My Thoughts on Proprietary Blends

If you have taken any kind of supplement before you have probably ran into a proprietary blend. What this blend is is a way of listing a section or even all of the ingredients together into one giant bland and listing it on your label. Now this proprietary blend will still list what is in the product as far as ingredients are concerned. The big flaw with this is that the ingredients are shown regarding how much of a certain ingredient is actually in the supplement. Well this might not seem like a big deal at first, when you really think about it it really becomes something that, in my opinion, needs to be changed quickly.

Some people call it a way for the supplement companies to hide how much of what is actually in the product. For example it’s a put 5 mg of caffeine and 100 g of creatine, we would really never know because the proprietary blend only lists what is in it and how much of the ingredient is in it.

Even though proprietary blends are not usually used in food, let me give you an example of how weird this is when we look at it was something that we all consume which is food or drinks. This would be like getting your favorite snack at the store and seeing a proprietary blend label which would consist of fat carbs sugars proteins etc. combined into one big number without you knowing how much of each is in it.

If the main number on the proprietary blend in our example is 190 g, it could be that 50 of those are proteins or maybe 187 of those are carbs and two are protein. Looking at this example, you can see why companies and consumers are both pushing to go the way of non-– proprietary blends. The good news is is that right now a very popular pre-workout supplement, rated highly around the web, is actually one that is proud of the fact that they don’t use proprietary blends and advertise it effectively.

As we move into the future, and see a drastic amount of companies moving away from the proprietary blend labels, I think this will really be a win-win for both company and consumer. The main reason I think this will be so great is because companies will work harder to make more effective supplements and, in return, the consumers will buy more of the supplements and enjoy the better results that they would probably be no doubt getting.

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