Breathing Better with Cordygen NanO2

They have officially thought of everything, now. We have for you today a little bit about a supplement that can help you to breathe better, which can carry into you not being as tired when completing strenuous matters. Called Cordygen NanO2, Cordyceps is the big ingredient that you will see on this product. I had known about cordyceps from seeing images of what it does to animals, needless to say, I was hesitant before using this, After talking to a rep and being calmed down, she pointed out that this wasn’t going to do what had be done by nature to those animals. I toughened up and downed my first mixture, awaiting to see what would happen. I hate to admit, but for the first day, I was underwhelmed. I know that, with certain ingredients, they have to be taken into the system multiple times. You will see testosterone supplements being ones that sometimes can take weeks to fully activate it’s power within you. To put it simply, if you know you have a big event that is upcoming, try to start getting these drinks made for five days prior, if possible. 

This offering is a powder, the easiest option for those who have time to find a glass, get some water, and start mixing. I found it incredibly easy to just take the drink container that I needed, before I left the house to go run errands. Being that there are no artificial coloring or flavorings, the Cordygen mixes up to make a nice, clear, and refreshing drink (goes great on ice). After the third day, I began to feel like I was getting more out of the Cordygen NanO2, due to the simple fact that I felt like I had an abundance of energy. Even the expensive energy drinks that I had been sneaking could not touch how wide awake and boundless I felt.

For anyone with a sensitivity to gluten, you will be pleased to know that this supplement has been verified as being cordyceps powdergluten-free. I certainly wish that other companies would take a stand and provide more gluten-free supplements for the public. I personally do not suffer from any gluten allergy but having friends that do, it’s frustrating to see them have to take much longer to find a supplement that can meet their criteria.

As we sometimes touch upon, with regards to the bad substances that you want to watch out for in any supplement, you shouldn’t be finding any of them with Millennium Sports. The Cordygen NanO2 has been certified to be free of any substances that are harmful to you. Before I forget, I have to tell you how delicious the mixed up drink tasted, it long got me over my fears of drinking in cordyceps. Known as Kona Colada, the only flavor that I have seen this supplement being offered to have is a smart pick that goes down easy and smooth. I could really taste notes of pineapple and coconut that had me wishing it was safe to drink another glass of this stuff. As with most powder mixes, larger individuals may need an additional serving, spaced out from the first drink. It can be difficult to find the exact percentage of Cordygen NanO2 to get increased oxygen. For anyone who is an endurance athlete, instead of a being a pure sprinter, Millennium Sport’s oxygen enhancer is a great choice.


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