Are Beef Aminos A Nutritious Choice?

Grilling has become a great way to spend the weekend, especially with the warmer weather that we are seeing. Beef isn’t always a type of meat that is palatable or in everyone’s grocery budget. Where you can get it twisted is when you think that just because a supplement has beef in it, that it will be a great source of protein. As odd as it is, beef amino supplements are going to be on the lower end of the protein scale. There are still important amino acids, all necessary for growing muscles, that you get from supplementing your beef intake. If anyone is wanting to stay on the safer side, with all of the recalls that pop up, you can never be too sure. With a mixture of essential and non-essential acids, the blend that is contained within shouldn’t leave you feeling let down. I will most often use the 100% Beef Aminos from Universal Nutrition. I was in between picking from other brands but after hearing all of the recommendations for the Universal product, over all others, I knew what I had to do. The price for these beef aminos will be far cheaper than trying to get actual beef, at least if you look at the serving price.

I was able to secure myself a 200 tablet bottle of the aminos for about fourteen dollars. I can barely get a large size of ground beef at the store for that price. Why many bodybuilders look to use chicken or fish, in substitution of beef is that there are a lot of unhealthy fats that you get from consuming too much beef. The label for this supplement is a tiny bit confusing, if you are the person that measures every calorie that they take in, you will need to crunch some numbers. If you use the Universal type of beef aminos, these come from three different sources, which are: Beef protein isolate, albumin, and beef liver. While not the most pleasing for your palette, you won’t taste a thing by swallowing down three tablets. The three tablet serving indication will provide you with a sufficient amount of the amino acids that are catalysts for developing your physique. As far as pure protein is concerned, you will only intake about a gram, not much to write about home.

Fill Up on Food, Don’t Leave Without It

I still wouldn’t completely skimp out on meat if you incorporate this supplement in your diet, you should never neglect eating actual food. If you weigh over, let’s say, 225 pounds, you are going to need to take much more than three tablets. Being that you should never go over what the company recommends you to use on their labels, this product won’t be for everyone. I actually watched my friend about to boil over with anger when he did that math and realized how the numbers played out. I am smaller than him, so the supplement getting taken using the minimum amount was exceptional for me. Be on the lookout, if you should develop any kind of stomach discomfort with this one.

beef amino acid

Amino acids shouldn’t be the main cause of serious stomach ailments, it is just a safety precaution to consider. Sometimes, it can be good to drop the expensive supplements out there and reach for something a little more cost-effective. I have found that a beef amino can be superb choice for delivering acids like: arginine, alanine, proline, and tyrosine. It is nearly impossible to track down all of the vitamins that you need to eat everyday, you would be awash in a sea of foods that no one person could eat in one day. For the previous reason, amino acids are great to use and ones that come from beef are even better to make use of.

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