What is Going on with GNC?

As I began to catch up on some recent news, after a crazy weekend, I kept running into talk about GNC. The supplement store giant is closing down some stores, hundreds across the country. I remember seeing mass closings starting to happen to another (former) giant, Blockbuster. I am not saying that there is trouble around the corner for this nutrition giant, I actually wouldn’t want to happen. GNC might not be my preferred supplement store but it isn’t fun to see one of the giants in this industry starting to lessen the stores that they have. Even in my town, the local GNC is the spot that some swear by, putting their products above all others.

I usually order any supplements that I need over the internet, so I don’t visit the store in my area that much anymore. I remember, before I wised up on how I got the products I wanted, I would frequent my GNC. The people that worked at this store were always super helpful and I even knew one employee for quite a while. One thing that I would notice was how often the employees would change around, it seemed to be a sign of a high turnover rate. What eventually would lead me away from GNC was their prices. As has happened with many other industries, the flat out cheaper internet prices are putting many local businesses in jeopardy.

I wouldn’t classify GNC as a small business, by any means, but things have to change if a business wants to stay relevant. Most of the supplements that I would see for sale at my local GNC were always so overpriced. If you had one of their membership cards, you could sometimes stack what you were buying and get a decent deal. I didn’t want to have to plan my trip around a day or two and fight the crowds, just to get a decent deal on a tub of pre-workout powder, apparently others are following suit. The closings are going to be happening in the near future, I don’t have the exact number of stores that GNC currently has but hundreds of their locations closing down could be bad, if this store is your one-stop shop for supplements. gnc protein

Perhaps if they could lower the prices or offer some generic in-store brand for a cheaper price, more people would begin to come back to this, once giant mega power in the supplement world. It would freak me out to see such a big brand go down this way, maybe a rebranding is in order for this company. I think that the backlash against supplements, with so many getting pulled could be another cause for concern for the future of a business that sells supplements. As it did with other business that were closing their doors, you may want to pay them a visit. I have no idea if this holds true for GNC but you can snag some really nice deals when a business is trying to get rid of all of their products. If you have a GNC in your area, you should pay it a visit in the near future. If the store in your area is one that is closing soon, you could end up leaving and getting a ton of supplements, while not breaking your budget.

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