Vending Machines are Starting to Hulk Up

When you go up to the snack machine, it’s usually because you want a treat to help get you through the day. Whether it be a candy bar, chips, or some other savory treat, vending machines are showing no signs of slowing down in terms of being popular. We could safely say that it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing vending machines going away anytime soon but what we are seeing is a trend towards healthier vending options. I would get very annoyed that just because I needed more protein during the day, that I would have to find other options to get what I needed. It bugs me that anyone else could have food that was perfect for them but because I have chosen another path in life that I had to suffer not being able to have my food needs taken care of. Don’t get it confused, there are still decent options for those who are seeking a snack that is higher in protein. I know that I’ve seen many different meat based snacks, as well as hearty sandwiches that are sure to have your protein numbers in check.

What I think that we’re needing to see more of is a trend towards food and drink products that are specifically made with the protein seeker in mind. When the late afternoon hits and I find that my stomach is growling, reaching for a a jerky stick does not do wonders to calm the stomach pains. I wish that I would have some sort of option to be able to have a crunchy protein bar to help get me through the day, in a way that I preferred. The good news is for the health-conscious is that trends are showing that we will be having more high-protein snacks in our vending machine soon.

We’ve all seen the wonders that have been done to lunch programs all across America, with the addition of menus that were made to help others eat better. Now, it appears as if we will see the need for healthier choices at snack machines, which helps to make all of our lives a little bit easier. I know that I am at the whim and mercy of the vending machine once hunger strikes, at the worst times, perhaps in the future I will have options that are better suited to my eating regimen. Wouldn’t it be cool to drop by a vending machine at lunchtime and see it loaded with selections that wouldn’t make you feel guilty until you left to go home? I know that I am curiously awaiting to see what kind of new options will follow the trend of people wanting healthier choices. We’ve already started to see a revolution start, with more healthier options becoming the norm and not a rarity. It isn’t convenient to have to find a restaurant that will be able to cater to my needs, so a vending machine is an option that I like to use. Also, I think I’m not alone in this one, I don’t like to waste the gas needed to go out and eat for lunch. Even though gas prices have dropped, I still don’t like to deal with all of the traffic and the hectic environment that comes with trying to get a meal at lunchtime. I’ll stick to my vending machines and get hyped up for what I’m hoping will be a lot more protein selections in the future.

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