Elysium is the Breath of Fresh Air We Need

When a supplement company promises to do something revolutionary, we have been conditioned to not expect too much. There have been entire departments of a company banking on the fact that someone will believe that their newest product is the best thing ever. As you know, we rarely in the world of supplements gets something that comes along and changes the entire game. It appears as if Elysium supplements could be the ones that are the real trailblazers we have been yearning for. Awash in a sea of proprietary blends and claims that just never seem to materialize, this company wants to changes those old preconceived notions of what a real supplement company should be. If you go to their webpage, Elysium seems to have an entire vibe that just screams: we know what we are doing. If you look at the staff that makes up the higher power positions of this company, you see more scientists than you would in a level of Goldeneye.

I’m all for companies having all of their staff be these 350 pound muscleheads but this was really refreshing to see. Let’s face it, the big guys are what I want to look like, the genius scientists would be who I prefer to be making what I am going to take. I remember hearing someone say that they would trust their food to taste better if a fatter chef made it, as weird as that sounds, I kind of liken that to what Elysium is doing. Backed by people who probably have an IQ many points higher than mine, these people have the credibility so few companies have left these days.

Basis – The Main Product from Elysium

Here is what everyone has been talking about!

Their main supplement is known as Basis and, from what I can gather, is a product made for general repair but that is an understatement. They currently offer a subscription service for this product, which is a bit different and wasn’t expected. I have complete faith that Elysium will be a big breakthrough in how we view supplements, as well as how companies will need to strategize to compete with this company. Elysium could still be seen as a new kid on the block but I think that this misconception will soon disappear.

I look forward to seeing not just Basis but a fuller product line to hit stores soon. Basis is such a tough product to pinpoint, that to put in just one category would be doing it an injustice. I’m not just blowing smoke either, here are just a few things that Basis has been tested to provide for the consumer: cell protection, repairing your DNA, better sleep, and energy, just to name a few. There are many research documents at their website that go into further detail about what all Basis can do but I feel like I need a degree, just to understand the wealth of information that they have presented to the public. Perhaps someone who has more of a mind for the breakdown of each and every molecule would be better suited to more accurately present the summary of all of that research, sorry! Give Elysium a look and get to know, who I feel, will be making big waves in the supplement industry as we finish this year and head into the next one, it could be sooner than that!

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