Supplementing Nutrition After You Hit 40

So, you are still doing everything that you can to get into shape, but there is something that you can’t control that is going on, you are getting older. This is no big deal, as it is something that we all have to go through in our lives, at one point or another. With those trips to the gym that you are still doing, you may think about taking something to keep you up with all of the young bucks that you workout with. The thing that many older men will wonder is just what can they still use and what would they be better off avoiding? You will also need to think about what you might be losing as you get older. I have got you covered with this special topic that I wanted to cover. Hey, everyone gets older and I will show you ways that you can start to combat this. Get ready to keep up with all of the younger guys at the gym, you might even lift more than them!

middleagThe first thing that I would definitely recommend using is some kind of vitamin supplement. These types of products will have every imaginable vitamin and nutrient that you could think of. Older gentlemen will be best to keep track of all of their vitamins and this is one of the easiest ways that you can do it. Even better, multivitamins have so many good things that your body needs that it is one of the most beneficial things to be taking during the time that you spend exercising. Older guys out there, pick up a good multivitamin the next time that you make a grocery run, you will be helping yourself in more ways that you know.

We can’t talk about aging without the need to mention how you could be in need of a testosterone booster. It is common knowledge that testosterone is lost after you reach your mid-20’s. Being that this was written for men over the age of 40, this one is kind of a no-brainer. Even if you still feel like you are in your senior year of college, think about going to get your testosterone levels professionally checked. I know that as I have gotten older, those long marathon workouts have been harder to come by. For this problem, I have found great success with mixing caffeine with some beta alanine. These two ingredients help to keep my mind sharp and focused during a workout, while my muscles stay ready and energized. What this energy booster for you will be, will all depend on how much energy you want. There are so many kinds of things that you can use for energy out there, from the tame to the extremely wild!

When discussing those in this age bracket, you all still have plenty of energy and hard work to go and put forth, but you still need to be careful. At this point, you don’t want to use anything too crazy. I think you all know what I am talking about, those kind of things that can really jeopardize your future, stay away from those! Turning 40 is no big deal, as long as you are in good shape. Being in great physical condition only helps to ensure that you enjoy the next 40 years that are coming.

Fat Burning Products 101 The Essential Information

So, you are looking at things to help you with the battle of the stomach bulge. Whenever I began taking these kinds of supplements, I didn’t really know what to expect or what I should be looking for within the product, itself. Thinking back on that, here is a breakdown over supplements that burn fat. The first thing that you will need to know is that these products are usually going to be ones that will give you more energy. That energy can range anywhere from barely being able to tell it is doing anything, to a scary experience that you never want to go through again, sounds like fun, right?

Well, let me help to take some of that worry that last sentence might have caused you. The chances of you having a bad experience with a fat burning supplement will be low if you don’t take any liberties with how much of these you take. Always begin using anything with the minimum dosage. This goes hand in hand with the old cooking adage that you can always add more ingredients but you can’t take them out. Once the supplement is in your system, it will be tougher to get it out, so it is better to have a weaker experience, than to be feeling like you are supercharged!

Another thing you should know about fat burners is that they will reduce your appetite. To most of you, I am sure that that sounded like a given, but it gets a little trickier than you think. When you don’t eat, you lose muscle and fat together. Some of these products work so well at reducing appetite, that you could end up passing on meals for your muscles. To avoid this, you will need to eat through the feeling of being full. Granted, you don’t want to do this all the time, just when you know that an important meal is coming up. I will usually take whichever fat loss booster I am using after my big three meals. This way, I already have the food in my system and it helps me to fight back those urges for a snack, or twelve, throughout my work day.

Feeling that extreme energy and drive that is common with anything designed to help you lose weight, it is no wonder that some of these could be seen as addictive. This is something that I fought with after running out of the first weight loss increaser that I used. Honestly, my mom even had something similar happen to her but it isn’t really mentioned a lot today. If you feel that you want to take more than what you should be using, throw them out. You do not want to start any kind of life like that, trust me. Also, do not combine any of these fat burning things together. Most, if not, all of the time, a supplement like this, by itself, should be more than enough to shed that extra weight. If those energy drinks and whatnot are too much for you to handle, go with a fat loss product that will not be loaded with caffeine and other ingredients that are too strong for some to handle. As long as you remember to not skip out on the important meals and can handle feeling more energetic than normal, you should be safe and sound while dropping those pounds!

