Melatonin Supplements Found to be Under Fire

One supplement that I know quite a bit about would be melatonin. For the past five years I have, off and on, been taking melatonin. This supplement is made to help promote deeper and more peaceful sleep. One reason that I’ve always liked this supplement is because it wouldn’t make me oversleep. There are far more dangerous supplements to take for sleep but I’ve always avoided them. The uncertainty of how long I could oversleep always kept my guard up. The last thing that I wanted to do was oversleep and risk getting fired! However, there is news being recently reported that melatonin might be misleading us!

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There have been reports stating that there are huge variances in between what some supplement companies are listing and what is actually there. No companies have been named but barely less than three-fourths of companies tested were found to have results that didn’t match what was in the supplement. The one saving grace of hearing this news is that melatonin is a relatively safe supplement.  While nothing is impossible, it is very hard to get a crazy high amount of melatonin, even if the supplement is incorrectly dosed. Interestingly enough, the melatonin levels were found to be higher than what was on the label. I had feared that companies were not putting enough of the sleep inducing ingredient in their products. I am sort of shocked that these select few companies were going overboard on the melatonin. Variances in how much melatonin you are actually getting per serving could have widespread implications on the world of supplements. You would have to be living under a rock to not know that there is a major wave of distrust for most supplements. Hearing news of these study results are sure to only fuel the fire for increased supplement regulations.

I do have to admit that I’ve noticed there have been times where melatonin has my sleep all mixed up. I have always had various problems sleeping. There was a brief period of my life where I could only sleep a few hours a night. I was in college at the time and under an incredible amount of stress. Melatonin was the only thing I could use to safely get a good night’s rest without oversleeping. Since I was working while I was in college, missing a day of work meant I was losing out on money and I didn’t want that. Looking back, I’m not sure if I will continue to use melatonin as much as I used to. I know that it isn’t great to use melatonin every single day. I currently try to only use melatonin when I know that there will be a change in my sleep levels. For example, if I know that my shifts at work will change, I will use melatonin so that I can wake up earlier. As any night owl knows, there are times when melatonin can be your best friend. After hearing about the mistakes of labeling, I may have to downgrade melatonin from best friend to occasional acquaintance! I eagerly await to see if there will be any companies named in this study. However, I think hearing the news of the results of this study say all that needs to be said, in regards to the current state of supplemental products.

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