How I Enjoyed Glutamine Fuel by Twinlab

When you spend six days a week, working on different aspects of your physical stature, it can become tiresome. I’m tired of carrying with me, nothing but aching muscles that are longing for some kind of relief. Glutamine is known for its ability to aid in relief of sore joints. If you doing any typical workout without the use of a glutamine supplement, you are taking two steps back. As we exercise, the body floods itself of many essential nutrients because it sends them away to help the body recover. When you lose too much of the glutamine within you, it will slow down how you recover, making it take a longer time before you are back to normal. When you don’t repair your muscles, this can come back to bite you down the road. It is never advisable to add any extra strain on a muscle that is already sore. That being said, if you aren’t using glutamine to your advantage, you don’t have that extra time to use. Glutamine can also help to promote more active human growth hormone levels.

You won’t notice any kind of HGH boosters with the Glutamine Fuel, any changes that come to these hormones will just be the body releasing more of it. If you have been under the weather, over the past year, glutamine can also help to provide you with a stronger immune system, essential for zapping any chances that whatever comes around goes after you. This supplement can be a great, if somewhat lacking aid in helping you to trim down. Glutamine has been shown to help raise how many pounds are lost, when compared to those who were not taking any form of this ingredient. I will mainly use glutamine as a way to help reduce soreness and inflammation that comes with regular exercise. Glutamine Fuel was easy to take, I had my daily intake of this crucial nutrient within about ten seconds. No need to mix up a drink, spilling liquid all over the counter, just pop a couple of capsules are you are all set.

The perfect time of day to use Glutamine Fuel is different for everyone, here is my schedule for this supplement:

Lifting Days: 2 capsules, post-workout

Non-lifting Days: 1 capsule in the morning and 1 before dinner

It is a simple one but this schedule helps me to take note of the critical post workout window, where glutamine supplementation is most effective.

Twinlab Still Carries the Crown, In My Book

I am almost to the bottom of the current Glutamine Fuel container and I am thoroughly pleased with how quick I am able to rock and roll. You can find any form of glutamine for relatively inexpensive prices, no need to save up a lot of money just to get better recovery. Speaking of recovery, my time spent healing up went down dramatically from 2-3 days to a day, if at all. It never seemed like I was adding much size onto my frame and that was cool by me, it wasn’t why I wanted to start taking glutamine. I was able to lose, maybe, five pounds of straight up fat but the main factor had to do with recovery, which was sped up to such an extent that I was rarely sore. All of the Twinlab line of supplements have taken their own place on the throne of supplements that look to stand any test of time. I began lifting when Twinlab was all over the place and, even after those years have passed, I still see this company with their rightful place in stores nationwide.

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