What Can Help You to Get More Sleep?

Spending way too much time just tossing and turning at night is never something that anyone wants to do. Yet, many of us are finding ourselves unable to get all of the sleep that we need. I am a self-confessed night owl, so trying to get anything close to eight hours of sleep at night is tough. I am sure that you have seen the commercials for certain things that you take that will help guide you to a more restful sleep, but some are not without their own sets of side effects. Let this small guide help you to find what actions need to be done, in order to help your sleep pattern to become better.

3Z by AI Sports Nutrition is a great supplement to take if you are needing more sleep. Loaded with magnesium, copper, and zinc, you are surely going to be getting all of the sleep that you need with this product. I have tried it before, by the generous sample pack that I was sent. Within thirty minutes of taking two 3Z capsules, my eyes were shut and I was off to dreamland in about 30 minutes. Best of all, there wasn’t any bad side effects that I have had with some other, more popular sleep aiding products. The sleep that I did get was uninterrupted and did not leave me missing my alarm clock. Best of all, 3Z was a lot cheaper than the other stuff that I had seen floating around at my local supermarket!


If you don’t want to take anything to help you sleep (my wife is the same way), be sure to follow some other tips that can lead you to getting those all-important Z’s:

  • Lose the electronic devices: the warm glow from a tablet or phone can cause us to stay awake longer than we should be. This is because the light emitted by these devices trick your brain into thinking that it needs to be awake.
  • Don’t try justifying less sleep: Some of us can say that we are just the kind of people that don’t need much sleep, but this fact won’t help you out your body and mind! Sleeping less and trying to convince yourself that this is livable, will catch up with you! My science teacher taught me something many years ago that still holds true to this day. What he said was to think of sleeping as something you owe at the end of each day. You can try to owe less, or owe nothing at all and not sleep, but your body will eventually give in. Making matters worse, the sleep that you thought you could trick yourself out of needing, might just sneak up on you at the worst times. If you are someone who ever found yourself nodding off at school or work, you have already learned this lesson!
  • Don’t attempt to fix a bad sleep schedule all at once: If you want to get to sleep much earlier than you normally do, start going to bed 15-30 minutes earlier and making adjustments as you go. Someone who usually goes to bed at 3 am will not find much success if they think laying down at 9pm the next night is going to fix everything. Your body will not be used to this huge change that comes all at once, it is always better to take your time and proceed gradually, when changing a sleep schedule.

New Look at Chosen 1 by Blackstone Labs

chosen1323This product is also being called Chosen by Destiny and is a type of testosterone product. I had the chance to grab a bottle a couple of days ago and I wanted to let you all know what I think about it. I have read a lot about Blackstone Labs, they actually seem to be the leader in the big sarm movement that is going on right now. Chosen 1 promises to help you retain more muscle than normal after a workout and can be used to reduce water weight, something essential for anyone who needs to get into contest shape quickly. What separates Chosen 1 from the bevy of other test boosting products out there, is what lies in the ingredients. Chosen 1 contains 1-testosterone, which might not seem too impressive, but this ingredient is actually more potent than the testosterone that naturally occurs within your body. Most other boosters will only bring something into the world that will match your natural testosterone production, this one goes a cut above the rest.

Another thing that I am really digging about this stuff is how it is delivered into your body. When looking around for a new supplement to use, you will want to look how your body will absorb it. If you are setting down some hard earned change to get something to make you look and feel better, always go with something that is easily digestible. With Chosen 1, you can expect to get gains that are going to be of a higher percentage of pure muscle. Anything can bulk you up, and most will only add pure fat onto your frame, instead of actual lean muscle. I was thoroughly impressed with Chosen 1, granted I have only had this product in my system for a couple of days. I plan on taking this for about a month and then I will let you know more in-depth information. I did want to be sure to give you a quick rundown on this supplement, as I didn’t even know that it was around until I perused some of my favorite deal websites. Blackstone Labs has been a company that I have missed out on, in the past, but I am glad that I was able to check something out that they have made. It was also great to see a test booster do everything that it can to break away from the boring mold that has been repeated time after time. The use of 1-DHEA in this supplement might not be a game changer, but the way that they have changed its absorption rate is something to take note of.

