Are BPI Protein Snacks Worthy of a Best Moniker?

I’m back again, just fresh from receiving some awesome samples of the new BPI protein bars, thank you very much for sending those over! There are three flavors that I will be taste testing for you today: cookies and cream, apple crumb cake, and smores. BPI has been in business for quite a while, mainly due to the awesome supplements that release. From protein to energy, and everything in between, chances are, if you want more from your hard work, BPI probably has something in store that will meet your goals. Not one to miss out on a common supplement type, they do have a set of protein bars. I began my taste tasting journey with the Apple Crumb Cake flavor. The bar had an odd brown texture, for each flavor I tried, while that color looked good for the apple flavor, it doesn’t make a cookies and cream bar look enticing. Minor nitpick aside, there were actually chunks of apple pie pieces within this bar, helping to add authenticity to the product.

I did notice that I tasted that initial protein bar taste but I’ve had far worst snacks. I would say that this first flavor had notes of apple but it was overwhelmed by the remainder of the bar, it gets a 7/10 from me. Next, the smores flavor was going to be the next one that I would taste. I still noticed that odd brown hue to the entire bar, I would have thought that black would be the best color choice here. With chunks of chocolate and marshmallow within this bar, it really helped to add a sweeter taste. I thought that I detected graham cracker chunks in this product, as well. While slowly narrowing out the lead that the Apple Crumb Cake had, I have to give a slight boost to the rating of the smores flavor, totaling it up to a 7.5/10 rating. Cookies and cream may be one of the most common flavor of protein bar that I always seek out. Since I can remember, I have always loved anything that is flavored to taste like cookies and cream. This final protein bar that I would test did not knock it out of the park, for me. I didn’t find that I needed to go puke or toss this bar in the nearest trashcan but I didn’t really enjoy it.

Which Flavor Should You Be Choosing?

I would call it a flavor that I would choose if I had to, however, if other options were available I would go with either the apple or smores option. BPI is going to continue to bring supplements backed with science, not hype, of that I am completely positive. While I wasn’t head over heels about every flavor of their protein bars that I tried, it doesn’t mean they might not be perfect for you. If you are going to just choose one flavor, I highly advise that you try out the cookies and cream, even the weakest stomachs should be able to find enjoyment there. Again, thank you BPI for sending those bars over, I know this wasn’t based on doing a review but I wanted to write about them, anyways. Have you tried out any of the BPI bars yet? If so, head over to our Facebook to let me know if you liked them or thought they left more to be desired, I’ll be waiting!

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