Did Warp-5 Handle My Grueling Month?

Here we are in March and what a year it has been. I hope that yours has been going well, I am just recovering from a wild February. During the previous month, I always seem to have the most going on in my life. Knowing that month would approach soon, I looked for something to get me through a test of my endurance. I looked into what could take me to the levels of focus and energy that I would require to survive. I decided on trying out a supplement called Warp-5, created by Adaptogen Science. Classified as a pre-workout, that title alone would do it a bit of an injustice. Being tailored to enhance your focus, along with giving you a bump in energy, Warp-5 has been said to be the only pre-workout you could want. I don’t know if that is true but it was one that I wouldn’t want to be without.

I honestly wish that the caffeine content was a bit higher. Not that you should do it but I would find myself loading up the scooper to make it heaping instead of flat. 200mg of caffeine is nothing to scoff at but for the more experienced pre-workout taker, you may want to look elsewhere. Bringing something new to the pre-workout world, is Advantra Z, an ingredient made to promote better levels of weight loss, versus just dieting on its own. Certain other metabolism boosting supplements have caused many a scare throughout the news world in the past. From what I have heard Advantra Z is not known for causing the side effects that have happened with more infamous fat burners of the past.

To me, it seems that Warp-5 would be more for runners and people doing cardio, over weightlifters. Don’t get me wrong, if you are someone who lift weights and is power training, this pre-workout will still pack enough of a punch to get you through. I have said plenty over the positive mental aspects that this supplement gave to me, but let’s now concentrate on the physical aspects. I noticed feeling much fuller when using Warp-5, having all of that blood go right into my muscles felt like I was in a wind machine. You know that feeling when a fan blows into your shirt, causing it to expand and making you look huge? That kind of puffiness is what I would feel throughout my entire body, not to the extent of the fan story though, thank goodness! Nitric oxide will always be a fundamental of any plan to increase just how massive you can end up. If you aren’t using anything to increase your natural production of n.o., you aren’t utilizing the full potential that you have.


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