Everything about Chosen 1 looks like it is on the up and up. I have nothing but high hopes and expectations for the progress that I will be making. I am looking to really gain some strength with the new fitness routine that I am going to be starting with this product. I will keep you all updated as I continue to take notes of how Chosen 1 is helping or hindering my results. If you want to find out more about this product, I would definitely check out the website of Blackstone Labs. Over there, you will find more details about Chosen 1, in addition to their entire line of products, which are way too many to name here.

Are Amino Acids Supplements Really Needed?

Seeing so many different sections whenever I go to get supplements, I have noticed that there is really a category out there that, I feel, has been far overlooked for quite some time. Of course, I am talking about amino acids. I remember hearing about how beneficial it was to have the right kinds of amino acids in your diet throughout my high school biology class. However, this was something that had long slipped my mind for a while now. It was during this recent trip to the store that I wanted to look further into amino acids. I am someone who always make sure to have what makes up my supplementation regimen up to date, but I have to confess, that list never really included any kind of amino acid products.

I had been of the school of thought that I was probably getting all of the amino acids that I could possibly need from my diet, and that alone. I wished that I had maybe looked into seeing what others thought and that I had not been so stubborn. However, I had made that decision on my own and I then had started to really read up on just how little of those acids that I had really been getting! One big important amino acid that I was nowhere near getting enough of was Lysine. I had seen this as being a main ingredient in certain products before, but I had never really looked at how much it would help me if I took it.

Lysine is responsible for strengthening your bones and muscles. Stronger muscles mean that you will get stronger, as a whole, and stronger bones is something that would never be a bad thing. As a rule of thumb, you want to make sure that you are taking in about 10-15mg per kilogram of your own weight of Lysine, depending on your body type and fitness goals. Leucine is another great amino acid that not many people really know about. Leucine is commonly known as one of the most powerful of its kind. It is something that can be used if you are wanting to grow the overall production of muscle in your body. This sounds a lot more scary than it really is, remember, that anything mentioned here is something that is in food that we all consume every single day. Leucine, along with Lysine will be two components that make up most of the really good intra supplements out there, so be on the lookout for that.

Now, there is another portion of amino acids that I wanted to touch on and that would be Branched Chain Amino Acids, or BCAA’s. These BCAA’s are going to pretty much be the king of any kind of supplementation involving amino acids. You really can’t go wrong with getting a good BCAA supplement as opposed to taking other kinds separately. The way that the branched versions are set together is like feeding and repairing your muscles by just using one kind of product, which makes it much easier for you. If you are into any kind of exercise, you really should not be missing out on making sure that your amino acid consumption is at the right level. If you find that you might not be getting enough of what you need, look into grabbing a BCAA product the next time you are out and about.

Legal Alternates to the Stronger Supplements

We will often talk about what is good that is going on in the world of supplements, but I wanted to mention some things that you will want to be on the lookout for. The first thing that you want to watch out for would be the proprietary blend. This has long been something that has plagued the nutrition world for years, and although it isn’t always a bad thing, it has garnered somewhat of a firestorm in the recent times that we are living in. The proprietary blend is something that can be used to hide just how much of a certain ingredient is in a particular product. There are certain supplements that are very dangerous to take. The bad part is is that you might now know that what you have could be a less than stellar one until it becomes too late. Most of the stories about the supplements that are actually hurting more people than they are helping will have to do with ones that fall into certain categories. For example, you will probably not hear a lot about some creatine product putting someone into the hospital but this can happen when we start talking about the more powerful products out there.

be more safe with these

To best prevent yourself from taking anything too dangerous, you are going to want to stick with what are known as the alternatives to the more powerful supplements. Usually, these alternative are going to be the much safer choice, as they find safer and all-natural ingredients to use instead of the original formula that is far more harsh on your body. Luckily, for most of us, the products that land in hot water are pulled from store shelves pretty quickly after any information like that is found out. Still, it is always a good idea to be a little overly cautious when making a purchase like this. I would definitely say that it would be a better idea to go with an alternative and get a little less power out of it versus taking something too strong and ending up in a really bad way. When checking into trying to find some good ones to recommend, I came across the website of Heavy Athletics. That website has put together their own list of the best legal steroids and it is definitely worth a read. 

