What Can I Ingest as a Swimmer?

To tackle this question that seems to be following me around, it all depends at which level you are competing. Since there have been more guidelines raised, as to what is acceptable for athletes to use. If you are in any kind of professional league, check acceptable lists that are relative to the organization that you belong to. As far… More →

Dream Body Company Creates Voluntary Recall

To anyone that lives in or around the Texas area, you will want to check your supplement stash soon. There has been a recall that is going on for certain weight loss supplements, shown to contain possibly dangerous ingredients. There is a company that is known as Dream Body Weight Loss who have made these supplements. The entire line of… More →

Lead the Whey Flavor Winners

There is an awesome contest that has been going on for quite a while that deals with naming a new flavor of protein powder. This isn’t just some small time business that needs a new flavor, it’s optimum nutrition. Optimum has been the biggest name in the protein world for quite a while now. Wanting to listen to the people,… More →

What is Going on with GNC?

As I began to catch up on some recent news, after a crazy weekend, I kept running into talk about GNC. The supplement store giant is closing down some stores, hundreds across the country. I remember seeing mass closings starting to happen to another (former) giant, Blockbuster. I am not saying that there is trouble around the corner for this… More →