Recall Hits Now Health Group Kind of Hard

Known as one of the biggest supplement makers out there, Now Health Group is now facing some problems. There has been a recent recall that was issued, for not just one, but six different products made by this company. This is a big deal, since this company has not really seen a recall of this magnitude, as far as I am aware of. The saving grace of this incident is that the recall was issued by the Now company. When a company voluntarily recalls something, this isn’t as big of a problem than if the products were recalled after bad things started to occur.

What Supplement Were Affected by This?

As previously mentioned, there are six supplements that are being recalled, due to an error in how the labels were printed and the information that was on them. The errors on the labels had some allergy information misprinted/omitted. Here are the products in question:

  1. Cranberry Extract
  2. Goldenseal Root
  3. Burdock Root
  4. Gingko Biloba
  5. Andrographis
  6. Elderberry

You will want to check your pantry, or wherever you store your supplements, to find out if you have any of these products. The official recall lists that certain sizes of product are on the list. NOW is a company that makes many different supplements, in all different sizes. The recall is only targeting certain sizes of product, so be sure to head over to the official FDA website, as they have more detailed and constantly updated information about this issue.

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These kind of recalls are very common, within the world of supplements. The details of the current NOW recall are, of course, to be taken seriously. The good news is that it doesn’t look like it is going to affect a large number of people, when taking into consideration how bad this could have been if it involved every single product that they make. I, myself, have used NOW products before and even have some in my home right now (none that were recalled, thank goodness)! I will still continue to use supplements by this company, if they fit into my budget and goals.

I pat the NOW company on the back for being completely transparent with their customer base and the world by voluntarily letting everyone know that there were some labeling issues that needed to be addressed. The concerns that were made public are those that could lead some to have allergic reactions, due to certain ingredients not being listed. I would advise you, if you own any of the products listed in this recall, to contact NOW and let them know.

I have no idea if refunds or sending said product in is going to be how they choose to move forward. What is of the utmost importance is that you stop using any of these supplements, if you have them. Wait it out until this recall has been entirely taken care of. If you are in a pinch, grab another supplement by another company while this all smooths over. I am positive that the NOW company is doing everything humanly possible to make sure that this current issue gets resolved in a timely manner. Looking at the history of the company, I don’t believe that additional recalls will happen. Don’t let this scare you from checking out NOW, they have been doing better than many other supplement companies recently, to be honest.

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