Another thing that I would recommend doing would be to always see how many servings are actually in what you get. I have a knack for getting a big bottle of something only to find that it has as many servings as a smaller size bottle of another product. This can be an easy one to forget about when you’re looking at the bottles or containers. However, just be sure to read how many servings each product contains before you actually buy something so that you can avoid making this mistake. Sometimes, you can actually be able to look at the bottle and see how much actual powder is in them, while others will be made in a certain way that makes it harder to see. I hope that these tips will help you when it comes to looking out for the hidden dangers in the world of these kinds of things. There are many things that you need to watch out for, but don’t let it freak you out. As long as you use common sense, you are sure to be enjoying the stuff that you get and not making any trips to try and get a refund!

The Curse by Cobra Labs: One of My Favorites

One of the first things that stood out to be about this product, before I even opened the lid was just how cool the label was! You can see by the cool design, something that almost looks like it walked off of the set of a Terminator movie, that you are looking at one cool design. However, good design does not always mean that what is in the container is just as cool. However, as you know, if a supplement shows up on the shout out list, it’s gotta be good! The curse is no exception, as it is one of the strongest pre workouts that I have tried, in recent memory. One thing that stood out to me, after trying the flavors of this stuff, was how great each flavor tasted. My favorites were the tropical storm and lemon rush. What is strange is that I am not a big fan of lemon anything, let alone a supplement!

For anyone who likes their pre workouts to make them tingle, you are in for a treat with the Curse. Due to the Beta Alanine that this product contains, you will expect to get that sensation within about 15 minutes. On the flipside, be sure to avoid this one if you don’t like the flush that comes with this ingredient. On the energy side of things, this one comes out of the gate to a very powerful and strong feeling of energy that is hard to find in many other kinds of supplements. Be prepared for the kind of energy that makes you want to run laps! I have used this product personally for many months and can see why it is nominated for so many awards. If I had it my way, it just might win those recent awards.

One downside that I found, that is not only exclusive to the Curse, is that it can reduce your appetite strongly. This is, of course, due to the high level of caffeine in this supplement. There are fewer and fewer types of energy supplements that will not affect your appetite, so it is something that kind of comes with the territory. However, the loss that you might have in appetite will be more than made up for in terms of the energy and workouts that you will have with this one! One other thing that I wanted to mention was just how great that it tastes. We have all had to hold back throwing up with some of the more yucky tasting products out there, but you shouldn’t have to be concerned about that with this one.

great supp

Balancing out the sweet and tart fruit flavors, you have just the right amount of kick without anything that is so sweet that it makes your mouth hurt. I would recommend starting out using this one with one scoop, this way you can better understand how it reacts with you. From there, you can go ahead and up it to two scoops over time, but do not do more than that. If you find that two scoops is not doing the trick, you may want to strongly consider taking a stim break. This is a term that is used when you stop using any kind of caffeine, for a set amount of time. By doing this, you will help to get the stims out of your body and your tolerance will lower. If you get a chance to try the Curse, I really think that you should, you will not regret it!

The Daily Struggles that We Face with Supplements – My Small Gripe

One of the main things that I hate the most is when I go to open my favorite container of my supplements and it is all clumped together. Yes, even with that little plastic thing that they put in there in order to stop this from happening does not help. I still find, that after about a month, the supplements (in most cases) will be all clumpy and hard to even get out of the bottle. Now, I want to note that this is always with powders. Sure, I have had some capsules clump together but, as we all know, the capsules are way easier to dislodge than what is essentially a giant clump of powder. I have had to take an icepick or knife and seriously start jabbing the giant powder clump I have, just to make some progress. I would end up breaking a sweat before most of workouts before I had even started to lift anything, it was insane!

