What is Dyno by RSP Nutrition?

With three different awesome flavors, the pre-workout supplement known as Dyno, you can be sure that the people wanting different options are covered. This supplement is created, in order to provide you with additional energy during a workout, along with other benefits that I will go into detail about. Dyno is leading a new trend of more transparency with their ingredient labels, meaning no proprietary blends. The label that you will see, when looking at Dyno, is one that lists exact measures for every ingredient in their supplement, a big step up from most of the competition out there. You are going to get about 300mg of caffeine per serving, which is about the average for most pre-workouts, although it could be a bit on the high side, for some. Beta alanine is in this supplement, as well, with two grams per serving. Both of these ingredients are ones, that I feel, need to be in any good pre-workout product. If you feel like the sheer thought of getting up to go hit the gym makes you yawn, you need to check out Dyno. Also, this supplement does contain Alpha GPC, while more is still being learned about this ingredient, it still deserves it’s spot on Dyno’s ingredient list.


This isn’t the full list of the ingredients but I wanted to shed some light on the ones that are going to be the most effective. The flavor of Dyno is a bit on the sweet side but I still thought that it tasted great. RSP Nutrition is a company that I hadn’t seen much of, before this review. After trying out Dyno, I hope that a lot more of RSP supplements start coming up to the forefront of the industry. You can get this product for relatively cheap, where I got it only cost me about thirty dollars, which is less than the norm, when looking at other supplements in this particular category. I found that it was best to mix this product up and drink, thirty minutes before your workout. By doing this, you are going to allow yourself enough time to let Dyno fully absorb within the body. If you take this product too late, you will waste half your workout, with no energy and feeling like you normally would.

On the other hand, if you use this product and don’t get to where you can exercise within thirty minutes, you will end up completely wasting an entire serving. I really got a great feeling, like I just woke up from a long sleep, once the Dyno had started to take effect. Lasting quite a while after my working out duties were over, it lasted about an extra three hours, gradually decreasing in potency as the day went on. Even though this is a newly released pre-workout, I think that it will stand the test of time. Being a great purchase for anyone who could be on a budget, Dyno is sure to give you those high class gains you want, without having to have the income of a professional bodybuilder. I hate using a supplement similar to this one, only to have the energy go away by the time I am changing out of my gym clothes! Dyno has a longer lasting energy quality to it that will keep this product in my rotation, very great product!

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