What Kind of Music Should I Lift To?

One of the things I’m most often asked about is what I listen to when I lift weights. I am someone that is a kind of music chameleon, meaning I like all different genres. If I had to put together a plan regarding weightlifting music, I’ll give you an example of how it looks. I’ve got a few weird tips for your workout playlist that I think you will enjoy. The first thing to remember is that your playlist needs to have a range. I don’t know how you feel but I can’t just select an album and lift through it all the way.

I’ve had mixed results with bringing in new songs to my playlist. It’s weird but I prefer to know each song that is in my special workout playlist. I feel that my lifts suffer when I hear a song I’ve never heard before. I’m a musician so my mind starts going into thinking about the song in this way which doesn’t work well when I’m trying to work out.

You have to remember that you will be the only one listening to your playlist. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you choose songs tailored to what you like. There is this weird attitude that dudes can’t listen to pop music or anything too soft before lifting which isn’t true. If you are a fan of slow ballads, crank them up! Almost anything could make a great song for your workout. I usually find that I’m most in tune with the lyrics of a song. It doesn’t matter how poppy the music is, if the lyrics motivate me, it’s going on my playlist.

Don’t get me wrong, I love rock and rap music, the two most commonly heard in gyms across the nation. I even wanted to put a video that I found of great workout music by Youtube user Bane. I feel that this mix is a great combination of songs designed to get you moving. I know a lot of people that prefer to listen to music on YouTube because of the long playlists. If so, I highly recommend checking out YouTube Red, it lets you lock your phone while listening to playlists!

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