This is a kind of dangerous process to go about mixing up something but it is what I had been going through forever. I had thought that there must be something to this happening to me all the time. I began to check around to read if anyone else was having this issue. I had noticed a couple of posts but it was usually said that the supplement was either almost or all the way expired. Sometime in the past this would happen, and it would usually be an easy fix of just mixing the powder a bit to get everything back to the way that it should be. I am talking about my supplements that were actually almost turning solid. The clumps that would form were usually of a darker color than the base of the product itself.

Needles to say, I was more than a little concerned as to why this was always going on in my life. I had been reading more and more about this, when it occurred to me that I always tend to keep my workout room at a toasty temperature. Now, I am someone who has always been guilty of overusing the heater. I never had the room up to anything crazy high as far as temperature was concerned but apparently it was enough to damage my supps! Make sure that you are checking, if you can find it, as to what temperature your products need to be stored under. I kind of always just figured that as long as the temperature in the room was livable to me, that it would be the same for anything that was stored in that room and that was my mistake.

After realizing what had been occurring, I had to toss out more than a few nearly full containers. As much as that was a big deal, I was just happy to finally have figured out why this was happening. After that, I replaced what had been needing to be replaced and am happy to report that this has since stopped. So, remember to keep any kinds of supplement products that you have stored somewhere where you will not run into any kind of temperature issues. Take it from me, turning on some air conditioning or keeping a door open is so much easier than having to replace the stuff that you bought with your hard earned money.

The Wonders of D-Aspartic Acid – My Hidden Gem

One of the things that I like to shine a light on at this website are those certain products that most don’t know about. Maybe you have a few yourself that you aren’t going to tell me about, fine, be that way! In all seriousness, I do want to talk about one of those supplements that really amazes me that more people don’t know about. This product is called D-Aspartic Acid, some people can find it in certain testosterone boosters. I first heard about this stuff about two years ago. There were so many different old school type ingredients out there that people were starting to wonder where all of these innovations were going to start to show up on shelves.

Well, apparently, someone was listening as something that was going to be the revolutionary of testosterone boosters was just around the corner. This ingredient showed up and people started to take notice. I had not jumped on the bandwagon yet and was still deciding if I wanted to try it. A week later, I decided to get this stuff as it was on sale. However, when I saw the regular price for it and how cheap it was, I was kind of bummed out that I didn’t look into getting it sooner, we live and learn.

After getting this supplement in the mail, I began to take it to see how it would work on me. I noticed the good feelings of some higher testosterone start to hit in the first few days. I felt completely different and really showed a new side of myself in and out of the weight room. The product that I got was a powder that mixed in with my water. I do want to recommend that, if you decide to try this product, you should really mix it in with some type of flavoring. I usually use a serving of whatever water drop products that I have. I am talking about those flavored drops that you can find in almost every store now. Anyways, drop in some of that with water and mix this product together and you should have a pretty tasty drink. I usually do one serving of this ingredient for a month and will then stop all use for a month. This is kind of my own weird little schedule that I made for using this supplement.

I have heard that they offer this product in capsule form, and I honestly think I will be checking that out the next time I get some more supplements. If you are in need of something to have higher test levels, you can’t go wrong here. Most, if not all, of the DAA products out there are going to be pretty inexpensive. Just be sure to shop around, so that you can find the best deal. I must now hop onto my soapbox for a second, if you should not be taking these supplements, please don’t take any risks and do just that. With so many recent stories about supplements putting people in the hospital, we don’t need it to happen even more. For one, you really shouldn’t even need anything like that until your mid-late 20’s. I know that people will do what they choose to, but please make informed decisions and find out if you are healthy enough to use this supplement.

Quick Update on the Site

Hey, everyone! I just got on here and was ready to post some new information when I saw that November is still missing from this website. I had posted content previously and the hosting company had a big issue. I totally understand that these things happen. The problem has now been fixed. So, I will be saving all content, just in case this decides to happen again.

Now that this has all been cleared up, I will continue to be posting more and more cool stuff for everybody. So, to clear everything up, everything is fine and dandy with this website. Just a little bump in the road and we are now back and better than ever. Let’s pick up from where left off!