BoomBox Fitness Created by Students is Taking Off

When I was a student, I think I was spending all of my time thinking about my next date. Looking back, I wish I had been more like the students you are going to read about. These three students behind BoomBox Fitness have really done something amazing. The three entrepreneurs all have a background in working out. Taking what they knew how to do, these young men decided to create a business from it. After securing a really cool location, these men went to work to grow their business. Originally, they have said that BoomBox Fitness was something to do that would fund their college. However, it is starting to look like BoomBox Fitness may just be what they want to work on after they graduate college.

One unique of BoomBox Fitness is how quick the workouts are. Don’t think that you are going to get some five minute lightweight workout that won’t do any for you. No, BoomBox Fitness has a style that is composed of HIIT workout. HIIT or high intensity interval training is the next big thing in fitness. What you can expect from a typical HIIT workout is about thirty minute of intense exercise. The young men have stated that they prefer teaching the HIIT style of training because of how well ti fits into the schedule of professionals. BoomBox Fitness is aimed at young professional, like themselves.

The people that come to train at BoomBox Fitness love the networking capabilities offered by this unique fitness location. You won’t find just a place to exercise at BoomBox Fitness but rather a place that you can talk to other like-minded individuals as well. Their awesome rooftop location gives anyone wanting a workout a stunning view of an entire city. The location and people will ensure that you working out in a trendy and fun environment. In addition, the genius workouts of the trainers, while young in age, are wise well beyond their years for teaching HIIT classes. Seriously, you will not leave BoomBox Fitness without breaking a sweat!

What I really like about BoomBox Fitness is how first-time guests get their first workout free. I wish that more workout locations would offer a first workout for free. There have been times where I have bought a monthly membership somewhere only to realize the place wasn’t for me. After taking the first class of BoomBox Fitness, you can realize if this class is for you or not. After the first workout, this company offers both single session and monthly memberships. There are even beverages available during each workout class. In addition, there are rooms where companies or groups of friends can hold events. If there are any companies in the area of BoomBox Fitness that are looking for a fun way to get their employees in shape, checking out their classes would be a great idea.

Overall, BoomBox Fitness has turned out to be quite the company. Started by three friends to help them during school, the company has really grown quickly. The location of this fitness studio offers exclusive rooftop HIIT workouts that you won’t find hardly anywhere else. You get your first workout for free which really makes it worth checking out, if you live nearby this fitness studio. Join a place where professionals are connecting professionally and through the love of fitness, what a great concept!

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