New BCAA Called Off the Chain Reviewed

Every now and then, a supplement comes along and has me wondering why did I think of that? I’m speaking about Off the Chain, a new branched chain amino acid product that has a kick! What is this kick that I speak of? With an added boost of caffeine, you can now get a BCAA that actually wakes you up. I’ve seen endless numbers of BCAA’s that have the words more energy, all over their labels. I would say that, 95% of the time, energy from aminos is often underwhelming. Off the Chain wants to correct those weaker amino acid supplements and I think that they’ve come up with a nice innovation. The flavors for this supplement are: pink lemonade, blue raspberry, strawberry kiwi, and rocket pop. If the last flavor that spoke of in the last sentence caught your eye, it could be because it sounded similar to a popsicle that has been around for years.

The red, white, and blue, colored frozen treat has been brought into a supplement! I could only find that two flavors were available for me to try, this stuff must have a big following because it always seems to be sold out. Anyways, the strawberry kiwi and rocket pop were the two taste selections that I was able to get my hands on. Right away, I had to open up the rocket pop container, to assess how close it was to the actual popsicle. To my astonishment, I found that they really went out of their way to replicate the awesome taste that I have grown up with. I can’t believe that it took so long for a BCAA to be mixed with caffeine, this will get a bunch of extra men to try get the amino acids that they need. These acids help to get you in an anabolic state, which is great for your muscles. In the other state, of being catabolic, you will start breaking down any extra meat, including muscle.

After looking around the website of the makers of this product, they also talk about how BCAA’s have been outdated for a while now, a statement that I wholeheartedly agree with. When making my big monthly orders, thinking back, I used to barely spend any time at all in the amino acid section, I never saw the purpose for it, as they all started to run together. Being aware that there is, at least, one company adding some good old caffeine in to the fray and they have my attention. Packed to the brim with almost 1,400 mg of L-Glutamine, you shouldn’t take too long to heal up after your training. Off the Chain is going to be a tough one to categorize but that isn’t a bad thing, props to this company for bringing the world an innovation, not the same repeat just dressed in a different label. I wish that more fitness freaks would get on the wagon of the BCAA supplement.

I’ve seen more scoff at me, when I mix up my intraworkout drink, assured that I’m just wasting my time. My plan is to keep doing what I do, not caring about half-hearted insults and we will see who has more muscle in a couple of months! Here is a bonus afterthought, don’t you find that those who speak the loudest, have the least to say? Off the Chain could be the one amino acid item that could persuade even the most loyal hater!

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