Knowing Your Limits with Vitamin C

Did you slip, forgetting when the last time you just took that orange vitamin C chewable? You’re not alone, especially when I start feeling the slightest hint of sickness, I will use that wonderful vitamin from oranges like candy, which is wrong. If you haven’t kept up on our daily recommendations for nutrients, like Vitamin C, you’ll need to learn the guidelines. Around 120 mg is the upper limit of what adults really need to consume, in the way of vitamin C consumption. If you have grown up, yet still indulge on snack foods made for children, you’ll know that many of these pouches contain 100% of the daily vitamin C value, per pouch! Have you ever gotten on the big box of fruit snacks, ripped open a new bag, and stopped at just one?

If you are watching the fruits and vegetables you eat, that could easily add a notch or two on your intake of the orangessubject vitamin. As they often will, rumors that started will grow out of control fast, if not distinguished. Saying that too much vitamin C can start to deplete other vitamins and minerals, with mixed opinions on any real findings. A lighter hearted instance of this rumor (and one with science behind it) says that your body can only process so much vitamin C at once, meaning that if you were to get crazy and take a lot of this vitamin, most would end up expelled. As you begin to hear about the side effects of overdoing the eating of vitamin C, it isn’t all something that you can wish away.

Painful stomach cramps that can become debilitating can happen if you aren’t watching your intake. While not everyone fully believes that vitamin C will be able to stop any and all sicknesses (I’m still not so sure but want to think it’s true), you can reverse those benefits, by taking an overabundance of vitamin C. It doesn’t just stop with high doses of vitamin c adding new health problems, it can also counter effects whatever medicines you’re required to take. As someone who can’t survive his morning, without a big glass of orange juice, I have to take it easy with my supplements. With the fruit I eat, combined with my morning orange juice, I’m one wrong meal away from being above the upper limit of safe vitamin c intake, I’ll just leave it at that. This is all, in no way, me trying to demonize any vitamin, as long as readers are well-informed and safe, I’m a happy man.

There are rare situations, in which an abnormal quantity of daily vitamin C usage would be appropriate but would be ineffective to others. At the far end of the spectrum, those who are well beyond any upper limit (think in the thousands of milligrams) would face serious medical consequences. Not just ending at mildly discomforting stomach cramps, you’ll see a serious risk of developing kidney stones. As someone who drank too much soda throughout his life, without not enough water to flush it out, I have sad experience with the occasional kidney stone. I won’t go into detail that no one wants but passing one of those is painful but one of the most euphoric feelings when it has been passed. The vitamin that is found in citrus fruits is amazing for daily maintaining of your skin, hair, and overall well-being.

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