The Power of Just Asking: Supplement Overload Edition!

Before I fully entered the world of supplements, my budget was much lower than it is now. Even now it really isn’t all that great, but I digress. Starting such a journey of not knowing what I should get first, I was overwhelmed. I had read around the internet about how certain supplement companies were known to give samples out to potential customers. I wasn’t sure how well this would all take place but I went right to work to see what I could come up with. I had sent some emails over to a couple of companies mentioning how I was interested in their product line and that I would love to try what they would send.

Let me have a sidebar here and mention that I did not do this to a bunch of companies, for numerous reasons. First, doing that and getting a bunch of stuff that you know you won’t use is both wasteful and selfish. Don’t be that person who is cheating others out of a sample getting sent their way. Also, any company that I sent out an email to (it was not a big number) had a product or line of products that I honestly wanted to try. If you have no interest in trying something, let someone else be the person to have that chance.

After four days of walking back and forth to the mailbox the first chance I got, I began to feel a bit disappointed. I had thought that my words of kindness had fallen onto deaf ears and that my supplement stash would stay barren and empty, that soon changed. It was around the fifth day or next week, that I found a series of large manila envelopes in my mailbox. Hoping for the best, I saw that the stamps were the addresses of some of those big companies that I had mentioned earlier! I ran right into my home and started ripping up paper like there was no tomorrow. As someone who had gone from basically nothing, to now being the proud owner of handfuls of samples, I was genuinely thrilled.

This gave someone who would have not had the chance to try these products a chance to do just that. Knowing that, no matter how much I wanted to, I could try everything in a day, I had to pace myself. Looking at that awesome stash of samples laid out in my room, I had a smile on my face that nothing could shake. Don’t take my lucky tale as one where everything went the way that it should, not every company responded to me. I don’t take it personal at all, I was just so overwhelmingly excited to receive what I did that nothing bothered me.

Over the next couple of weeks, I tried this and that. Being that I had the opportunity to try supplements before I potentially wasted a good chunk of change on one, I had a better viewpoint of what I liked and didn’t like. Out of everything that I had tried, I would later go on to buy a couple full sized version of these samples, so I guess everything worked out for both parties. If this sounds like something you want to try for yourself, I say you should. Don’t go overboard on asking for a sample, only pick what you will actually try, and being patient are my most logical pieces of advice for you going forward in this endeavor.

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