Nabbing the Perfect Shaker Cup

Are you getting sick of what you use to lug around your post-workout drink? Being someone who will wear their shoes until they are literally falling apart, I recently had to get rid of an old shaker. I had been taking the same cup to the gym with me for so long that, with one careless drop, it shattered all over the floor. After cleaning up the mess that I had left, without alerting the staff (too embarrassing), I got prepared to get myself a new shaker cup. Not knowing the vast amount of options that were around currently, I figured I would fill you in so that you’re aware of some cool cup designs that slipped right under my radar, let’s get to it! When selecting the shaker cup that you need, it’s all about how you’re going to use it. If your supplements are ones that can mix fairly well, you won’t need to put too much thought into the decision. It is only when we start discussing think protein powders and chunky intra-workout supplements that we need to look at some specialized cups.

One invention that I found was the cup that actually blends the ingredients together automatically. Not needing to slosh liquid all over the room, which I think is a spot that we’ve all been in, the automatic shaker is the easiest route to take. Be warned, mixing a drink itself will have that model of cup likely carrying a higher price tag. If you enjoy the process of shaking your drink up on your own, you can get a cup that has a ball inside of it. Not one that would have any risk of swallowing, this special metal ball is made to float around in the cup, blending those big chunks up into fine bits. A little on the noisy side, a whisk ball (love that terminology) is made to be your best friend, when it comes to making that shaker cup mix properly.

When checking out what cups are being offered, if you have a chance to test the cap, I always advise you do that. Have you gotten your milk and protein powder all ready to drink, only to find that shaking it up leaves half of the drink on the counter, while the other half stayed in the container? I have, it is frustrating and that is how you will get ants in your kitchen, which is no fun! Whichever cup that you end up deciding on, choose to add the whisk ball, if you can, as it will cut way down on the extra time you waste mixing. Also, an added advantage of the newer shakers available is that there is no more half-chewing up your protein drink, yucky.

I was even able to see various cups that were glow in the dark, what an awesome idea for those who need to get their work in at night. If you are needing more storage space, than just your pockets, hidden compartments have been built into the cutting edge shakers. I ended up snagging a cup with the compartments and it makes it easy to store extra capsules. As someone who is more than a little bit absent minded, not having another reminder setup to take a vitamin is a huge weight off of my shoulders.

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