WOHO Program Off to an Amazing Start

Over in San Antonio, birthplace to one of my wresters of all-time Shawn Michaels, there is something else good going on there that everyone is trying to be a part of. Known as WOHO, or Work Out Help Out, this organization is spreading hospitality in large quantities. A big problem of volunteer work, is that people here work and free, thinking that it offers no benefit for them. Of course, the purpose of volunteer work should always be the joy that you get from helping others who are less fortunate, but that reason won’t cut it for everyone. Where the WOHO program differs from most other non-profit volunteer organization is in their style. The company does make a valid point, wouldn’t it be nice to help your community, while also getting that work out that you continue to put off? There are any number of activities that can be done to help out with the WOHO organization and to sweeten the deal, you get to burn off some calories. The events are typically done in a group setting, so you have a team of good people who are there to volunteer, whilst all working together. I hope that these programs keep catching on and spread around the rest of the country. 

The actual amount of work that you are doing will be enough to give you a good work out but don’t think that you will be required to give all of your time to the organization, they know that you have a life of your own, as well. A concern with volunteer workers is how they are going to be treated for their time. After all, you wouldn’t someone cranky who is barking orders at you, making it feel more like you are an inmate and less like a volunteer. The WOHO program is great and will definitely offer some great fun, while you volunteer. Even more of a rarity in volunteer programs is providing them with food. I have done a bit of volunteer work over the years, I should be doing more, but I was never once offered food. I mean, we were there to work for free, so I wouldn’t have expected food but would have loved some, if it had been offered. You won’t go home from your volunteer time with WOHO on an empty stomach, as this group also offers nutritious meals to their volunteers.

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