Dream Body Company Creates Voluntary Recall

To anyone that lives in or around the Texas area, you will want to check your supplement stash soon. There has been a recall that is going on for certain weight loss supplements, shown to contain possibly dangerous ingredients. There is a company that is known as Dream Body Weight Loss who have made these supplements. The entire line of products isn’t facing recalls, just a select few from their wide supplement array. The recall was voluntarily called in by the company themselves and then reported so that it would go nationwide. These supplement makers have a ton of different supplements in their line, only a small few have been affected. Mainly affecting those in the Grand Prairie area, other surrounding cities could be affected by this recall, also. The particular supplements that are being looked at for containing a dangerous ingredient known as sibutramine, that were found in the following supplements: Dream Body Extreme Gold, Dream Body Advanced, in various sized servings.

In the event that you have this supplement but are unaware if your serving size is affected, it would still be smart to not use that supplement, until you have the official go ahead to do so. Sibutramine has not been allowed to be in supplements for quite some time, due to it causing many different and very serious side effects to happen to a user. I have really started to move my focus away from using supplements for losing weight and have tried to move to a more natural way of shedding the pounds. With all of the hidden dangers of ingredients that get brought to our collective attention, almost every single day, the risks start to outweigh the rewards. At some point, something has to give with I feel comfortable taking multiple times a day.  Lately, I have been trying different vegetables to try and sway me away from the candy cravings that I constantly fight off.

Starburst are my main guilty pleasure food that I can never seem to pull myself away from. I have no doubt that the company behind the recall is doing all that is possible to get this ingredient shake up laid to rest. I haven’t personally dealt with this company but I have family in Texas that has been going to them for a while and they have had nothing but praise to say about them. Weight loss supplements have been continuing to be recalled and it makes me sad. I am reminded of the big removal of an ingredient that I won’t mention because it was making people’s hearts race and ending up giving them really bad health problems.

How to Return A Contaminated Product

I don’t think that the current Dream Body recall will be another that grows to that big of a devastating concern, more of a temporary annoyance. You can send in the supplements that you have, from the recall, I don’t know if you need any proof of purchase or not, as you will have to head over to the company’s website to find out all of that information. I feel sorry for the Dream Body company during what has to be a very frustrating time for the business. I wanted to do what I could to spread the word of this voluntary recall, so that those who are affected can start to take steps so that you don’t end up hurting yourself on accident.

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