If Lifting Before Bedtime Always Go Stim-Free

sheer shredSometimes, there is no way that you can get up and be an early bird. I have had some jobs where my shifts were during the night and it always threw off my internal clock. I was never able to go and have a really good gym trip because I was just leaving work when everyone else was waking up. If you want to get that workout in when you can, a stim-free supplement could be the thing that you need. For a supplement to be stim-free, it means that it contains no stimulants. You won’t get the same rush that you would with a supplement containing caffeine but it will have you able to hit the bed when the time comes. The good news is that, if you require a supplement that doesn’t leave you feeling jittery, you have many different possibilities to choose from. As many of us are watching more and more of what we eat and drink, it isn’t any wonder that people are choosing to make safer options.

I am not saying that caffeine is the worst thing that you can use but I can see why others would not want to have too much of it. If you haven’t experienced it yet, trying to sleep after ingesting too much caffeine, it is near impossible to do. If you do actually end up falling asleep, you will most likely wake up covered in sweat. I remember a time where I had taken one of these supplements and was unaware of the caffeine content. I had to get a workout in before my day ended but also had to be up early, the next morning. I went in and completed my workout with the extra energy that I was feeling. The supplement in question was one that I had not tried before, so I figured, what was the worst thing that could happen?

A couple of hours later, I knew that I had to hit the hay, in order to get up early the next day for a prior commitment that I had made. Upon laying down in bed, I felt a bit more jittery than normal, nothing too out of the ordinary. It wasn’t until about one hour in to laying down that I knew this supplement still had quite the hold on me. I began to close my eyes but sleep just wasn’t finding me. Once hour two had passed, I was still trying to keep my eyes closed, figuring that I had to fall asleep eventually. I was in for more than I had bargained for, as I was still tossing and turning, like a madman.

Finally, after four hours, my body finally ended up getting into the sleep state that I had needed so badly. Take my advice, if you need to get that last minute workout in, don’t assume that your body will just naturally drift off, you could be in for a long night! It is always a good idea to keep yourself stocked up with a stimulant free workout supplement. Sure, you say that you don’t need it now but you could end up being the victim of a sleepless night without having a stim-free supplement sitting on your shelf. Being widely available, you also won’t have to search high and low just to track on of these products down.

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