of. If you are in a pinch, grab another supplement by another company while this all smooths over. I am positive that the NOW company is doing everything humanly possible to make sure that this current issue gets resolved in a timely manner. Looking at the history of the company, I don’t believe that additional recalls will happen. Don’t let this scare you from checking out NOW, they have been doing better than many other supplement companies recently, to be honest.

Optimal Strategies to Reduce DOMS

Delayed onset muscle soreness, something that will almost break a new lifter and hurt even the most experienced ones. This kind of soreness comes from breaking down our muscles while we work out. If you have had it happen to you before, you will likely never forget it. There is a smarter way to fight this crippling pain and that is to find something that is made to reduce this loathsome incident from happening. The tricky part to this is that there are a ton of options, if you need something to help alleviate your pain. Most of the supplements made for this specific problem will work, to an extent. You don’t want something that will only remove part of the soreness, you want to get a product that is going to eliminate it altogether.

Below is a cool video that will help you to make the right decision for this problem that a growing number of weightlifters will face. Stick to big names and something that has been around for a while. You don’t want to end up falling in love with no more soreness, only to find the supplement removed by the time you need another bottle. There are differences between DOMS and hurting yourself, so make sure that you know the difference between the two. Always be sure that you are lifting what is in your safety range. As long as you are only pushing yourself harder in small amounts of weight, you should be fine. There will be days, where even weight that you are used to moving, won’t budge an inch, this is just a bad day.

Be on the alert if the soreness that you feel doesn’t go away within 1-3 days, this could be the start of an injury. Taking into concern the amount of time that you have spent working out is another factor. If you haven’t lifted anything before, the first time soreness is something that no supplement can take away. If you are starting a new training program, new bouts of soreness can pop up, also. However, you can have the time that you spent in pain greatly reduced by checking out the video below, enjoy!

Is an Abundance of Vitamin C Bad for You?

You, put down that orange and listen up! There could be a chance that you are getting more Vitamin C than what you actually need. Even though it is thought of as a cure-all for everything, including the common cold, too much of this wonder vitamin can actually be a bad thing. You can stroll down the aisles of any grocery store and find bottles upon bottles of a Vitamin C supplement. Mostly made in an easily chewable form, the ease of use makes these top sellers. Exercise caution when getting ready to drink that big glass of orange juice, overusing Vitamin C does not come without its own set of side effects. You could end up having these exact effects right now, it is just that they are so commonly associated with other sicknesses that it makes it hard to pinpoint what the underlying factors are. Having trouble getting to sleep could be a big sign that you are using too much of this wonder vitamin. Here is a fun fact: one of the main ingredients in Mountain Dew is actually orange juice. Whether it is for taste or energy, I do not know but vitamin C is in a soft drink that is supposed to energize you. Lack of sleep is a big component of knowing that you might have had too much of this vitamin in your system. From being someone who consumes way too much soda for his own good, I know a thing or two about kidney stones. What I didn’t know was that you can develop these pesky stones if you have an abundance of this vitamin in your body.

dangers of too many vitamins

Supplementing to get your daily dose of Vitamin C is very beneficial for you, as long as you are not overdoing it. Being that we get vitamins and minerals from what we eat or drink, keep a close eye to ensure that you do not go overboard. Also, try to take more Vitamin C right when you notice you feel under the weather. Long since debunked, vitamin C will not do much to help once you already have a virus in your system, although it might shorten the duration of your sickness by a day. As far as specific requirements, you should be on the safer side, provided that you keep the intake of this vitamin to under 2,000 milligrams a day. This number could look like one in which you have no danger of going over, until we throw vitamin c supplements into the mixture. Some of the supplements that you can take, in order to get more vitamin C, could end up giving you a dangerous amount that takes place all in one sitting. The growing lack of information over what information is available, when shopping for food, plays a large part in why some are taking an overhaul of vitamin C. If one is unable to accurately measure how much vitamins they are already taking in with what they eat, adding a supplement to that only hinders your healthy way of life. To give a better example, something akin to a handful of strawberries is a high enough intake of this vitamin to meet the minimum requirements. As you read that last sentence, did you know that strawberries are one of the foods that can boost vitamin C levels? If not, as I didn’t, this goes to prove a point about people knowing what is in their foods.

Which Protein Mixes the Best with Water?

For those of us who are lactose intolerant, or just do not like the taste of milk at all, other options will be needed. Needing to get enough protein should be of the highest priority. If you can’t, or won’t, drink milk, you will need something that will mix well with water. When mixing a protein powder with water, you will have a dink that is of a thinner consistency. Without having milk mixed in with your drink, you will also notice that it doesn’t taste as creamy. I have heard many people moan and groan, complaining about how powders mixed with water just doesn’t taste that good. I went ahead and put up a video so that you can check out some great powders that mix well with water, a couple of which I have even tried myself. If you do have a condition that prevents you from drinking milk, you should know that some powders will contain milk within the base of the product itself. If you needing a way to cut out some extra calories, especially those from fat, the need to check if milk is in the powder would be a smart idea.

If you are used to only using milk to mix anything with, the switch over to water can be somewhat of a big adjustment. To help minimize getting anything that you’re going to want to send back, select a flavor that you know you like. This way, you will, at least, get rid of the worry that you are trying something that is foreign to you. I have had people that I know get very sick because they were lactose intolerant and unknowingly bought a supplement that contains milk powder. The poor guy that this happened to ended up throwing up the first day and could barely make into his job by the second morning! Whether you have to, or just want to reduce extra calories, making the switch to only using water based proteins isn’t as hard of a switch, as others would have you believe. Grab a couple of different brands, keep an open mind, and keep your protein levels where they should be!

Did Warp-5 Handle My Grueling Month?

