Be Careful with Fat Burning Supplements – My Funny but Scary Experience

Well today I wanted to give you a bit of a warning story when talking about taking a certain type of fat burner or energy supplement for the first time. We all have to remember that companies are going to make their supplements differently, some will be weaker and some will be stronger. I had recently been taking a fat burning supplement to kind of help with the love handles and the need for snacks throughout the day. All was going well until I ran out, and needed to take another supplement.

I figured that most of these fat burners were going to provide the same amount of energy. Here’s a little background info before we get in to my experience. With the old fat burner I had taken three pills in the morning, you could take up to four in 24 hours but I just used it throughout the day as taking it any later would usually lead to me not eating dinner.

After I ran out of the supplement, I didn’t have time to go get some more so I found another fat burner that I had laying around and figured I just take that. To my credit, I did read the label and see that three pills was the maximum dose to be taken at once, just like my old fat burner. I figured what the heck and took three pills before I headed off to work.

After I took the pills, everything seems pretty cool throughout the first 30 minutes. However, it was about an hour and when I started to feel cold, this would’ve been a big deal, but it was a summer where I live and we usually get real hot summers. I work a pretty physically intensive job and I’m used to sweating throughout the day so being cold struck me is a little odd. I needed to head back in and type something up and the scariest part of this first ordeal was, my hands were shaking so bad I could not even type. It seemed like the more I try to force my hands to be steady, the shakier they were. Luckily, no one nearby saw this and I was able to play it off. Later on in the day, I had to have a conversation with the boss and could barely keep my body still. I know some people think things that they see someone who is really shaky and we won’t get into that here. I was worried that the boss may have had the wrong impression. For about the next two hours I was so uncontrollably shaky and sweaty, that it was really hard to play it off. Luckily I was able to sequester myself in my work area but I really thought I may have needed to go to a hospital before the day was over.

When lunchtime rolled around, I had built up a little bit of hunger and to be honest more hungrier than I did with the other supplement that was less strong in the terms of energy. I thought that was kind of weird but I ate a pretty hefty lunch and went back to work. By midday, the feelings had luckily seem to have gotten less intense. I still have a lot of energy to get through the day but at the cost of those two really scary hours I don’t think it was worth it. Needless to say, after work, I hopped into the car and grab the other supplement that I was used to. So let this be a warning to you: even if you take a certain dose of a supplement, even if it is the max, do not do that with another supplement. I will definitely heed the warning of these labels when they say that you should start with one pill, no matter your tolerance when taking it for the first time.

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