The Daily Struggles that We Face with Supplements – My Small Gripe

One of the main things that I hate the most is when I go to open my favorite container of my supplements and it is all clumped together. Yes, even with that little plastic thing that they put in there in order to stop this from happening does not help. I still find, that after about a month, the supplements (in most cases) will be all clumpy and hard to even get out of the bottle. Now, I want to note that this is always with powders. Sure, I have had some capsules clump together but, as we all know, the capsules are way easier to dislodge than what is essentially a giant clump of powder. I have had to take an icepick or knife and seriously start jabbing the giant powder clump I have, just to make some progress. I would end up breaking a sweat before most of workouts before I had even started to lift anything, it was insane!

This is a kind of dangerous process to go about mixing up something but it is what I had been going through forever. I had thought that there must be something to this happening to me all the time. I began to check around to read if anyone else was having this issue. I had noticed a couple of posts but it was usually said that the supplement was either almost or all the way expired. Sometime in the past this would happen, and it would usually be an easy fix of just mixing the powder a bit to get everything back to the way that it should be. I am talking about my supplements that were actually almost turning solid. The clumps that would form were usually of a darker color than the base of the product itself.

Needles to say, I was more than a little concerned as to why this was always going on in my life. I had been reading more and more about this, when it occurred to me that I always tend to keep my workout room at a toasty temperature. Now, I am someone who has always been guilty of overusing the heater. I never had the room up to anything crazy high as far as temperature was concerned but apparently it was enough to damage my supps! Make sure that you are checking, if you can find it, as to what temperature your products need to be stored under. I kind of always just figured that as long as the temperature in the room was livable to me, that it would be the same for anything that was stored in that room and that was my mistake.

After realizing what had been occurring, I had to toss out more than a few nearly full containers. As much as that was a big deal, I was just happy to finally have figured out why this was happening. After that, I replaced what had been needing to be replaced and am happy to report that this has since stopped. So, remember to keep any kinds of supplement products that you have stored somewhere where you will not run into any kind of temperature issues. Take it from me, turning on some air conditioning or keeping a door open is so much easier than having to replace the stuff that you bought with your hard earned money.

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