Here we are in March and what a year it has been. I hope that yours has been going well, I am just recovering from a wild February. During the previous month, I always seem to have the most going on in my life. Knowing that month would approach soon, I looked for something to get me through a test of my endurance. I looked into what could take me to the levels of focus and energy that I would require to survive. I decided on trying out a supplement called Warp-5, created by Adaptogen Science. Classified as a pre-workout, that title alone would do it a bit of an injustice. Being tailored to enhance your focus, along with giving you a bump in energy, Warp-5 has been said to be the only pre-workout you could want. I don’t know if that is true but it was one that I wouldn’t want to be without.

I honestly wish that the caffeine content was a bit higher. Not that you should do it but I would find myself loading up the scooper to make it heaping instead of flat. 200mg of caffeine is nothing to scoff at but for the more experienced pre-workout taker, you may want to look elsewhere. Bringing something new to the pre-workout world, is Advantra Z, an ingredient made to promote better levels of weight loss, versus just dieting on its own. Certain other metabolism boosting supplements have caused many a scare throughout the news world in the past. From what I have heard Advantra Z is not known for causing the side effects that have happened with more infamous fat burners of the past.

To me, it seems that Warp-5 would be more for runners and people doing cardio, over weightlifters. Don’t get me wrong, if you are someone who lift weights and is power training, this pre-workout will still pack enough of a punch to get you through. I have said plenty over the positive mental aspects that this supplement gave to me, but let’s now concentrate on the physical aspects. I noticed feeling much fuller when using Warp-5, having all of that blood go right into my muscles felt like I was in a wind machine. You know that feeling when a fan blows into your shirt, causing it to expand and making you look huge? That kind of puffiness is what I would feel throughout my entire body, not to the extent of the fan story though, thank goodness! Nitric oxide will always be a fundamental of any plan to increase just how massive you can end up. If you aren’t using anything to increase your natural production of n.o., you aren’t utilizing the full potential that you have.


The Power of Just Asking: Supplement Overload Edition!

Before I fully entered the world of supplements, my budget was much lower than it is now. Even now it really isn’t all that great, but I digress. Starting such a journey of not knowing what I should get first, I was overwhelmed. I had read around the internet about how certain supplement companies were known to give samples out to potential customers. I wasn’t sure how well this would all take place but I went right to work to see what I could come up with. I had sent some emails over to a couple of companies mentioning how I was interested in their product line and that I would love to try what they would send.

Let me have a sidebar here and mention that I did not do this to a bunch of companies, for numerous reasons. First, doing that and getting a bunch of stuff that you know you won’t use is both wasteful and selfish. Don’t be that person who is cheating others out of a sample getting sent their way. Also, any company that I sent out an email to (it was not a big number) had a product or line of products that I honestly wanted to try. If you have no interest in trying something, let someone else be the person to have that chance.

After four days of walking back and forth to the mailbox the first chance I got, I began to feel a bit disappointed. I had thought that my words of kindness had fallen onto deaf ears and that my supplement stash would stay barren and empty, that soon changed. It was around the fifth day or next week, that I found a series of large manila envelopes in my mailbox. Hoping for the best, I saw that the stamps were the addresses of some of those big companies that I had mentioned earlier! I ran right into my home and started ripping up paper like there was no tomorrow. As someone who had gone from basically nothing, to now being the proud owner of handfuls of samples, I was genuinely thrilled.

This gave someone who would have not had the chance to try these products a chance to do just that. Knowing that, no matter how much I wanted to, I could try everything in a day, I had to pace myself. Looking at that awesome stash of samples laid out in my room, I had a smile on my face that nothing could shake. Don’t take my lucky tale as one where everything went the way that it should, not every company responded to me. I don’t take it personal at all, I was just so overwhelmingly excited to receive what I did that nothing bothered me.

Over the next couple of weeks, I tried this and that. Being that I had the opportunity to try supplements before I potentially wasted a good chunk of change on one, I had a better viewpoint of what I liked and didn’t like. Out of everything that I had tried, I would later go on to buy a couple full sized version of these samples, so I guess everything worked out for both parties. If this sounds like something you want to try for yourself, I say you should. Don’t go overboard on asking for a sample, only pick what you will actually try, and being patient are my most logical pieces of advice for you going forward in this endeavor.

Can You Really Get Protein in Gel Form?

I am almost positive that you have seen the many different ways you can get protein now. From a food bar, to a protein shake, these were oftentimes the big two ways that most thought of. As any industry goes through a revolution, so is the supplement world. There is a now a big race for companies releasing what are gels that are made with protein. These pro-gels, as I have seen them called are a much more convenient way for users to get more protein while being on-the-go. Who else wouldn’t love to never have to get out five items in the kitchen, just to get their protein for the day?

I think that I remember seeing the gels being used more for energy, than protein, at first. Now, that more gels are here, this further remove the excuses we make for not having enough protein. These little packs make it mega easy to get the fuel your muscles want at any point of the day. I would find the gel packets so much easier to bring with me and take, instead of having to mix up a drink in the locker room. Now, if we look at grams per serving, it isn’t the cheapest option you have. However, if it is all about ease of use and convenience, the protein gels are tailor made for your life.

Below is a video that talks about the Six Star line of gels, however there are different companies that you can look at. The flavor line of the respective gel company will probably be the biggest thing to check before you buy. If you find a variety pack, this could be another useful thing to look for. By trying a variety setup, you can get an idea of what flavors are good and which are not. I have seen stuff about various gels having a bad aftertaste. If you need something to get you through a batch of these gels that taste less than great, down a glass of water after taking the gel. It won’t do much to change the taste but the water will wash your mouth out, which can help for flushing out the bad taste.