Are Amino Acids Supplements Really Needed?

Seeing so many different sections whenever I go to get supplements, I have noticed that there is really a category out there that, I feel, has been far overlooked for quite some time. Of course, I am talking about amino acids. I remember hearing about how beneficial it was to have the right kinds of amino acids in your diet throughout my high school biology class. However, this was something that had long slipped my mind for a while now. It was during this recent trip to the store that I wanted to look further into amino acids. I am someone who always make sure to have what makes up my supplementation regimen up to date, but I have to confess, that list never really included any kind of amino acid products.

I had been of the school of thought that I was probably getting all of the amino acids that I could possibly need from my diet, and that alone. I wished that I had maybe looked into seeing what others thought and that I had not been so stubborn. However, I had made that decision on my own and I then had started to really read up on just how little of those acids that I had really been getting! One big important amino acid that I was nowhere near getting enough of was Lysine. I had seen this as being a main ingredient in certain products before, but I had never really looked at how much it would help me if I took it.

Lysine is responsible for strengthening your bones and muscles. Stronger muscles mean that you will get stronger, as a whole, and stronger bones is something that would never be a bad thing. As a rule of thumb, you want to make sure that you are taking in about 10-15mg per kilogram of your own weight of Lysine, depending on your body type and fitness goals. Leucine is another great amino acid that not many people really know about. Leucine is commonly known as one of the most powerful of its kind. It is something that can be used if you are wanting to grow the overall production of muscle in your body. This sounds a lot more scary than it really is, remember, that anything mentioned here is something that is in food that we all consume every single day. Leucine, along with Lysine will be two components that make up most of the really good intra supplements out there, so be on the lookout for that.

Now, there is another portion of amino acids that I wanted to touch on and that would be Branched Chain Amino Acids, or BCAA’s. These BCAA’s are going to pretty much be the king of any kind of supplementation involving amino acids. You really can’t go wrong with getting a good BCAA supplement as opposed to taking other kinds separately. The way that the branched versions are set together is like feeding and repairing your muscles by just using one kind of product, which makes it much easier for you. If you are into any kind of exercise, you really should not be missing out on making sure that your amino acid consumption is at the right level. If you find that you might not be getting enough of what you need, look into grabbing a BCAA product the next time you are out and about.

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