What Can I Ingest as a Swimmer?

To tackle this question that seems to be following me around, it all depends at which level you are competing. Since there have been more guidelines raised, as to what is acceptable for athletes to use. If you are in any kind of professional league, check acceptable lists that are relative to the organization that you belong to. As far as I know, different sporting authorities will have differing regulations, concerning what they will or will not let into their sport, regarding supplements. Now, if you a swimmer that is merely doing this as a hobby, this is where it gets super juicy! First and foremost, oxygen is, quite literally, your driving force once you hit the water. If I was in a boat and had to get back to land, would I want a flimsy set of oars or thick and sturdy ones, made from a thick tree? I don’t know about you but I would want to get the strongest set of oars, to get me to shore quickly.

For the past reason, I would get a nitric oxide booster, which will help immensely for enhancing the push factor, getting you across the water like a skipping stone. Call me a weirdo but I seem to always suffer from a flu-type of illness when I keep hitting the swimming pool. Chalk it up to a change in my internal temperature but the fluctuation of hot and cold always seem to flare up my sinuses. If others notice that they are reaching for tissues after drying off, a multivitamin couldn’t hurt to help keep those germs away from you. Steer clear of any meal replacement products or worse, mass gainers. While not bad for general use, swimmers who down a mass shake before swimming are going to feel like they just ate an anchor, heavy and weighted down. Going back and forth, continuing to do laps will definitely burn off the food rapidly, so having big meals will be essential. Unless you’ve missed it, it is a well-known that swimming is one of the most beneficial exercises you can accomplish. Due to the entire body workout you get from swimming in the water, it isn’t a big secret that swimmers are in near-flawless condition.

For those not used to the concept of eating more than they are burning off, speeding through the pool like a racer, it can sneak up on you. If you need to keep at a certain weight, especially useful for class divisions, grabbing a milk thistle supplement is great for boosting natural hunger. I’ve had mixed results with it, however, I had not been remembering to use it consistently. Lastly, energy is going to be very important and needed to clear your personal best lap times, just don’t overdo it.

Too much caffeine can lead to dehydration, weakening your entire body. Painfully, lack of water can lead to muscle spasms, which could be extremely dangerous, when adding water into the equation. I am beginning to sound like my mother, with rules to abide by before enter a swimming pool! I would go against needing to pick up a fat burner, you will naturally shed a ton of fat, solely through swimming on a regular schedule. As I have learned, from a few times of embarrassment, always have swim gear that fits you well, attire that is too loose could easily come off, leaving you filled with embarrassment.

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