CTD Sports Isolicious Whey Powder Brings Nostalgia

Having to do a double take, when I was looking into the hottest new supplements around, I came across a product that deserved special mention. Being called Isolicious, I was expecting the flavors here to be good ones and I was not let down. CTD Sports had to be a bit coy about what they could officially name these protein flavors but you can quickly understand what they are trying to emulate here. I wish that someone who made the pictures for this line of products, over at Nutraplanet would change them to the actual containers. If you check out the Isolicious line of powders, you will end up coming to a picture of a cereal box.cereal flavored protein I get what the point of the picture of their product packaging does, which is look like an accurate representation of a cereal box, it just seems too confusing to me. Going as far to put a bowl of cereal right on the front of this box, only makes matters more confusing. Taking that into stride, the flavors of this protein supplement are few but among the most popular cereal choices that they could have gone with, well done. The three flavors are called: Cinnamon Cereal Crunch, Coco Cereal Crunch, and Fruity Cereal Crunch. If you can’t piece together what popular cereal flavors they are going for at CTD Sports, I’m sure seeing a few product images will help to make the message a bit more clear.

Containing no sugar or fat, we are off to a good start, when looking deeper at the ingredients in this line of powders. A hefty serving of 25 grams of protein are what you will enjoy by using one level scoop. Whey isolate, which is the main source of protein in Isolicious, is one that further splits into smaller portions, making it easily digestible. Thinking back to the cereals that I would enjoy in the past, and still do, I don’t think that I would have any issue digesting an entire tub of these delicious sounding flavors. I have only seen this product available in two pound containers, which is small enough to try out but I hope that bigger packaging options will be available soon. I could easily see this being a sneaky little hit for CTD Sports, if enough people hear about this. I would be overjoyed to see this company rise up and continue adding more flavors to this product line, which I envision being a big hit among Millennials.  Retailing for a little over thirty dollars, it seems like a reasonable enough cost to try Isolicious.

Personally, I very recently was able to even discover this product, I have no clue exactly how new it is. I hope to order at least one flavor of this powder, in the near future. Looking through the three flavor options, you would think that it would be easy for me to just pick a flavor and go on with my life. I loved all of the flavors of cereal that they are including in their product line, a big step in the right direction for flavor choices! I think that my loyalty would lie with the Fruity Cereal Crunch option but I will probably stare at the monitor for a long while before I make this big decision! If only there would be an announcement of future flavors coming out that had either Lucky Charms or Honey Nut Cheerios type flavors mentioned.

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