Optimal Strategies to Reduce DOMS

Delayed onset muscle soreness, something that will almost break a new lifter and hurt even the most experienced ones. This kind of soreness comes from breaking down our muscles while we work out. If you have had it happen to you before, you will likely never forget it. There is a smarter way to fight this crippling pain and that is to find something that is made to reduce this loathsome incident from happening. The tricky part to this is that there are a ton of options, if you need something to help alleviate your pain. Most of the supplements made for this specific problem will work, to an extent. You don’t want something that will only remove part of the soreness, you want to get a product that is going to eliminate it altogether.

Below is a cool video that will help you to make the right decision for this problem that a growing number of weightlifters will face. Stick to big names and something that has been around for a while. You don’t want to end up falling in love with no more soreness, only to find the supplement removed by the time you need another bottle. There are differences between DOMS and hurting yourself, so make sure that you know the difference between the two. Always be sure that you are lifting what is in your safety range. As long as you are only pushing yourself harder in small amounts of weight, you should be fine. There will be days, where even weight that you are used to moving, won’t budge an inch, this is just a bad day.

Be on the alert if the soreness that you feel doesn’t go away within 1-3 days, this could be the start of an injury. Taking into concern the amount of time that you have spent working out is another factor. If you haven’t lifted anything before, the first time soreness is something that no supplement can take away. If you are starting a new training program, new bouts of soreness can pop up, also. However, you can have the time that you spent in pain greatly reduced by checking out the video below, enjoy!

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