Don’t Call Beta BCAA Weak!

Cellucor is back at it again with another new supplement release that everyone is talking about. This branched chain amino acid supplement is known as Beta BCAA. I’m not too crazy about the name of this product but let’s take a closer look at those ingredients to find out more. The first thing that I’ve noticed about Beta BCAA is that it offers its amino as a 2:1:1 ratio, commonly seen as the most effective way to ration out a series of amino acids. There are other ratios that you can implement a BCAA with but most statistics show the 2:1:1 ratio to work exceptionally well. To be more specific, there are 2.5 grams of leucine, 1.25 grams of isoleucine, and 1.25 grams of valine per serving of Beta BCAA.

For those of us who have problems digesting caffeine but still need an energy boost to get moving, a BCAA supplement could be just what you are looking for. Also, if you are sick of the same old flavors of your current branched chain amino acid supplement, Cellucor has you covered! The flavor selection for Beta BCAA could still use a few improvements, as there are only three flavors currently available. The Beta BCAA flavors are limeade, topical splash, and watermelon.

After getting the chance to try all three flavors, there really isn’t a bad one in the bunch. I personally enjoyed the topical splash flavor the most, followed by the watermelon, and the limeade. I feel that the only thing setting the limeade flavor back was that it was a bit too bitter for my tastes. However, taste is something that is clearly subjective and I encourage you to try the limeade flavor for yourself. What separates Beta from other BCAA supplements out there is that, in addition to the 2:1:1 ratio of aminos, you receive an additional 3 grams of citrulline malate and 1.6 grams of beta alanine.

A headache that anyone who has tried a BCAA product knows about is trying to mix up your supplement. Usually, you will end up with a chunky beverage that is flaky and hard to drink. Don’t even get me started on having a clump of supplement powder dissolve in your mouth because it wasn’t mixed properly! The Beta BCAA mixes up very smoothly, especially when using an actual shaker cup with the mixing ball within it. I felt more energized within about twenty minutes after finishing my drink. I had a long drive to where I would go to lift so I had this drink emptied as I was pulling into the parking lot.

One cool aspect of using BCAA’s is that they can be taken before training, during, or after you’re done in the weight room. The added versatility of branched chain amino acids sometimes makes them more convenient than a preworkout powder. Take it from someone who needs a lot of energy just to wake up in the morning, Beta BCAA packs quite the punch. You won’t be feeling shaky and out of control with this supplement but rather more focused and headstrong. It’s tough to explain but once you’ve tried Cellucor’s new branched chain amino acid product, you’ll have a better idea of the feeling I am talking about. Overall, this inexpensive BCAA supplement is one that anyone serious about their nutrition should take a second look at.

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