My Experience in Going to the Arnold Expo

Hey, everyone! I was recently able to attend the big Arnold expo and wanted to share my feedback about it. First, I had a blast even through dealing with all of the crowds. If you are like me and are a tad bit introverted, be prepared, as this is a large crowd. I guess that you could say the same warning would be fit to mention to anyone who is a bit claustrophobic, got to love crowded spaces. Anyways, if you can realize what you are going to be getting into, I think that you will enjoy it more. I hope that didn’t freak anyone out, just wanted to try my best to prepare anyone. One perk of going to a convention would be the swag, if you ever watched the television show the Office (U.S. Version), you will know the convention episode.

Did I Come Back with A Huge Supplement Haul?

I have heard that the samples have died down in frequency over the years. I have seen some posts on forums where men and women post their hauls they got form this convention, it used to make me so jealous. There would be countless bags laid out, all filled to the brim, loaded with supplement samples, t-shirts, caps, you name it! Those giant hauls weren’t even that rare, at one time, it seemed like everybody had all the luck in the world. Like I said, the recent years still brings awesome companies with samples to hand out, it has just died down now. Still, I was able to get some pretty cool stuff, nothing worth making a big stink about.

The usual things that you would see from the most popular booths starring the big name companies is what I had the most success with. Beyond that, there is so much to do at this convention that you will be hard pressed for time to see it all. I recommend staying the whole weekend, if you really want to check out all that this convention has to offer. It isn’t unheard of for someone to only take in a day of this bodybuilding wonderland, do what you feel comfortable with. The main attractions will be the actual shows, were are awesome to take in for the first time. These actual shows will be held in the biggest theater type room that they have and it will fill up, when talking about seats. The venue did a great job of making everyone in the room able to clearly see what was going on onstage. Even though my seats weren’t anything out of this world, I was still able to know everything that was happening, kudos to the sound department as well.

My Overall Experience at this Expo

One of the things that I hate about concerts is the chance the sound will not sound good, due to a bad mixer. If you have even the slightest interest in bodybuilding, you owe it to yourself to visit this convention. Don’t expect to take home a bunch of free stuff, check everything out and have a good time! When adding in the costs of travels and hotels (expect a lot of them to be booked, work fast), the expenses can add up. Ensure that you factor in all costs before you plan on buying a ticket to the event. Overall, I had a great time getting to visit this amazing place and will be pumped to go again this upcoming year!

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