A New Lease on Life for RTD’s

When it comes to convenience, there really isn’t anything better then a drink that’s already mixed and ready for you. I would say that I have probably spent and accumulated two months of my life just preparing drinks and getting them ready, not even consuming them yet! One thing that has long plagued supplement stores is that for their ready to drink options, stay on this can occur quickly. My stomach would often turn when I would see one of my friends, who used to work at a supplement store, throwing out the product that had expired even though it had only been there for weeks. As we do get used to more convenience in the way that we use our supplements, especially when it comes to protein drinks, there still is much to be done as far as improvements go. What One new food product aims to give us is that long lasting shelf life we have hoped for our ready to drink beverages


.As you see, when protein powder is added to a supplement, it does start to create a headache as far as how long that supplement can safely be stocked on the shelves. The mixture of protein and water can quickly turn stale and leave not only a lasting nasty smell but could also cause intestinal problems and discomfort. If any of you have ever left a shaker cup with protein powder in it out for a long amount of time, you’ll know the exact smell that I’m talking about. Being one of the most revolting things I’ve ever smelled, I’ve had to toss out a few really high-quality protein tubs just because I knew I could never drink from them again with a clear conscience.

In recent years, there can certainly be no doubt that we have seen ready to drink products become more and more popular. I know that, for me, if I have the option to consume a drink that is more convenient I will likely choose that over having to go back home and make something up. Being that I am constantly finding myself driving to and from just about every place, convenience is a huge factor for me and will likely determined the drink that I choose when I do stop by A gas station. Muscle milk was the first, as far as I’m aware, that was able to bring ready to drink protein products to the mainstream. I usually find the muscle milk products to be delicious and they do hold a special place with me but I will still sometimes try other products to see how they compare. Perhaps we could get other companies to throw their hat into the great ready to drink protein race in the industry. I’m sure that for some supplement makers, there is just no feasible way that they are able to still make money with the limited shelf life of certain products. Now, with news of a new ingredient that is being made to lengthen the lifespan of our supplement, we should all be celebrating. I look forward to being able to stock up on my favorite RTD’s, now that I have the feeling of knowing that they will be able to stay in my fridge without having to be tossed out. Like me, I’m positive that you’ve probably wasted more than a few dollars when you have to throw out clumpy and expired supplements.

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