Can You Really Get Protein in Gel Form?

I am almost positive that you have seen the many different ways you can get protein now. From a food bar, to a protein shake, these were oftentimes the big two ways that most thought of. As any industry goes through a revolution, so is the supplement world. There is a now a big race for companies releasing what are gels that are made with protein. These pro-gels, as I have seen them called are a much more convenient way for users to get more protein while being on-the-go. Who else wouldn’t love to never have to get out five items in the kitchen, just to get their protein for the day?

I think that I remember seeing the gels being used more for energy, than protein, at first. Now, that more gels are here, this further remove the excuses we make for not having enough protein. These little packs make it mega easy to get the fuel your muscles want at any point of the day. I would find the gel packets so much easier to bring with me and take, instead of having to mix up a drink in the locker room. Now, if we look at grams per serving, it isn’t the cheapest option you have. However, if it is all about ease of use and convenience, the protein gels are tailor made for your life.

Below is a video that talks about the Six Star line of gels, however there are different companies that you can look at. The flavor line of the respective gel company will probably be the biggest thing to check before you buy. If you find a variety pack, this could be another useful thing to look for. By trying a variety setup, you can get an idea of what flavors are good and which are not. I have seen stuff about various gels having a bad aftertaste. If you need something to get you through a batch of these gels that taste less than great, down a glass of water after taking the gel. It won’t do much to change the taste but the water will wash your mouth out, which can help for flushing out the bad taste.

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