The Backlash Against Arginine: The Next Best Thing Since Prohormones?

How Arginine went from the Next Big Thing to an Afterthought

When I began getting serious about my weightlifting around 10 years ago, the ingredient arginine was something that I saw promoted everywhere. They promised it to be some sort of new ingredient that would lead to crazy amounts of strength and muscle mass increases.  People everywhere were raving about the supplement, and it started to get dropped in to almost every supplement that it could. From pre-workouts to your nitric oxide boosters, arginine was there. It was even in some weight-loss products but that’s another topic. I noticed recently that people had kind of against turn on arginine calling it some sort of fat ingredient. Of course, as this happens there was another ingredient right behind it that promise to be so much more effective than arginine.

prohormones vs arginine

As the popularity of this ingredient increased it was on a ton of labels and it seemed just as soon as it started to really rise, its popularity dropped. This was because many people felt that it just wasn’t that effective as putting on muscle versus another type of workout supplement without the arginine in it.

And as this happened and its popularity decreased, companies would start to remove it from their labels or claim that they had some sort of all new breakthrough and supplement science with another ingredient.
I have been a big supporter of arginine early on and to me it worked really well. However, as supplements started to take this product off of their labels, I knew I needed to find something to give me that extra edge that I had before. It was during my crazy search but I actually stumbled into a line of supplements that worked really well, they give me the strength and muscle mass increases comparable to a good amount of arginine.

What Supplement(s) to Check Out Instead of Arginine?

The supplements are a little pricier than those that contain just arginine but even as a die-hard supporter of this ingredient, I do have to say that these work a bit better. Heck, I was even kind of happy that I had found them due to the recent dropping of arginine on my supplements. If you want to check out more about the supplements here is a great place to do it. Some sites have actually put stuff with arginine in it as one of their top muscle building supplements which I can kind of get.

I am still not entirely sure why the backlash for the ingredient are going occurred but it was a pretty shocking thing to see. I’m sure as time goes on we will all find another ingredient in our muscle building supplements to love and then turn on. This is something that would happen much like a band that rises to fame and then falls almost as quickly. However maybe this fickleness that the fitness community, myself included sometimes has, leads us to these innovations and better and better supplements each year.

So, my message to everyone out there is, I guess, to keep being fickle and keep reporting how the supplements work or don’t work for you, with an emphasis on the ingredients. As a group, we can really bring for more and more improvements as far as the supplement companies go in providing effective products to their customers.  Another great read is over at Wikipedia, with more details about certain prohormones where you can see that they are way more powerful than Arginine, specificially Androstadienedione.

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