What Makes C4 50x Different from the Original?

If you haven’t heard of it yet, there’s been a change at Cellucor, regarding on of their top supplements. The C4 supplement has remained one of the most popular workout drinks around, now even being made in a ready to drink option. I loved trying the C4 and have always kept a container of it in my cabinet ever since but there was a problem that some have had with this item. When you are using something to get more energy, you’ll notice that you can build up a tolerance to certain ingredients. This is commonly why you’ll see certain preworkout makers have a range of one to three scoops for their product, this is to cover situations where a tolerance could be avoided. What is scary is that even after hitting that three scoop maximum, depending on the preworkout, you can still notice that you may have a tolerance that is even greater than the maximum allowed dosage. With doing away with limits in mind, Cellucor has released C4 50x, designed to be 50% more powerful than C4 but how? Looking closer at C4 50x, it is my intention to find out what has been added to make this supplement so much more powerful and to also find out if it feels like it has become a stronger pre workout.

I’ll be quick to point out, for those who are good with numbers, that this new version of an old classic is not fifty times stronger than the original. I wouldn’t want a supplement that was already strong to be 50 times more potent, I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t even be allowed to be sold. Could you imagine if your favorite preworkout was fifty times stronger, just thinking about that has got me feeling dizzy! What is true is that the 50% extra strength that you will be getting is more than strong enough, for even the most jaded supplement user. Made with teacor, I have to throw in that I love that Cellucor has such cool names for these new additions that they add to their line of products. The tea cor helps to make sure that tolerances won’t be happening anytime soon. Made to make the user feel like they are using the C4 for the first time, every single time. I have only been able to use this supplement for about two weeks now and I have to say, the tolerance buildup issue has really been taken care of. It is such a bummer to have to shell out upwards of forty dollars for a supplement these days, you want to know that you are going to be getting your monies worth.

I’ve spent too many months upping my scoops for most of the supplements out there that it just becomes a hassle. It felt like I had gone back into my first month of lifting with C4 50x, as it did hit that hard whenever I would use it. What I think is so cool about the C4 range of supplements, is that now they almost have a tub for any situation that you need it for. First, there is a mass line that Cellucor has introduced, loaded up with extra carbs, a smart move. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is a C4 ripped product that allows you to be helped in your quest to lose weight, by adding thermogenic ingredients. For the purpose of keeping my thoughts together, the C4 50x is a welcome addition to any old lifter that is sick of having a tolerance!


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