What Can Help You to Get More Sleep?

Spending way too much time just tossing and turning at night is never something that anyone wants to do. Yet, many of us are finding ourselves unable to get all of the sleep that we need. I am a self-confessed night owl, so trying to get anything close to eight hours of sleep at night is tough. I am sure that you have seen the commercials for certain things that you take that will help guide you to a more restful sleep, but some are not without their own sets of side effects. Let this small guide help you to find what actions need to be done, in order to help your sleep pattern to become better.

3Z by AI Sports Nutrition is a great supplement to take if you are needing more sleep. Loaded with magnesium, copper, and zinc, you are surely going to be getting all of the sleep that you need with this product. I have tried it before, by the generous sample pack that I was sent. Within thirty minutes of taking two 3Z capsules, my eyes were shut and I was off to dreamland in about 30 minutes. Best of all, there wasn’t any bad side effects that I have had with some other, more popular sleep aiding products. The sleep that I did get was uninterrupted and did not leave me missing my alarm clock. Best of all, 3Z was a lot cheaper than the other stuff that I had seen floating around at my local supermarket!


If you don’t want to take anything to help you sleep (my wife is the same way), be sure to follow some other tips that can lead you to getting those all-important Z’s:

  • Lose the electronic devices: the warm glow from a tablet or phone can cause us to stay awake longer than we should be. This is because the light emitted by these devices trick your brain into thinking that it needs to be awake.
  • Don’t try justifying less sleep: Some of us can say that we are just the kind of people that don’t need much sleep, but this fact won’t help you out your body and mind! Sleeping less and trying to convince yourself that this is livable, will catch up with you! My science teacher taught me something many years ago that still holds true to this day. What he said was to think of sleeping as something you owe at the end of each day. You can try to owe less, or owe nothing at all and not sleep, but your body will eventually give in. Making matters worse, the sleep that you thought you could trick yourself out of needing, might just sneak up on you at the worst times. If you are someone who ever found yourself nodding off at school or work, you have already learned this lesson!
  • Don’t attempt to fix a bad sleep schedule all at once: If you want to get to sleep much earlier than you normally do, start going to bed 15-30 minutes earlier and making adjustments as you go. Someone who usually goes to bed at 3 am will not find much success if they think laying down at 9pm the next night is going to fix everything. Your body will not be used to this huge change that comes all at once, it is always better to take your time and proceed gradually, when changing a sleep schedule.

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