Lead the Whey Flavor Winners

There is an awesome contest that has been going on for quite a while that deals with naming a new flavor of protein powder. This isn’t just some small time business that needs a new flavor, it’s optimum nutrition. Optimum has been the biggest name in the protein world for quite a while now. Wanting to listen to the people, they came up with a social media contest for you to name their latest flavor of protein powder. Being a yearly contest, there will always be some winners and losers. For this year’s contest there were three different flavors, all dying for a spot to become the next official optimum nutrition protein flavor. The three finalists were mango, blueberry cheesecake, and chocolate dipped banana. I would probably pass on the mango flavor as that sounds pretty nasty. However, the blueberry cheesecake and chocolate dipped banana flavors sound amazing.

Apparently, the public opinion is similar to mine, as chocolate dipped banana and blueberry cheesecake were the

One of the winners of this amazing opportunity!
One of the winners of this amazing opportunity!

flavors said to be the winners. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on both of those flavors and give them a shot, I am always thinking that we need improvements to the protein powders that we have. I think that there are too many of the same flavors that have been around year after year and it isn’t doing anything to want to get more people to try them. The contest was known as being called Lead the Whey (get it?) and was a huge hit. I really wish that more companies would reach out to the people whose products are intended for and make an effort to get their opinion. We, as consumers, are the ones who will be drinking these products all of the time, shouldn’t we have a say in what flavors are being released? I still long for some sort of cola flavored protein powder. I don’t know how they would make it and it would probably have to be mixed with water but this would be a really great idea. I can’t seem to fight my soda addiction so maybe having a protein powder that could help curb the need for soda would help me out immensely. Not only will the winners of this contest get to see their personal selection released worldwide, there is also another bonus.

The winners of this contest have won $10,000, what a cool way to get an awesome reward while helping out your favorite supplement maker! When this contest starts, this company releases the flavors for the public to try. With all of the innovations that Optimum has made, including an awesome protein water that you can drink right out of the bottle, they continue to be about the people. The people that continue to make them, most likely, the number one supplement manufacturer. I, for one, am so pumped up to try the blueberry cheesecake flavor that I can’t stop my stomach from growling! I am curious as to what the new flavors will be and I hope that they do this contest again next year. As a matter of fact, I hope that this contest becomes a tradition, there are some really smart people out there that are coming up with product innovations that I couldn’t thought of. Perhaps we are one step closer to a really good tasting coffee protein flavor, something I have had a hard time trying to find.

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